The Truth About “Critical Race Theory”

Critical Race Theory (CRT), which is just an updated form of racism, is the most destructive force of the 21st century. If you said 50 years ago that a half-century since, there would be a successful social movement, dominating academia, politics, and even the business world, holding that the most important thing about a person is his skin color, I wouldn’t have believed it. But that is where we are now.

Roger Simon, a writer, commentator, and political columnist at POLITICO, wrote the following about the curse of CRT:

“Something called Critical Race Theory intervened to turn our society around, head it back toward racial enmity and, to be blunt, destroy our country, and with it our common humanity, unless it is stopped. Unlike slavery, which was overt, CRT is a growing cancer infecting our schools, media, entertainment, and businesses. It is everywhere, often unseen and more often not even known or recognized by a large percentage of the public, so all the more dangerous.

Martin Luther King’s justifiably famous dream that the day will come when we judge each other by our characters and not by the color of our skins has been turned on its head. The color of our skins is to be the be all and end all of our existences, no matter what, no escape. That is what determines our position in life and our fate, beyond class and, apparently, beyond our character as well (i.e. how we actually behave and what we have done). Race is everything. In order to be considered good, you must acknowledge that, literally bow to it, and behave accordingly.

“Whiteness” is the great evil in contemporary America, for reasons that remain obscure. I still don’t understand how CRT bullies have managed to turn 60% to 76% of our population, depending on how you count, into a persecuted group. But somehow, it has happened.

Every aspect of our culture has been infected with this absurdity right up to the corporate board rooms. Even Coca Cola executives are now instructing us on the dangers of “whiteness.” Do they actually believe this hogwash? Who knows? Perhaps they are just scared, cowards playing along with the zeitgeist to keep their lucrative jobs. But if that’s so, it’s worse.

Most importantly, the ideology has infected our schools, even at the lowest levels, to the degree that young children are being hard-wired to hate or distrust each other and, even more sadly, themselves.

White kids — no matter their social class, no matter at what point their families came to America, in many cases decades and more after slavery, fleeing genocides, pogroms, the most abject poverty or whatever — are being taught they are oppressors and must spend their lives expiating the sin of their skin color.

If you wanted to invent an ideology that actually created racism where it doesn’t exist, you could do no better than Critical Race Theory.

That is largely the point, I think. The Democratic Party has calculated that race hatred will work to its advantage, so it is doing everything possible to foment racial conflict and promote racism.

With the blessing of CRT, one of the major goals of the Civil Rights Movement, integration, has also been flipped on its head, back to segregation, with institutions like Columbia University holding separate graduation ceremonies for different ethnic and racial groups. Not that long ago, this would have been considered a racist outrage by the same people.

Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever! That was once the battle cry of Democrat George Wallace. Today, it is the policy of Democrats everywhere. These institutions are now leading the charge against free speech, with Critical Race Theory as their intellectual underpinning. After all, the Bill of Rights was written by white men. It had to be thrown away.

In the battle between free speech and CRT, CRT is winning hands-down.

But the landscape is not entirely bleak. This is a war that might be won, despite the powerful forces now arrayed against our history, our values, our culture, and our form of government.

There is some good news, however. Like many things now, to a surprising degree, this anti-democratic, racially divisive onslaught can be stopped best locally. This is especially true at the critical school level where parents, all of us really, can organize and step forward to stop the indoctrination.

I think the federal government has relatively little to do with the decisive conflict of our time. Local action will decide the issue. This will take bravery and conviction that many have never shown before or even know that they have. But they do. Many are beginning to show it across the country. Among the most courageous doing so now are black men and women who see more clearly, feel more acutely, than any of us the disastrous betrayal of the civil rights movement and their own people by Critical Race Theory and are opposing it vehemently.

The promise of America is open and available to all individuals regardless of skin color or station in life.

We reject the concept of group identity and all its ancillary components, including white privilege, systemic racism, equity, etc. By rejecting group identity, we empower and celebrate the achievements made by an individual’s merit – hard work, creativity, personal investment, and risk-taking.

