The Fallacy of Systemic Racism

We certainly are taking a chance to discuss this the hottest topic during the U.S. racial unrest that is devastating cities from coast to coast. But it is essential to understand the truth about this most divisive term being tossed about by millions of Americans. And they are doing so without understanding the truth about it.

I’ll charge right in: Systemic Racism is a Myth


If we start at the beginning of this, we must begin with the meaning of the term “Systemic.” Definition: “of or relating to systems or a system; relating to or affecting the entire body of a system.”

“The body of a system.” 

This part of the definition is what has captured the attention of those who have taken the term “Systemic Racism” to use as a tool — a political tool. But their doing so is a huge mistake. Why? Let’s examine another definition: “System.”

A System is “A set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network; a complex whole.”

In the context of the actual constitution of a system, even though a system is comprised of numerous elements, NO system of any kind is a living, breathing human being. And every component within a system must be placed by someone.


This is where this conversation went off the rails decades ago. Follow along with this thought pattern:

  1. Can we see the wind? No, we cannot see the wind. But we know it’s there.
  2. How do we know the wind is there? We see leaves and limbs blowing. We watch as kites are swept to and fro in the sky by the wind. We just saw the devastation by Hurricane Laura of southwest Louisiana.
  3. We NEVER see the wind itself. We see the results of the things that wind impacts.

Let’s change gears for a moment and start with Part II:

  1. Can we see racism? No, we cannot “see” racism. But we know it’s there.
  2. How do we know racism is around us? We see inequities between people of different races. We watch disparity among races permeates almost every area of our lives. We see how racism results in unfairness, anger, hatred, and even violence.
  3. We NEVER see racism itself. We see the results of the things that racism impacts.

Wind and racism are two very different things. They just happen to share these few things in common. Their comparisons here are to simply show that each is controlled, but controlled in different ways.

The wind is NOT controlled by people, though there have been bountiful attempts by many through generations to mitigate the impact that wind makes on all of us and our entire world. Much of its impact is devastating: floods result from wind, property is destroyed by wind, the shapes of land and vegetation are altered by the wind. But wind itself cannot be controlled by humans. The wind is a force of nature.

Racism is vastly different than wind. Racism is NOT a force of nature. While racism’s impact on Earth is undoubtedly devastating, and we see it play out all around every day, racism, unlike wind, IS controlled by people. Just as with wind, racism overwhelms almost all people whom it touches. Some, however, never really recognize it. For those, racism is just another feeling or sense that does not play a large role in their lives. But it positively impacts the lives of millions of people who are daily confronted with racism in their varying lifestyles.

There are people who live in a part of the world that sees very few problems from the wind. The fact that they don’t experience hurricanes, tornadoes, or floods doesn’t change the reality of wind — wind still exists. Wind simply doesn’t impact their lives the same way wind impacts the lives of those who live next to oceans.

The similarities between wind and racism end at this point: For Racism to DO what racism does, there must be a human involved. Wind does its damage as merely being a natural occurrence. Racism to act requires that “Someone.”

The “Human” Element of Racism

If you don’t get anything in this discussion other than this one thing, PLEASE dig deeply into this: racism to exist in action always results from a CHOICE a human makes.

  • Racism is NOT biological;
  • Racism never just “happens;”
  • Racism never “jumps” on anybody;
  • Racism is learned;
  • Racism, in many ways, is created in humans in a similar fashion;
  • Racism MUST be invited and accepted and adopted by people.

So in the context of this discussion that is titled The Fallacy of Systemic Racism,” why is “Systemic Racism” a fallacy?

Racism requires human adoption and acceptance. And Systems have NO human abilities!

Examples of “systems” that are being accused of being racist

  • Institutions of Higher Learning;
  • The Banking System;
  • The Healthcare System;
  • The U.S. Justice Department;
  • The State Department;
  • The Public Primary and Secondary Education systems;
  • Local and state Law Enforcement systems;
  • The Entertainment Industry;
  • Commercial Airlines;

And the list can be added to forever.

Nuts and Bolts of Racism

Racism is solely a human trait and is controlled (and even allowed to exist) by humans. There is NO school — pre-school, kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, or college that is racist: NOT ONE! But there are certainly people who attend, work at, and teach at each of these that ARE racists. And they are racists because they CHOOSE to be. No one can make another person racist.

Racism is a cousin of numerous other faults: idolatry, hate, anger, bitterness, theft, cheating, even murder.

