Still Fighting

I have hated missing the heat of the D.C. noise this week. But this flu has eaten my lunch, and still is. I’ve never had it before and certainly hope to never see it again. I’ve lost 12 pounds since Tuesday! A pound or two would be on thing, but 12?

One thing is good about the week: looks like we may finally put the Mueller investigation behind us….FINALLY! So what’s ahead? Just sit back and watch as Democrats try to salvage some 2020 talking points to find something — anything — on which they can hang their hats. They surely don’t have any legislative or policies to tout as reasoning to vote for one of their socialist candidates.

I’ll be back in the saddle shortly. Thanks for the prayers and well-wishes. I do have a favor to ask: many of you know me. I’d appreciate your prayers to lick this stuff. Thanks in advance.


2 thoughts on “Still Fighting”

  1. William Gregory Ball

    You are the Ransomed & Redeemed of the Lord. Father we agree with Your provision given by the death of Your Son Jesus That He bore all our sickness and all our pain on the cross and right now we release that healing into Your son Dan who is most beloved. He needs it now so we release it now in Jesus Name Complete healing . I rebuke the spirit of infirmity and sickness and command all symptoms to leave his body. Thank You for restoring his body now! In Jesus Name…Amen

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