The private sector and free enterprise are the fastest and most financially rewarding routes to a better life for the Black community.
  • Getting a job and earning a living brings dignity, respect, and value to a person’s life.
  • Private-sector job creation is the cornerstone of prosperity for all Americans.
  • We reject socialism in all shapes because it deprives individuals of their personal value, robs them of their unique contributions, and values them only as members of a special group.
  • It is through the private sector that Americans, including black Americans, can create wealth.

Many Americans are already taking aggressive action against CRT, first in our schools, second in major corporations, and third is the permeating American society with this disease. But there’s good news about even that!

The Mainstream Media, who were the anointed ones to bring CRT into every corner of our lives, are in panic mode. Americans have awakened to the reality of the gut-wrenching effects of this “new” Leftist-inspired scourge. They are besides themselves because of such an obvious pushback by conservatives of every political ilk, not just Republicans. And the “Leftstream Media” are going crazy!

They’re consumed with “What do we do? How do we best push back against their pushback? They’re kicking our butts!” But never forget this: Democrats — especially leaders in their party — though seeming to be stupid, are anything BUT stupid. NOTHING they say or do is off the cuff. It’s all planned, orchestrated, implemented, as directly initiated by Democrat Party Leaders. But, they too are scared to death!

What’s their universal weapon to fight against “anti-CRT” folks? Chuck Todd of NBC gave an example of the Media’s desperation. Todd maintains this GOP pushback is “manufactured:”

Their summation of all of the massive attacks of Critical Race Theory by conservatives is that it CANNOT be based on merit, core convictions, and the fact that most Americans feel that CRT is a farce. There MUST be some coordinated effort that is not just managed but funded and purposely put into play by Trump supporters! This panel’s conclusion was that there’s no way this could ever happen if it didn’t happen the same way it does among members of the Democrat Party and the party’s media mouthpieces: planning, coordination, and demands (and threats) for everyone to “stay on message.”

“It’s impossible,” they maintain, “that no ‘reasonable’ person could possibly believe that CRT is not valid and is not necessary for the lives of Americans.”

They’re running scared!

Americans MUST learn from this. When conservatives who agree with policies and ideas espoused by GOP leadership but then do nothing but sit on their hands, they’re doing so fuels the Left to head for the goal line unimpeded. As you just saw, NBC’s “big guns” on their Sunday show could find NO plausible explanation for what is happening. So, of course, their default position is that conservatives have found someone to fund a pushback to make everyone think Critical Race Theory is bad! Forget about the facts that prove it is NOT just bad; it’s evil.

I close with this: is it not ironic to see almost daily now Democrats in every level of American life pick up and use as weapons against political opponents the very same things Democrats have commanded in unison are evil!

“Racism is the scourge of humanity and always has been.” That’s not a Democrat talking point — it’s true. But, today, we are seeing these same purveyors of equality use racism as a tool with which they attack conservatives. Their default is “skin color.” If you’re white, just because of your skin color, you are evil.

Thankfully, many Americans are seeing the truth and are doing more than just nodding in agreement. Democrats made a big mistake pushing CRT out first in our schools. They thought conservative parents would just sit quietly while they stole a generation of kids to turn into mind-numbed robots. By starting this at the school-age level, they quickly discovered that moms and dads don’t take kindly to teachers using racist ideas to teach our kids that our kids are racist!

That is insane.

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Woke but not Sleeping

If you’re a “Woke” person, you number among a bunch of folks who feel they are a class cut above most everyday Americans. Any woke person knows what that means. You don’t need to look up the definitions to know what “woke” means. If you ARE “woke,” you’ve opened your eyes and become socially engaged. And if you’re in that self-proclaimed classification, you need to educate yourself on current events and political issues. Being “woke” is being plugged in and actively aware and involved with the world around you.

