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Tamp it Down, Mr. President!

We heard it during his campaign. We hear it everyday on pretty much every talk show, every newscast, from every commentator: “President Trump is crass, he’s arrogant, he’s haughty, he’s self-absorbed, and he needs to stop using Twitter and attacking news media!”

With the arrest of the apparent bomb-maker of those bombs sent to 13 Democrat current and former politicians and to actor Robert DeNiro, the “speech police” immediately turned up the volume on their attacks of “Trump-Speech.” Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) actually demanded that the President accept personal blame for the bombs, stating the bombs being mailed was a direct result of the President’s rhetoric.

The default thinking by many in America is that the President denigrates himself and his supporters with his constant attacks against those who oppose him. On “Fox and Friends” Saturday show, Ed Henry and Pete Hegseth actually got into an argument on air about it: Ed declared the President should “act more Presidential,” taking the tone and volume of his attacks against his opponents down a notch. Pete, on the other hand, maintained “He does it different, and that’s why voters elected him. He’s NOT traditional and he takes no personal attack without responding in kind.”

I, for one, have written numerous times and included in our podcasts that I would like for him to soften his rhetoric. I’ve stated that I do not like his messaging, but on the most part I like his messages.

Thankfully no one was killed, maimed, or injured from the mail bombs. In the aftermath of this terrorist scare, I think it’s fair for all to rethink our conversational methods and messaging regarding ALL things political. Let’s think this through together:


  • It is easy for most people to speak directly from their emotions — positive or negative. The converse is true as well: It is hard for people to NOT react verbally directly from their emotions. Regarding political matters, the emotions seem to ratchet up almost naturally, often beyond levels tolerable to others;
  • Politics don’t create differences in people — politics exposes differences in people;
  • The political environment in the U.S. has morphed dramatically during the last decade. So has messaging methodology in the U.S. and around the world. Social Media has given everyone an easy outlet in which to share thoughts — often without restraint. Years ago on a college sports bulletin board, I labeled those that anonymously posted (no real names were required to post) who wrote nothing but non-stop attacks against that college’s sports teams as “drive-by shooters.” My doing so created quite a stir. How dare I label someone who was simply expressing their opinions? Think about this: having the ability to say anything with no restraint, no measure of truth or accuracy, and with no accountability opens Pandora’s box to unimaginable possibilities to fuel chaos. Anyone can say anything — and usually do.

What about Trump?

What about him? Everyone knows he’s from Queens, which is a pretty rough borough to live in. Folks there are known to be a little cruder than Manhattan-ers who call th Upper East Side home. It’s a very blue collar part of the Big Apple.

Trump grew up in that environment, but was a little different. His father was a fairly successful real estate developer. As real estate developers do, Trump’s father made some bad business decisions along with some pretty good ones. Trump learned his profession while watching the good and bad of the NYC real estate market by watching home runs but also the strikeouts of his father. In New York, real estate development is more prone to failure than to hitting the “big” one.

Professionally, Trump learned early how to maneuver through complicated business circles in NYC and used his upbringing as a major contributor to the way he operated in commercial real estate. That upbringing brought him abrasiveness, sometimes caustic rhetoric, and an intense commitment to entrepreneurship in one of the toughest industries in American in the toughest commercial real estate market in the U.S.

Trump has only been in politics for about 3 years. It should have come as no surprise to anyone that he brought all of that Queens “business” education with him.

Many in America  simply do not understand Mr. Trump. They dismiss all that “Queens” stuff, demanding that Trump act “presidential.” The problem is, acting presidential is what most previous presidents did — especially the last 4 of them. Doing so, Donald knew that while making many Americans feel warm and fuzzy, the only way Americans would elect him was if he continuously acted himself during the run up to the election. That meant the rough edges, crassness, boldness and lack of tact that had been his “partners” during his very successful business career would have to sit next to him flying in his personal Boeing 757 between campaign events. They’d have to be on stage with him and speak through him to his fellow Americans.

Donald Trump recognized that those Bi-Coastal, Potomac political elitists would in NO way support him. But he knew one more thing: the middle-class, fly-over Americans who had not had a president that supported them, understood their lives and their businesses, and had never pushed for things middle American voters had been crying for for years would understand him. His hope was as he spoke to them at these unconventional campaign rallies, they would see his heart, relate to his rough exterior, understand his Queens way of speaking, and would listen to what he promised he would do if elected.

