Mass Hysteria

I am back among the living! Thanks for the prayers and support. While I was recovering, Mueller’s report release set the political world on fire! And it’s just the beginning.

Most Americans felt Mueller’s report would exonerate the President which would get our government back to work. Not so. It just started a new chapter of “Dump Trump.”

Here’s what is quietly happening (and has been for two years): there’s far more to this story than the story itself. We have a two-fold bombshell to drop on you after extensive research, collection of intelligence not yet in the public domain, and conclusions that when all put together explain exactly what is driving this “Dump Trump” movement. 

Apologies for not unfolding it today, but we felt it would be better to present it all both with the written story and with the audio story. Unfortunately, the flu stole my voice 6 days ago and it’s just coming back sufficient to present to you.

Again I thank you for your support and tolerance of my temporary setback. One thing I know: I have now met the “bad” flu and I hope to never say hello to it again!

See you in the AM!


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