However, the word holds a partisan undertone that we usually don’t even notice, and if we do, we probably agree with it. The word “woke” implies that to support the liberal viewpoint is to be socially aware — that’s the ONLY way to be socially aware. Woke people are heavily informed and actively involved with liberal social issues. If you’re leading a Black Lives Matter protest, you’re probably “woke.” If you’re calling your congressperson to advocate for Planned Parenthood, you’re probably “woke.” However, if you’re handing out pro-life leaflets, you probably will not wear the “woke” label.

This biased nomenclature is rooted in a belief held by some on the left that people are only conservative because they are uneducated. If only people were smarter, more informed, more “woke,” they would surely see the Democratic light and switch sides. Nevertheless, it is crucial to see the fault in this mindset.

Some of the most “woke” — socially informed and engaged — people I know are “woke” from the right. I know conservatives who watch the news 24/7 and don’t let a single current event slip their notice. I know people who utilize grassroots efforts to engage with their community to raise awareness for an issue that is of the utmost importance to them: anti-abortion legislation. Conservatism is not about being misinformed, and being “woke” is not about liberalism. There are educated, impassioned individuals on all sides of an issue.

I acknowledge that the origins of the word “woke” stem from the black community and its fight for equality. I understand that, historically, racial equality has been primarily driven by liberals, and hence the historical connection between the word and partisanship is natural. However, “woke” is spreading. It is taking on new meaning and new reach. “Woke” is starting to become an umbrella term for all that is just, thus making justice synonymous with Democratic political platforms.

Such usage of language is merely one example of rampant political polarization in the United States. We would rather assume that people on the other side are misinformed or downright idiotic than acknowledge the viability (and the necessity) of different opinions or priorities.

Furthermore, we have reached a point where we often isolate ourselves from people with differing political opinions. This is harmful in the obvious sense: It diminishes open, enriching political discourse. However, even more harmful is the reduction of individuals with whom we disagree to nothing more than their political beliefs. We allow our own self-image to be defined by our political identification. We fail to realize that people are more than their votes for Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, or Donald Trump. People have families, friends, hobbies, passions, thoughts, and priorities. A Trump voter is not necessarily a raving racist, and a Clinton voter is not necessarily trying to leech off your hard-earned money. They are simply people who have different opinions than you. Those opinions do not make them dumb or evil. Those opinions do not have to mean that they are not “woke.” They are different, but they are not invalid.

A Biden voter: that’s a conversation for another day!

The Flip-side Of the Wokeness Coin

“If you hate wokeness, you should vote for Joe Biden.” So said one writer in the run-up to last November’s elections. It was a sentiment that echoed across what we might call the respectable “anti-woke” world: that Trump is to identity politics what kerosene is to a dumpster fire, so a win for the moderate Joe Biden would calm everyone down.

Unfortunately for the “woke” crowd, Biden’s presidency has done nothing to diffuse racial paranoia. On the contrary, it’s getting more feverish. We’ve seen the New York Times eliminate its star COVID-19 reporter because he once used the “n-word” in a private conversation about racist language. Teen Vogue canned its new editor over jokes she made about Asians on Twitter as a teenager. And six Dr. Seuss books have been withdrawn, never to be printed again, over “racist images.”

No issue can be too silly or too serious to be left unracialized by the “wokesters.” After two horrendous mass shootings in March in Atlanta and Boulder, the bodies were barely cold before they were declared victims of “white supremacist domestic terrorism,” Hollywood’s guru over political extremism, Rosanna Arquette, wrote hours after the Boulder shootings.

The Atlanta shooter targeted Asian-run massage parlors, but the FBI said it did not believe the white, sex-crazed killer was racially motivated. New Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock disagreed: “We all know hate when we see it.” The same story was published about Boulder, where 10 people had been gunned down in a grocery store — until the suspect turned out to be a Syrian American named Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa. It’s hard to turn that into white supremacy.