  • The Daycare to which you take your baby is NOT itself racist. But there may be racists who work there;
  • The elementary school your child or grandchild attends is NOT itself racist. But there may be racists who work there;
  • The grocery store where you shop is NOT itself racist. But there may be racists who work there;
  • Your local police department is NOT itself racist. But there may be racists who drive patrol cars and give out tickets which work there;
  • The FBI is NOT itself racist. But there may be racists who work in the J. Edgar Hoover building in Washington and work in FBI field offices around the world;
  • The Commercial Airline Industry is NOT itself racist. But there may be racists who are ticket and gate agents, baggage handlers, pilots, and flight attendants who work there;
  • The hospitals and clinics in your city are NOT themselves racist. But there may be racists who work there;
  • The church you attend is NOT itself racist. But there may be racists who are attendees or who work there;
  • The automobile dealership from which you purchased and services your car is NOT itself racist. But there may be racists who work in the service, parts, sales, and management there.

Two things must occur in each case of racism: there MUST be a human. And humans MUST voluntarily accept racism and make it part of their mindset for it to do any harm.


Realizing this should make life a bit simpler for you in regards to how to deal with racism. But there’s one element we haven’t touched on yet:

Racism is not unlike any negative occurrence or characteristic which people can grab and use as weapons. And they certainly do!

And creating a foil to use as a racism tool makes it much easier to weaponize. And humanizing institutions makes the use of racism that much easier. Want an example? Listen to New Jersey Senator Cory Booker from a Democrat Presidential debate:

(click on this link)

The weaponization of racism is best illustrated in our political world today by that short debate question answer by Sen. Cory Booker. He called the President a racist and a White Supremacist. He then used a “system:” the “Criminal Justice System” to use as a political weapon to further his political causes.

Booker referenced the “systemic racism” of the criminal justice system that has for nearly thirty years unjustly and in racist fashion tore apart members of the African American community who were abused by U.S. Criminal Justice System’s laws and penalties: laws that were NOT passed or approved by the Criminal Justice System, but by PEOPLE — legislators who craft and pass laws — “HUMANS PASS LAWS THAT CONTAIN RACIST PRINCIPLES AND PENALITIES!

It is quite ironic today to hear former VP Joe Biden and his vice-presidential running mate Sen. Kamala Harris.. They both always call (as did Booker) President Trump a racist and White Supremacist. They have weaponized those terms to use against their political enemy: Donald Trump. The word “racist” has become the “go-to” insult with which to end an argument, especially in a public statement. We see it happen quite often: two politicians began a discussion that becomes an argument about specific political policies. When one feels the other is not performing in a “politically correct manner,” he or she plays the trump card: “You’re racist!” End of conversation.

Folks, racism exists, but NOT in systems or institutions. It certainly shows up there. But its existence and constant appearances are in people who are a part of these entities that have been labeled as being “Systemically Racist,” when no such entity exists. That is simply a lazy way for someone who feels they are losing an argument to simply use a “gotcha” to end it by claiming some type of moral victory over an opponent.

President Trump recently showed the perfect example of how a system cannot be racist. Remember the specific model used by Sen. Booker in that debate question answer: The Criminal Justice System. That system has never itself been racist. But was devised by and operated by many people who held racism as part of their mindset. Isn’t it ironic that the most egregious Crime Bill passed in the U.S. in 1994 was authored and pushed through be Senator Joe Biden? The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act that was called most often the “three strikes you’re out” law, was the result of years of work by Biden, who oversaw the Senate Judiciary Committee. It was to crack down on the escalation in the nation of crimes of all kinds.

Politically, the legislation was also a chance for Democrats to wrestle the issue of crime away from Republicans. Biden has for years bragged continuously about how tough the law is, how it brought back the death penalty, how it incarcerated people for two and three times more jail time than ever before. Tens of thousands of African Americans suffered at the hands of the “three strikes you’re out” provision. That meant that a person who was convicted three times, even for minor drug offenses, would be sentenced to life! Donald Trump changed that with the new Crime Bill passed by Congress that no president or Congress since Bill Clinton could get done!

“Systemic Racism” is nothing more than a term to allow politicians to use another weapon against opponents for which there is no defense. And those on the Left have perfected its use. The sad thing is that their doing so has, in some way, softened the understanding and justifiable angst for TRUE racism in people! Pointing at a system — like the Criminal Justice System — deflects the anger one might have for the fact that humans created racism in that and other systems to weaponize and use against their opponents.

Sadly, most who lose that battle are those who have been targeted by racism for generations and who have done absolutely nothing to deserve what has been used against them.

Can we end racism? If so, how can we?

I never say, “Never.” But simply because of human nature and the fact that racism is a choice that a person must volunteer to hold, I am sad to say I think racism will be with us for another 260 years. What we CAN do is recognize the abuses of labeling companies, institutions, and systems as racist and begin teaching that racism requires humans to make it exist at all. If we can somehow get humans to recognize how it exists and that if they reject racism themselves, it can be eliminated in all those who choose.

Truly, however, I feel the only way that might ever happen is through a “God thing.” And I believe that, with God, anything is possible!

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