The Constitution: Who Cares?

The short answer to that question is that We appear to not care at all.

Never before have I seen such hatred for a president. And I don’t understand it. There are many things one can say are wrong with this president, but which president could those same things have not been mentioned? Presidents are human beings — flawed and incorrigible, as they may seem to some. But Presidents are not hired to necessarily be politically correct. Presidents are elected for a purpose.

Nowhere in the Presidential oath of office is there a sentence binding a president to a particular way of speaking or way of thinking. Honestly, if on Election Day the electorate does not know the person being voted to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it is because the electorate doesn’t care to know them. Media coverage in the ramp-up to an election is replete with everything about anyone running for the White House.

Presidents are hired to run a country. They have assistants (Vice President and cabinet members), have a board of directors (Congress), have legal counsel (Attorney General), and a dispute resolution panel (The Supreme Court). They have offered up during a year-long campaign every policy they support, clearly stated all those they will do away with if and when elected, their economic and healthcare plans, immigration ideas, foreign policy, and legislation they support or are against.

Donald Trump, like no other president in my memory, has done more things he promised to Americans while campaigning than has any other. Why are his opponents so set to run him out of Washington? The answer to that is not singular, but the multi-part answer explains much.

First, he’s achieved tremendous and dramatic successes in the labor market that his predecessor and the Congress under him maintained that there was no way what Trump as a candidate said he would achieve if elected could be achieved. In creating record low unemployment across the board, gross domestic product said never again to be delivered, bring back massive manufacturing operations that Mr. Obama said were dead to the U.S., and even having great success in foreign policy with relationships with international leaders, he has embarrassed those across the aisle.

Secondly, he has taken corruption in government head on to the chagrin of his detractors. So far, he has turned the light on the Deep State, exposed massive wrongdoing in the various agencies that comprise the Intelligence Community, and has unearthed the quid pro quo atmosphere that has permeated the government for decades. Many Americans have, for years, sought an answer for how almost every member of Congress who makes about $170,000 a year in office amass millions by the time they finish a term or two in office. Donald Trump has shown Americans how it is done: “quid pro quo.”

Third, Mr. Trump has been anything but politically correct. And the angst for his forthright attitude is not specific to members of the Democrat Party. There are plenty of Republicans who regularly lash out at Mr. Trump. And he does not hesitate to call those out who have committed outright fraud against American voters.

Let’s be honest: if Barack Obama had accomplished even twenty percent of what Trump has in his first 2 ½ years, he would be destined to be known as the greatest United States president in history. As it is, almost daily new details expose the Obama Administration the same graft and corruption that politicians have hidden from Americans through many previous administrations.

Donald Trump has been a thorn in the eye of establishment politicians. There’s no other logical answer for the hatred that is spouting from Washington, like lava from a volcano.

So what’s next?

The House of Representatives will impeach President Trump. In doing so, Democrat Party leaders will continue to march out on the public stage accuser after accuser to defame Mr. Trump for wrongdoing. None will contain substance — all will contain hearsay, blame, and innuendo.

Why would Democrats do this? First, they are horrified at what is included in the Inspector Generals’ two reports pending release right now. They feel they must ratchet up the angst against the President among as many Americans as possible before those see the public’s eyes. They hope doing so will temper the outcry when the corrupt minions are named, and their illegal actions are seen by all.  Using this ploy is one of the oldest and most juvenile acts of all time: “Mom, I know I broke that vase, and it’s a bad thing I did, but look at what HE did!” For that line of attack to succeed, they MUST find some wrongdoing by Mr. Trump. They’ve not so far been successful in that task!

Even if the House hands even one Article of Impeachment to the Senate, there’s a good chance the Senate will not also take it up. Why? The Republican-controlled Senate has stood by and watched the House conduct witch-hunt after witch-hunt, throwing every possible Trump allegation available against the wall, praying that one or two will stick. NOTHING’S STICKING! Why should 100 Senators feel they are empowered to unseat a duly elected President who can only be removed from office for committing “treason or high crimes and misdemeanors?”

What should Democrats do? They should trust the will of the People, let that wish prevail in government, logically present their arguments to the public sufficient to win the support of their ideas, and allow voters to make a presidential change in 2020. This impeachment idea is NOT what Americans voted for when Mr. Trump trounced Ms. Clinton in 2016.

Choosing who serves as President is something voters do and that voters did in 2016. Democrats are stepping across a line into really nasty territory if they continue down this impeachment path.


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  1. It is crazy!! Hate feeds hate…never seen it on this scale before and it is extremely alarming the width of the divide in our country! The next elections will clearly tell the world were Americans stand and who they stand with. I believe the Dems are driving many of there moderates away!!

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