Racism has become a kind of theory of everything for the American intellectuals or “woke” folks. This new religion has its roots in “critical race theory,” which holds that little real progress has been made since the Sixties and that racism remains structurally, culturally, and psychologically ingrained in American society. According to this worldview, racism is everywhere. And, of course, if you see otherwise, it’s because you’re blind, not because it isn’t there. Confronting racism’s various intrusions in our lives — real or imagined, historical or contemporary — apparently requires constant, hair-trigger vigilance.

This thinking has been mainstreamed recently by a pack of best-selling authors, led by Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo, who have boiled it down to a series of slogans. In Kendi’s words, “There is no such thing as a not-racist idea, only racist ideas, and antiracist ideas.” His type of worldview is a recipe for hysteria. And in this, America’s colleges continue to lead the way.

In January, the UIC John Marshall Law School in Chicago put Professor Jason Kilborn on indefinite leave. It barred him from campus after students claimed to be “incredibly upset” by one of his exam papers. The paper, describing a discrimination case, featured the “n-word,” written, “n_____” for sensitivity’s sake. Kilborn arranged a Zoom meeting with one of the offended students to smooth things over. He joked that the dean might think he (Kilborn) was “homicidal.” According to Kilborn, the student then told the campus authorities that he really was homicidal, thus triggering his expulsion from campus.

The “woke” left used the killing of George Floyd last year to push identity politics out of the colleges and into the streets. In a moment of universal horror at what appeared to be a brutal, racist murder, identity politicians offered straightforward answers.

This was not one horrible incident or even an example of one specific problem. They said: it was just the most extreme end of everyday white racism. This explanation comes, according to a writer in TIME, from white people complimenting black women on “how pretty our hair looks when we wear it straight” to cops “literally suffocating black people.” That’s true — you can’t make this stuff up!

There was an attempt to initiate a sense of white collective guilt for Floyd’s death. “White people, you are the problem,” thundered an op-ed in the Chicago Tribune. Creepy public displays of penance followed this. In Bethesda, Maryland, a group of whites held their arms up and pledged to tackle “racism, anti-blackness or violence” and to “do everything in my power to educate my community.” In North Carolina, white pastors washed the feet of black pastors while begging God for forgiveness.

A guy named David Shor, a progressive data analyst lost his job at a consultancy firm after tweeting the results of a paper claiming to show that race riots might hurt the Democrats in an election. Even expressing allegiance to Black Lives Matter in insufficient detail got some people canceled: the president and board chairman of the Poetry Foundation were forced to resign because their post-Floyd statement of solidarity was deemed too brief to be taken seriously.

All this legitimizes what John McWhorter, a dissident on race issues, has been saying for a while: anti-racism has become a religion — not like a religion but actually a religion, complete with a doctrine of original sin, gospel, and a pretty hard line on heresy. Just as original sin must be reckoned with but cannot be overcome, McWhorter said, nor can the taint of “white privilege.” The anti-racist movement has drifted, he says, “from a commitment to changing society to a narrower commitment to signaling antipathy to racism and leaving it there.”

Then last summer, along came the U.S. company rush to “wokeness.” Corporate America fell spectacularly, with Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, and others pledging their allegiance to the Black Lives Matter movement. They all engaged in hollow performances that required them to give up nothing other than their dignity — something summed up by the photo of Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, taking the knee in front of a Chase bank vault.

One of Biden’s first acts as president was to cancel Trump’s ban on critical race theory. He dropped the usual buzzwords, from “systemic racism” to “equity.” And he even joined in the cancellation of Dr. Seuss by removing any mention of him from the presidential proclamation on Read Across America Day, which marks Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

A bunch of folks are looking at identity politics as anything but silly. If you’re one of those people, flush it from your mind. “Wokeness” is the “acceptable” means through which racial thinking is being peddled today. Its high priests see the experiences and interests of blacks and whites as irreconcilably different. As Robin DiAngelo puts it in White Fragility, “I have a white frame of reference and a white worldview, and I move through the world with a white experience.” Meanwhile, black people are portrayed as permanent victims.

