The End of the U.S.A.

Today was the day Part III — the finale — of our bringing you the truth of where the Democrat Party is desperately working to take our nation. We are having to delay that finale one day.

As some know, Tuesday after our show “TNN Live” I rushed to the hospital for a scheduled back surgery. Everything went well! I appreciate the prayers from all of you who knew about it.

Because we did not want to cancel our Tuesday show so we scheduled it at noon. Problems with a surgery patient in front of me prevented my action for 3 hours. That resulted in my surgery not happening until late yesterday. 

Again, it went really well! Unfortunately, it prevented the final production of Part  III of our revelation.

Our story and our live program “TNN Live” will NOT be published or broadcasted today. 

I apologize for the 24-hour delay, especially in light of this process we began on Monday of this week. But please know, our commitment has NOT changed nor will it: we give you the truth in all those things important to you — REAL truth. And we continue that in this case one day later. The finale of this will be published tomorrow, Thursday, August 20, 2020. And we’ll be back with “TNN Live” as well tomorrow at 9:00-11:00 AM Central.

Thanks for being a part of TruthNewsNetwork. And thank you for letting my 67-year-old body take an extra day to allow back surgery to release me to get back in the saddle!

Dan Newman

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