Steve Baker Live From The Oathkeepers Trial In Washington, D.C.

“TNN Live’s!” Investigative Journalist Steve Baker reports live from the Federal Courthouse in Washington, D.C. in Week 3 of the “Oathkeepers'” trial. Five of the alleged “seditious” actors who on January 6, 2021, supposedly were at the Capitol to facilitate numerous illegal acts that were to amount to an attempt to overthrow our government by destroying our election system, are on trial simultaneously. Steve Baker is on the ground throughout the trial at the behest of the Defense. What is being revealed daily is that none of these men committed any act that could remotely be considered “seditious,” but were there to make certain no one else was. They were alleged to have been planning in advance of the event to bring munitions and all types of weapons to Washington for that day. Not a single one was armed nor had any type of weapons in their possession.

As usual, the FBI and Department of Justice have militarized the power of these two organizations against anyone who refuses to swallow the poison pill of the Left in our political system. This trial is a sham of an orchestrated event that has little — if anything — to do with the Rule of Law. After 18 months of incarceration awaiting trial in the D.C. “Gulag,” these family men were for the entire stay prohibited from shaving, seldom allowed to shower, and were given scarce opportunities to see their family members or attorneys and barely saw sunshine or exercised.

This trial should be on “Showtime,” not because of its factual revelations of insurrectionists, but to show how evil is today’s D.C. political system, Department of Justice, and FBI.

Steve Baker joins us live on “TNN Live!” each Tuesday of the trial in the second hour of our daily broadcast. He literally steps out of the courtroom to speak to us. Here is his revelation of the previous week’s trial details with the important events of the week. Here is Tuesday, October 18th’s conversation with Dan from Washington:


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