Racial stereotypes are being rehabilitated in the politically correct form. Last year the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture released an educational guide to talking about race, in which it said that “hard work,” “politeness,” and “objective, rational linear thinking” were examples of “white culture.” It’s a claim many white racists would enthusiastically agree with.

Slowly but surely, the idea that blacks and whites need to be separated for their own safety or self-fulfillment is once again taking hold. In September, Ibram X. Kendi went on a tear against interracial adoption, suggesting that Amy Coney Barrett was a “white colonizer” who wanted to “civilize” her adopted Haitian children.

Woke politics is ugly and destructive. It does nothing to improve the lives of hard-up minorities because it is obsessed with only language rather than ordinary people’s lives. Its ideas about group-based privilege and victimhood are as likely to hide class inequalities as expose them. All it has achieved is to push America into racial paranoia and to call into question the old civil-rights ideals of color-blindness: the hope that one day people would “not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character,” as Martin Luther King, Jr. so beautifully put it.


If you are shaking your head right now, I urge you to pause for a moment. Can you look at yourself and label one single opinion that comprehensively defines your entire identity? I certainly hope not. We should all acknowledge our complexities as individuals and refuse to be defined by a single term. Then we should extend this same courtesy to others. If Americans en masse refuse to do this, we are headed down a long, dark, and narrow road. We know where the “wokesters” say they want to take us down that road. But I doubt more and more each day that their expressed destination for all this is really where we’re headed.

For me, I can sum up where I stand on all this is one statement: I don’t want to be “woke!” I don’t want to restrict my definition of activism and intelligence only to include those who agree with me politically. I want to be open-minded and engaged. I want to be informed and passionate. I want to be an advocate and a human being beyond political issues. Maybe we can broaden the definition of “woke” to include these characteristics from both sides of the political spectrum, but until then, I remain happily “un-woke.”

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A “Normalized” America

How was your week? Just another normal few days. Life in the United States is just plain old boring.

It may be boring, but it certainly is not normal: at least of late.

We Americans are guilty of taking too much for granted. Things happen that are certainly everyday occurrences, so much so that we dismiss them, things like sunshine, air, food, water, transportation, media, sports, and schools. That’s understandable. What about “new” things? Not so much.

Over the past six generations, Americans have done a pretty good job of finding new things — millions of “widgets” that have radically changed lives, so much so that we take them for granted. We’ve “normalized” them all. And most of those are not tangible items or “things ” — they’re processes, ways of thinking, methods of conducting ourselves, the way we treat others, etc.

Who can argue that American politicians and their minions have not normalized a host of things that, in some cases, have taken control of the heart of our nation? No one can truthfully argue that this has not just happened but has flooded our nation from coast to coast. How so? Let’s take a look.

Routine Normalizations

Many of these have been practiced for so long we don’t give them a thought: our slang terms, group titles, word associations, etc. That especially holds for the purposes of political correctness, which itself is a normalized process that we take for granted.

  • Gay Marriage 

    I remember a time not so long ago where homosexuality alone was unspeakable. Many were known to be gay. But that fact was taboo in most quarters, and gays had to hide in the proverbial “closet.” Gay marriage was something that did not happen. In fact, in most cases, it was non-existent. Because of state laws, some gays lived together and proclaimed themselves — if they were bold enough to do so publicly — declared themselves as “partners.” Marriage was out of the question. Now, gay marriage is just another “ho-hum” thing. Why? Because it’s been normalized.

  • Racism 

    Even though Racism has always been part of American culture, it was also kept in the closet for two centuries. No one hung a name on it. It was just one of those “things” that people kept in their hearts and didn’t throw the word about. However, racism itself was EVERYWHERE! It wasn’t until the late 50s and early 60s that it took front-stage. The Civil Rights Act of 1963 put it out front. The Vietnam War saw demonstrations spawn anti-government actions by U.S. dissidents and anti-racist factions tagged along. The racial divide became so thick one could cut it with a knife. Even though “it’s” always been there, it wasn’t normalized until politicians began to pick it up and use it. Since that occurred, we take it for granted.