They related to him…they believed his promises…they voted for him…and he won.


Why when elected did Trump NOT  move away from all the things that the media, political professionals, Hollywood darlings, and Globalists wanted to see replaced by the “traditional” personality of pretty much every other past president? After all, there’s plenty of historical evidence that shows how it works. It’s simple:

Trump knew that if he DID walk away from all those characteristics Americans saw in him, his speech delivery, his resistance to “traditional” politics and politicians and their elitism, those middle class Americans who live in fly-over country would abandon him. He desperately believed in the America of his youth, and he believed Americans deserved much more from their government than what they were receiving. He knew he must stick to who he really was. And he’s done so. That’s a big reason why his approval ratings among the public are higher than those of Obama at either of HIS two midterm election marks.

His Results

I’m certain he could change his messaging, could cancel his Twitter account, could go lighter on the press and the Hollywood elites, on mainstream politicians, and Democrats. He certainly could tamp it down. So why doesn’t he?

That answer is really simple and REALLY important. More important than the opinions of the political elitists in D.C., New York, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles are the opinions of 60+ million Americans who voted for him in 2016 because of one thing and one thing only: Donald Trump says publicly the exact things that the large majority of those voters wish they were saying. They feel exactly the same ways his tweets, interviews, and rally speeches portray his feelings! And one more thing: THEY TRUST HIM!


Here’s the most important understanding of how Donald Trump is governing: his fundamental operating foundation is trust — trust from those who he works with, and his trust of all those he works with and works for. In this case, the trust he must have is that of American voters.

How can any politician gain that trust of his supporters? By fulfilling his promises — every one of them.

Trump made quite a few promises that many felt were outlandish while campaigning. Some of them indeed were outlandish, in my opinion. But in the opinions of fly-over Americans, their desperation at the hand of the 3 previous two-term presidents, and Trump’s matter-of-fact messaging struck a tone that they had never heard before. Every presidential candidate makes many promises. Few deliver after their inauguration. Voters were hopeful Trump would be different. And he has confirmed their hopes and has earned their trust by doing those exact things he promised to do.

Folks, his messaging methodology is pre-meditated and elaborately planned! Understand this: at 5:00 AM every day, newspaper writers, editors, television producers and political reporters all are awakened by their alarm clocks. They must get going, turn on the television or radio, and open their Twitter accounts. Why? THE PRESIDENT WITH HIS FIRST TWEETS SETS THE NEWS-TONE FOR EACH DAY…HE DIRECTS THAT DAY’S STORYLINE FROM HIS TWITTER ACCOUNT!

The most dangerous and deadly thing President Trump could do is change his messaging, the way he speaks to people (especially those in his base), and edits in any way the way he speaks about and to the numerous political opponents he has. 

He has in just two short years compiled MORE support amount his base and has expanded his base wider than Obama or Bush 43 were able to do. How so? HE PROVIDES RESULTS!


November 6, 2018, is approaching. What is going to happen? Will the Republicans succeed in holding the House and Senate? Will Democrats take control of the House or maybe the Senate, too? Will Republicans add more House seats than they lose?

We’re not prone to make election predictions. But today we do: Republicans will either maintain their majority in the House or increase it, and they will expand their majority in the Senate.

I know, that’s bold. But TruthNewsNetwork is taking a page from Donald Trump’s operating manual and bucking the traditional: “the president’s party always loses House seats in his first mid-term election” — and predicting Americans who have watched all the good things that this President has accomplished in just two years will give him the things he’s asked for to enable him to complete his promises to them: a greater Senate majority and maintain House control for Republicans.

Sure, this could be a miscalculation. Sure, Dems could win control in one or both of the houses of Congress. But D.C. is a different place with different rules now. There’s a new sheriff in town. And he’s broken tradition, tried some different things, and they have worked and are working — FOR AMERICAN VOTERS.

That’s what will win: not the empty promises and untruths from the previous president.

Americans are not stupid. Americans know what empty promises sound like, especially when compared to fulfilled promises.

Keep America Great!

1 thought on “Tamp it Down, Mr. President!”

  1. Thank you for that astute analysis Dan! Like you I have struggled at times with the way he has communicated to his enemies but, the MSM fake news who have earned that moniker are 95% negative in their reporting of him. They hide the successes and have become the mouthpiece of the Dems and the Deep State. He has to fight back and counter the flow of lies – he is a man for this hour. I pray we win both houses 🏠- good writing!👍

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