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The Evil of Wealth and Fame: The Gates

At the world vaccine summit on June 4, Melinda Gates, co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, used the protests against racism that have been taking place in the United States to say that African Americans should be among the first to receive a vaccine for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus.

I didn’t just make that up, folks. Melinda Gates made a racial demand known that the COVID-19 vaccine, which the Gates Foundation has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in its development, should be made available first to African Americans in America. No doubt that sounds like a worthy cause. But why would she make such a sweeping suggestion?

During an interview with Time magazine, the wife of Microsoft’s co-founder revealed that those who should receive the vaccine for the CCP Virus after the medical staff around the world should be African Americans in the United States, even though she did not give a clear explanation for her statements.

“The first people that need this vaccine are the 60 million health care workers around the world. They deserve to get it before anybody else. Then you start tiering,” said Melinda Gates, who, when asked who should get the vaccine next, replied, “In the U.S., that would be black people next, quite honestly, and many other people of color.”

Gates’s arguments are consistent with the media narrative that has been circulating condemning racism in the United States in the wake of the outrage that was formed by the death of African American George Floyd on May 25 at the hands of a white police officer. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is known for funding expensive and controversial vaccination projects around the world with the goal, according to the foundation’s website, of fighting individual diseases or addressing global health challenges in the face of potential future outbreaks.

This organization has also been leading the funding for the World Health Organization in recent years and was only surpassed by the United States. However, President Donald Trump in April ended funding for the organization because it had failed in its primary duty to protect people, allowing the pandemic to spread around the world.

The WHO has also received numerous criticisms from the governments of different countries that distrust the transparency of this international organization in the handling of the virus and the efforts of a coverup that could exist due to the influence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Meanwhile, the arguments that Melinda Gates would have used to announce that African Americans would be the first to receive a vaccine point to an “equitable way” of dealing with the discrimination experienced by people of color.

“This pledging event means governments around the world will step up in global cooperation to all say, ‘We care about this vaccine getting out equitably,” said Gates, who also noted that “people with underlying health conditions, and then people who are older” would be next in line to receive the vaccine.

Gates’s statements quickly drew criticism from some social network users who questioned whether the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s plans were racially and politically motivated.

“Evidently they do and Melinda Gates wants black people to be the first to get the Bill #GatesOfHell population reducing vaccine that he holds the patents on,” wrote one Twitter user Diamond T.

“Racist Bill Gates has it all figured out. He can reduce the black population and make billions doing it. #ExposeBillGates,” he added.

Regarding the U.S.’s disassociation from the WHO, Melinda Gates noted that no institution is perfect and that amid the pandemic, the last thing [government] should do is make changes or withdraw. “The U.S. government is the largest funder of the WHO. Nobody can replace the funding the U.S. was putting into the WHO,” Gates added.

In mid-May, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided to suspend a project on coronavirus testing that had been funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The initiative, known as the Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network, or SCAN, said in a statement, “The FDA has not raised any concerns regarding the safety and accuracy of SCAN’s test, but we have been asked to pause testing until we receive that additional authorization,” Reuters reported.

According to the platform designed by the White House, We Are The People, a petition, is currently underway to have Congress investigate the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for “crimes against humanity” and “medical malpractice.” So far, the petition has reached a staggering 580,000 signatures from citizens concerned about the role of the two philanthropists’ foundation in the spread of the coronavirus.

So What’s Up with The Gates?

Their hands are anything but clean, folks.

In 2009, several schools for tribal children in India became sites for observation studies for a cervical cancer vaccine that was administered to thousands of girls aged between nine and 15. The girls were administered the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine in three rounds that year under the supervision of state health department officials. The vaccine used was Gardasil, manufactured by Merck. It was administered to around 16,000 girls in the district, many of whom stayed in state government-run hostels meant for tribal students.

Months later, many girls started falling ill and, by 2010, five of them died. Two more deaths were reported from another village where an estimated 14,000 children studying in schools meant for tribal children were also vaccinated with another brand of HPV vaccine, Cervarix, manufactured by GSK. Earlier in the week, the Associated Press reported that scores of teenaged girls were hospitalized in a small town in northern Colombia with symptoms that parents suspect could be an adverse reaction to Gardasil.

A standing committee on health and family welfare that investigated the irregularities pertaining to the observation studies in India tabled its report in 2013. The committee found that the objective behind the observation studies in India primarily was to collect and record data on the effect of the vaccines on the minor subjects. Another aim is to help the relevant authorities in India make an informed opinion on introducing the vaccine into India’s immunization program.