  • Transgenderism 

    Just as there are people today who believe homosexuality is just a choice that some make to adopt as a personal lifestyle, there are those who dismiss Transgenderism as a fraud. It is true; Science has NOT offered any facts which prove Transgenderism is real, believers in Transgenderism point to the fact it has NOT been disproven either. Until the turn of this century, it was still considered an aberration. But in the past twenty years, Transgenderism has been normalized, not just in the U.S. but worldwide.

  • Elitism

    Every society in World history has struggled with class warfare. There seems always to be a serving class and a ruling class. The oddity of that in the U.S. is that our forefathers fled from Europe to escape that very classism that destroyed their society. And here we are today with the same travesty devouring our nation: Elitism. The fact is this plague has swept across the nation with its mental, emotional, and even economic devastation for innocent people who find themselves being “unworthy.” They, therefore, are relegated to less-than equality in every area of their lives simply because someone normalized a socio-economic class of Americans in which they supposedly fit.

  • Criminal Violence 

    One of the scariest normalizations we’ve seen is that regarding violence. For example: as of May 2, 2021, right at 1,000 people have been shot on the streets of Chicago. And the mainstream media report the numbers with a yawn! It’s no big deal for Chicagoans to shoot up their streets and buildings (and people). Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, New York City, Baltimore, and Philadelphia see the same travesties play out. Our law enforcement branch of government at the state, local, and federal levels find themselves with their hands tied and little or no recourse against the onslaught of criminality. Why? In America, we’ve normalized such actions.

  • Massive Government Deficit Spending 

    A government budget: what’s that? Yes, it is required that the White House send a proposed budget each year to Congress for consideration and approval. But that means very little, if anything at all. Both Congress and the White House have adopted over the past few decades the policy of “spend as much as you want to in total disregard for the revenue coming into the nation’s treasury.” Every American knows that, in their personal lives, such a process automatically leads to devastation. Bankruptcy is usually the outcome of such fiscal irresponsibility. But Americans think, “as long as there are checks in the checkbook, there must be money in the bank!” The bank balance is zero, yet the spending continues. No one in D.C. seems worried about the obvious consequences. There WILL come a reckoning. But instead of preparing for economic devastation that certainly will eclipse any we’ve seen previously, no one in government takes any thought about the certain pending repercussions! Deficit Spending is just another “thing” we normalized.

  • Federal Government Handouts 

    Examples of such handouts do NOT include the likes of Medicare, Social Security, or Veterans Benefits. Those are each a program into which recipients have for decades paid into them through payroll deductions to “earn” the future benefits of each when reaching retirement age. Certainly, assistance to Americans who need help is a necessary element of what our nation espouses. But a system that was implemented through the hearts of charity has evolved into a behemoth that has grown almost the size of our entire country! Charitable recipients have evolved into angry and needy people who demand more and demand more now. A hand-up has become a cold shoulder with no gratitude at all. We’ve normalized the federal government’s process supporting in bountiful ways every need for one specific segment of our society. What was once based solely on “need” has now found its way to being “required.” Doing so is taken for granted. It’s now normalized.

  • Production Accountability 

    Do you remember when a generation of parents told us the stories of the requirement of THEIR parents for hard work and accountability? Subsequently, our parents made the same requirements of us. If I, as a middle schooler, wanted money to spend, I had to mow lawns in the neighborhood or, in my case, teach piano lessons. If I, as a teenager, wanted a car, I had to find a part-time job and save enough money to buy a car. Guess what: that’s exactly what we DID. An entire generation — maybe two generations — have lost such a mindset. Instant gratification with little or no sacrifice or work effort to achieve one’s desires is expected by everyone coming of age today. We see no work ethic, no real desire to achieve or accomplish specific objectives or goals. Sure, some live by the same tenets as did most of us growing through puberty to adulthood. But those people are in a minuscule minority in today’s landscape of maturing teens. Sadly, American fathers and mothers have normalized the vacuum created in the former normal expectations of parents for their children. And if we have expectations for our children, there seems there are few expectations for specific results. We’ve normalized mediocrity, making it acceptable.

