Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Can’t we in America ever agree on one single thing — like a pandemic? Or is there some golden rule out there that allows everyone in the media to simply ignore facts and paint  ugly pictures for their partisan perspective?

There’s plenty for which to be concerned. We are in the early stages of a potential health crisis. In the U.S., it is NOT a pandemic…yet. Yes, it may become a pandemic. But maybe it won’t!

CNN’s least credible and most caustic host, Don Lemon, went nuts after the President’s Oval Office address Wednesday evening. Former Ohio Governor John Kasich attempted to answer Lemon’s questions about the corrections made by White House staff regarding segments of the address. As usual, the CNN anchor chose the most negative and most aggressive outburst against the President that lasted for five minutes. Lemon would not even let Kasich respond to his questions.

Of course, CNN responded on their website with a story titled, “Trump address sparks chaos as coronavirus crisis deepens.” Here’s a short segment of the CNN report:

President Donald Trump set out to steady a rattled nation and a diving economy in a solemn Oval Office address, but instead sowed more confusion and doubts that he is up to handling the fast-worsening coronavirus crisis.

Trump’s big announcement for keeping the virus at bay — what he said was a 30-day ban on travel to the US by Europeans and restrictions on cargo — was immediately engulfed in confusion.
The President later rushed to clarify on Twitter that he was stopping travel and not trans-Atlantic trade in goods, and officials said his plan did not apply to Americans or US permanent residents — though such travelers would face mandatory quarantines.
“The restriction stops people not goods,” Trump tweeted after his speech.
Trump also caused a muddle when he said he had convinced health insurance providers to waive all copayments for coronavirus treatments. A White House official later said the President had meant to say that the copayments would be waived for coronavirus tests — but would still apply to treatments for the disease.
I’m not confident what your thoughts are about COVID-19, but I’m sure you agree with the President that coronavirus is a severe threat to not just America but to the World. Don Lemon acted as if President Trump brought coronavirus to the U.S. on Air Force One!
The President has a team of the most highly regarded physicians on Earth regarding all things infectious disease-related. That team has met daily for several weeks and conducts daily press conferences in which updates are given to the media, not by Vice President Pence, but by the doctors themselves. They answer every question asked by press members. Several billion dollars have been allocated and are being spent to quickly attack the virus at every level in the nation.
But let’s be honest: Lemon and others feel President Trump is responsible for everything negative that has happened to everyone in the world during the last three years. He has done absolutely nothing right as President, is doing nothing right fighting coronavirus, and no matter what he does in the continued fight, it will not have happened quick enough and certainly will not be enough. President Trump, I’m certain, long ago adopted the mindset that no matter what he does, the Lamestream media will immediately trumpet how wrong it is. And folks like Lemon prove the President right in that thought.
One thing that was NOT mentioned: doctors (you know, the ones the Left clamored should be running this campaign against coronavirus instead of the President) heaped praises on the President for his immediate travel ban of incoming persons from China. His doing so (according to the experts) prevented viruses arriving in the U.S. far sooner, which would have put millions more in harm’s way. When the President put that travel ban in place, the media and Democrats in Congress went crazy crying Mr. Trump in initiating that travel ban was xenophobic and racist!
Who would not expect today’s media to wait to report until THEY GET THE FACTS?

Where Do We Stand Regarding COVID-19?

We could go on and on with details of what actions have been put in place regarding every part known so far to be a piece of the coronavirus puzzle. But the U.S. has never before dealt with this type of medical attack. It is inconceivable to believe that any one person or any government could in one moment, one day, or even one month comprise and put together a list of actions that would eliminate the dangers pending with coronavirus.

I’ve heard numerous politicians and even some in the Media declare that this is NOT the time to point fingers, fire off attacks that are baseless at best and ridiculous and dangerous at worst. Rather than scream and cry about what is going to happen to Uncle Bill, let’s make sure we help Uncle Bill be as prepared as the medical experts, working 24/7 just like they have been, find a way out of all this for us.

As most of you know, I’m not a fan of the “traditional” media in America. Each day it becomes more obvious that today’s media have a political agenda. To that end, I understand those people need jobs; that most are just writing and reporting as they are being told by editors.

What we are missing are those wise sages from the 60s and 70s like Cronkite, Reasoner, Wallace and even Paul Harvey to talk “TO” and not “AT” us giving us JUST the facts. It is quickly becoming so ridiculous that no one can separate fake news from factual news. Isn’t that the antithesis of what Journalists are supposed to do?

As I write this, I sit in a resort looking over a gorgeous golf course behind which are snow-capped mountains in New Mexico. I came here to participate in a men’s conference — Men of Iron — that annually for 26 years convened in this spot with 1600 men who get together to share life experiences with God. I just received a call that the New Mexico Governor just decreed no meetings of more than 100 people in any one room can be conducted, and this conference has been terminated.

Yes, it’s very inconvenient for me. Yes, it will cost me great experiences with great guys, and what I have come to know is a beautiful time spiritually to seek (and find) guidance for every area of my life. But I’ll be fine! Those 1599 other men that came from nine different states will as well. (They are now going to stream the conference to all who will be at various locations)

What I refuse today is play “Don Lemon” and other media and political pundits who act that they are smarter and better prepared to lead this nation through this crisis than is President Trump. That premise is outlandish! Yet they think nothing of sharing that with all who will listen in.

  • Citizens of the U.K. questioned Winston Churchill as the Germans bombed London. “He can’t get this done!” He proved them wrong: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
  • Just 16 short years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in the shadow of that cloud of nuclear war, a young Bostonian went face-to-face with Russian leader Nikita Kruschev. American pundits immediately began to scream and cry, “Kennedy can’t do this! He doesn’t know anything about leading a nation. He’ll get us all killed!” With Russian warships loaded with nuclear missiles approaching Cuba, President John F. Kennedy drew Russia a literal line in the Caribbean that if they crossed, nuclear World War would ensue. Those Russian warships turned around: “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

Not knowing everything doesn’t mean someone is stupid. Not knowing everything and refusing to get what is unknown from those who know IS stupid. Donald Trump is NOT stupid.

As pundits cried for his head regarding what they “thought” was illogical thinking, Mr. Trump — while they were just completing his impeachment  — he had already put together a team of the smartest, most knowledgeable professionals in every area of medicine — especially infectious diseases. They had met several times planning actions. The President initiated that BEFORE the Senate impeachment vote! Only AFTER the Senate vote to acquit the President did the brainsurgeons in Congress and in the Meda decide: “Maybe there’s something else we need to consider. That virus might be a path to impeach President Trump again.”

I rest my case. To quote that other great humanitarian sitting on a bus bench in Alabama — Forrest Gump: “Stupid is as Stupid does.”


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