The standing committee report was a shocker, but it became even more significant when it was mentioned that the study was sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF).
Gates revealed that he was funding several efforts in partnership with other companies and countries to “save months because every month counts.” “Our early money can accelerate things,” Gates told The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. “Of all the vaccine constructs, the seven most promising of those, even though we’ll end up picking at most two of them, we’re going to fund factories for all seven, and just so that we don’t waste time in serially saying, ‘Okay, which vaccine works?’ And then building the factory.”

Gates added that spending “a few billion dollars in this situation we’re in, where there are trillions of dollars — that’s a thousand times more — trillions of dollars being lost economically, it is worth it.”

Follow the Money

The Gates Foundation has funded numerous vaccination tests conducted throughout the African continent through the years. Unfortunately, the accuracy of the information that comes from those nations has been questionable at best. And there are those in some news outlets that question whether or not dollars and cents in the millions donated by the Gates clouded the accuracy of those vaccination study results. The problem is that NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE.

Yes, there have been reports of tests that have been ineffective, somewhat effective, and successful. But the fact that those trials and their results have not been widely reported casts doubts on the entire Gates Foundation vaccination concentration.

Many say anytime there are questions of anything in politics or business that prove or appear to confirm success are usually based on one and only one thing: money. And the Gates Foundation has many who point fingers at the Foundation for funding and trying to hide negative results of their third-world testings kept quiet, wondering if there are personal goals and objectives for their doing so.

Keep in mind, Bill Gates made it clear as long ago as in 2010 that (paraphrased) he is NOT a population control nut, instead, he because he cannot see Earth sustaining the current annual population growth indefinitely, we MUST find ways to stop the growth of population, but NOT at the expense of those already alive.

Bundle those thoughts with these questions:

  • Why are vaccinations THE most important medical process in our lifetimes and those of our children and grandchildren? (that according to Bill and Melinda Gates)
  • What are the financial probabilities of successful discovery, positive testing, development and market of vaccines for pretty much everything: COVID-19, HPM, Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, and other diseases? Some have put the potential dollars that will be made when a COVID-19 vaccine goes to market as $100 billion per year! Gates famously said he intends to create an environment in which EVERY child on Earth will be required to be vaccinated by these vaccines. Imagin the ongoing profit to be made.
  • A scary thought when considering Melinda Gates’ statement that African Americans should be at the front of the line for COVID-19 vaccinations has horrified many. Why? With their multiple public comments for the necessity of population control, what better way to accomplish that than with something inserted in a vaccine? What else could be mixed with the vaccine serum in a syringe that is dispensing the COVID-19 vaccine?


We can take this down all sorts of mysterious and spooky paths — this “conspiracy theory.” One can go to several different fact-check sites and search “Gates population control theory.” You’ll see several articles published by several reputable news sources that debunk any concern of such evil even being considered.

I am indeed not maintaining that these thoughts in this story are factual. We are careful to take that approach every time we present something that hasn’t been verified. In this case, these thoughts have NOT been verified, but because the facts of all of this have been purposely hidden, covered-up by those medical technicians involved in this process who certainly don’t want to be exposed, which is easily accomplished because of the undeniable financial prowess of the Gates family.

What should be done? What CAN be done?! Those are real questions. Unfortunately, my answers can only be for me:

  1. I will NEVER take another vaccination. I have received several in the past for the flu and pneumonia. I shudder to think I have NO idea what was included in those syringes. Quite honestly, the flu virus does not work in even a majority of its uses in the U.S., and no one says a thing about it. If there is a reality in such a vaccine, wouldn’t it be prudent to question its continued usage?
  2. I will continue to diligently research the laboratory test results that I can find anywhere on Earth: who initiates those studies, who holds the researchers accountable for findings, and who funds them. We have ongoing research underway to try and get details of the reported failed human tests completed in remote African villages for polio and HPM vaccines funded by the Gates Foundation.

For you, I suggest you question EVERYTHING! It is no longer sufficient in the U.S. to without thought trust what we hear from medical “experts.” If nothing has ever given you pause for doing so before, indeed, with all of the untruths and misinformation we have received from numerous experts regarding COVID-19 should make you question!

No, doing so is not easy. It takes time; it takes developing relationships with people who you usually would not do so. It takes work. Our commitment here is to keep doing so. You would not believe the plethora of emails, texts, that include stories, names, theories, and statements by people regarding all of this. What do we do with it all? We research it. Our underlying assumption when we begin is this: we’ll look at each asking the question, “What if we DON’T prove it’s false? What will the potential cost be, and for whom?” That’s a scary responsibility?

“To Whom much is given, much is expected.”

That’s a lofty characterization of stewardship of all things that have been given to us. You may be angry at me for saying what I say in closing: “Now that you know how and what on which to base YOUR research, you’re responsible for what you do with it!”

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