It’s Good for the Goose but NOT for the Gander

Have you wondered what is the purpose of these “impeachment inquiry” hearings not being made live and publicly televised? Remember, the first such hearing WAS televised live with the testimony of Acting Head of the DNI Joseph McGuire. That hearing was a devastating blow to House Democrats led by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). Those Dems have been like rabid dogs chasing an elusive and sly old fox, yelping all the time what they commit they will do when they finally run down that fox. But the fox continues to elude those dogs. And the dogs hide their embarrassment for being humiliated again and again. But the fox had done nothing against those dogs anyway.

Democrats have just one opportunity regarding Trump’s impeachment in these hearings. And that is to cherry-pick snippets of witness testimony that when put in Democrat context are purported to be an “Ah-Ha!” soundbite that implicates President Trump in some way. Rep. Schiff has no problem hiding from Americans any of the considerable witness testimony, which they determine is troubling for the Democrat rhetoric which has only one objective: “Impeach 45!”

Why else would Schiff not allow Committee Republicans to have equal time in questioning witnesses, call their own witnesses, cross-examine witnesses, nor allow President Trump’s attorney to participate in these hearings? In any reputable such hearing in U.S. history regarding presidential impeachment, all of the above were considered to be essential for fairness and were allowed by the majority for the House minority members at each impeachment process.

Schiff’s departure from House precedent in former impeachment proceedings has received much criticism from Republicans and many from outside of Washington. Let’s be honest: this is a case in which a duly elected president is being attacked in what is just a faux impeachment inquiry by a political party void of policies to appeal to American voters sufficient to elect their candidate. To make that case, Democrats must hide multiple facts and testimony given by hearing witnesses. There is NO historical precedent for what is playing out each day in Washington.

But let’s pause for a moment and walk across the aisle: to Republicans. It’s common knowledge that the Democrat-led House of Representatives has suspended consideration of any real bit of business to take care of their only legislative desire — impeachment. But what about the Senate? Republicans control the Senate. Why isn’t Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) as chair of one of the most powerful Senate committees having his committee hearing testimony of Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, James Clapper, John Brennan, even Hillary Clinton and dozens of other Democrats who have each been implicated for felonious wrongdoing during the Obama Administration? It is factual that James Comey lied to Congress on numerous occasions under oath.  Millions of Americans have examined the limited information allowed in the public domain and have reasonably determined there is plenty of factual tidbits there to justify the investigations of all the smoking guns of insurrection being used now and previously to thwart this presidency?

One explanation for Graham’s reluctance is that Senator Graham does not want to embarrass his close friend, the late Senator and former presidential candidate, John McCain. There are many who “know” that McCain actually put the infamous Steele Dossier in the hands of federal authorities. You certainly know that dossier was the piece of “evidence” that instigated the Russian collusion witch-hunt. John Brennan allegedly personally brought that comic book to McCain. That’s the only reason I can fathom for Graham’s inaction other than his possible inclusion in the “never Trump” crowd. I don’t think he’s there. I PRAY he’s not there. That group membership is pretty high in number already.

There are stark differences between the methodology used by Republicans in hearings and that of Democrats. Democrats cringe from the light of transparency they promote as being their # 1 objective. Republicans, unless conducting a hearing with a fully classified status regarding hearing content, always open the hearings to Democrats, the Press, and even to all Americans via television. Why would Democrats in any circumstances not do the same? There should be no demand by Republicans or any Americans necessary to chide Dems into doing so. Transparency in government should be of the utmost importance to them. Why not? There’s something to hide. Try as I might, I can only surmise what their justification could be. I’m certain their reasons (not necessarily justification) are to hide the parts of witness testimony they refuse to allow all of us to see and hear.

Rep. Schiff has earned the reputation of being if not THE most corrupt member of Congress in American history, at least in the top five. Yet he wears that badge of dishonor with pride. He’s never seen a television camera from which he runs, a network microphone to which he will not run, and a lie he may “want” to be justified by some leftist reason that he would not tell. Everything he says and does revolve around his and the Democrat Party’s political desires and necessities to achieve those. Simply stated, “Donald Trump stands in the way of both of those.”

King George III

Do you know who he was? He was the ruthless king of Britain who governed when the weighty decision was made by early American settlers to leave for the New World. What kinds of things did King George III do that were so egregious that hundreds and eventually thousands of former Britts would leave their homeland to immigrate to America?

George III was an elitist, a pure bureaucrat, and a spendthrift. George III taxed colonists without letting them have a representative in Parliament, he created the Quartering Act which stated that British troops would be sent to ‘protect” colonists [From nothing in particular] and that if a troop came to a colonists door then the residents would have to take care of that troop or troops. He also created the stamp act which taxed colonists for every piece of paper they used. The famous “Boston Tea Party” was a revolt by American settlers for the regressive and abusive taxes by George III on tea. Rather than pay taxes, settlers dumped huge amounts of tea in Boston Harbor.

George III refused to allow the freedom of religion. He demanded every Britt be a member of his church. That alone instigated the emigration of thousands of Britts to America to pursue their own religion or the right to choose not to be part of any religion at all.

He demanded that laws for the New World were to be made by Britan’s Parliament. American settlers refused to accept British government rule. Hatred for the tyranny they experienced regarding lawmaking figured dramatically into the decision to fight the Revolutionary War.

George III had dismal human rights violations. He and others in his government did not recognize those in low economic classes in Britain or in America. They refused to give those equal rights with other Britts and many America settlers. And those in America grew to hate the inflexible and most demanding monarch of that century anywhere in Europe.

Donald Trump

I laugh at the depictions by many of Donald Trump as an “Authoritarian,” a “Dictator,” or a “Despot.” He could not be further from the mindset and position which these names denote.

One of the chief reasons for the angst held by Democrats and their press minions is that Trump is too loyal to everyday Americans, their needs and their desires for the government. In fact, no previous American President during the past century has been more committed to working-class middle Americans than has Donald Trump. His commitment is not one of only talking points and lip service. He has issued numerous executive orders to roll-back untenable regulations that crippled corporations so that former U.S. companies that left under the Obama presidency have returned to the U.S., many of which have located in the Midwest — “Middle Class America.” He’s fought for wage increases that are dramatic and verified for the Middle Class. Middle-Class tax relief is dramatic despite what the Mainstream Media report. Economic and job numbers bear-out the truth that under Mr. Trump, the Middle Class in the U.S. are significantly better of financially as direct results of massive job creation and subsequent employment, historic unemployment lows in every segment of the economy and for every economic class of Americans — especially that of African-Americans.

“Authoritarian” government is that which is dominated by “A” person who demands and takes control of all or most of that nation’s operations in every sector. Mr. Trump even while campaigning for the White House made clear his feelings for average Americans. Each of his policies, his executive orders, and job programs have been and are targeted as “what’s best for the American Middle Class.” By any measure, the Middle Class in the U.S. is growing in number as never before, wages are making dramatic improvements when compared to those numbers under Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama, and labor participation is at an all-time high. Americans are working and making good money for the first time in at least a decade.

Who’s In Control?

Regardless of what Democrats scream through their Media minions, Donald Trump is NOT in control of government, has never CLAIMED to be in control, and has always in each piece of proposed legislation during his administration fought for policies, bills, and even laws specifically targeted to help the poorest of Americans and the Middle Class. Leftist pundits continue to scream that wage increases are insignificant and have not made differences for the Middle Class. Those pundits are apparently without reasoning, listening, and/or understanding. Statistics confirm the highest increases in American Middle-Class families’ wages in twenty years if not longer. Those pundits don’t tell us about that. They don’t tell us about any of the myriads of other great things accomplished for the Middle Class under Mr. Trump.


Democrats have always, do now, and probably will continue to put Americans in economic and social buckets which those same Democrats feel authorized to do. Those buckets are NOT the same buckets for everyone. Working Class and Middle-Class buckets hold far more Americans than does the one for America’s wealthy. But that makes no difference to Dems.

Picture a couple of geese swimming in your pond: a male and a female. (They’re called “a goose and a gander” — gander being the male). Besides the obvious — male geese are considerably larger than females — there are noteworthy differences in behavior. The breeding behaviors of geese provide an interesting contrast. Geese are perennially monogamous, meaning that one male and one female form a lifelong pair bond. Like ducks, paired male geese protect their mates from harassment by intruders, but their larger size allows ganders to defend against not only other males but also many predators.

American politics can often be viewed the same way we consider male and female geese. Let’s for the sake of this conversation only consider ganders all as Democrats and geese as Republicans. The ganders are territorial and protective. They need to always be in charge. The geese, on the other hand, are content just doing what they do best and do not worry or fret about other ganders or other geese. Ganders seem insecure. Geese are drastically different from ganders.

Today’s Dems are larger, much louder, territorial and confrontational. One can visualize a male goose (or gander) thrashing about in the water to “strut his stuff” in front of other ganders and even geese to make an impression and also to intimidate. Meanwhile, the geese are quiet, busy with their babies, and are content to simply just get along with all who are in their lives. That picture reminds me of Republicans. While I am a confrontational person who finds it unbearable to allow a Leftist to strut around making allegations and statements as factual without confrontation, I more often than not just shut my mouth and let them do their thing. That doesn’t mean I’m fearful or afraid of confrontation at all. It means that I pick my battles and measure all opponents. Most Republicans operate that way. And Democrats cannot or do not wish to understand.

Maybe it would be better for the geese to act more like ganders. I’m fairly certain President Trump would often like that from Senate Leader Mitch McConnell. But at the end of the day, a goose whether male or female is going to act like a goose or a gander, whichever they are. And not everything is good for both all the time. Sometimes something is “Good for the goose but not for the Gander.” And Ganders cannot and will not always be right and will not always be in charge. The same holds true for the Geese.

I wish today the Ganders — Democrats — instead of hating Geese and all they stand for — the Republicans — would find a way to accept the differences for the common good of the family. But so far it seems that’s not in the Gander Instruction Manual. With that thought in mind consider this: Ganders are big and tough. But Geese control the most important things in that family just like at my house…and your house….and every other American house!


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