  • Law Enforcement 

    As recently as the election of Bush-45, no American ever gave thought to members of law enforcement being told by their superiors to ignore the enforcement of certain laws — laws created by elected officials and designed to protect the American people. Not only are federal, state, and local law enforcement officials encouraged to turn blind eyes from certain criminal infractions, those same law enforcement officials are expected to educate the public to the fact that the general public should not give breaking those laws even a second thought: “Go ahead and fly by the seat of your pants. We’re not going to enforce those silly laws!” Such “looking the other way” is devastating, not only to law enforcement but to American citizens who pay taxes for law enforcement officials to enforce laws to protect the general populace. It is unconscionable that any in government or OK with the random yet consistent ignoring by police of certain laws. We’ve made that normal!

  • Lying by Those Elected 

    We understand that there have always been elected officials who have told lies, misrepresented facts, and “bent the truth” a bit for political purposes. Let’s be clear: lying is NEVER all right — especially if you’re elected to serve people and you lie to those elected you! Yet, today, few on Capitol Hill give one second’s thought to telling a lie — often about critical matters which sometimes determine permanency in the lives of those told. “There was no cheating in the 2020 presidential election! No one can give one shred of proof that there was cheating in that election!” We’ve heard that claim made thousands of times. The reality is that facts and evidence are insurmountable that prove there was certain rampant election manipulation across the U.S., people purposely created and submitted forged votes, hid or destroyed ballots cast for candidates they despised, and manipulated voting tabulations electronically online. Even court cases containing evidence that proves these claims have been forbidden to be submitted in courts which would force their being made part of a permanent court record. Sadly, to about half the nation’s voters, preventing any evidence to prove or disprove any of the substantive election fraud from being examined is OK. Further, pending legislation regarding voting changes — H.R. One — will, if passed and signed into law, permanently overhaul our election system making all of the fraud seen and even that yet unrevealed normal, OK, and legal going forward. Simply stated, the political Left in America is not only willing but is demanding that election fraud and cheating be made legal! They want to normalize these processes.


We could go on naming different processes and identity tags that seem to crop up daily in the U.S. to normalize something or some “things” some individual or group want to use against a specific segment of our society. We didn’t forget things like “Systemic Racism,” “Critical Race Theory,” “Wokeness,” and many others. They are all different in some ways, but exactly the same in one way: They are each used as part of “the weaponization of normalization.”

Remember this: NO negative, NO allegation, NO charge against someone or some “thing” is useful to the anti-American Left unless it can be weaponized against the foes of the Mob, sometimes called the political Far-left. They, to be effective, have been and are making all these tools Normal, to make them each palatable and reasonable as weapons to Americans.

Any persons who credibly wish to destroy any institution, process, group of people, or government MUST realize that success in such a quest requires division. Divison among people and groups destroys communication. Lack of communication creates confusion. Confusion creates anger, hatred, and mistrust. All these combined are the Perfect Storm of Insurrection. Such a storm historically has effectively destroyed cities, governments, kingdoms, and even entire nations.

The first step to accomplishing such a cataclysmic event is the normalization of all the stepping stones we’ve detailed today and many others which number too many to detail in just one story. But they’re ALL here in full display in the United States.

NOTE: What has been encouraging to me is that in the wake of the legislative onslaught during the Biden Administration of egregious and totalitarian power-mongering spending to begat unilateral political control, Americans are awakening! Every day politicians and regular citizens are finding news cameras and microphones to use to inform their fellow Americans with the facts of what is happening. Most important is the push by the citizenry to scream these horrors aloud in a last-ditch effort to awaken their fellows to the treachery afloat in our government. In my war to stifle complacency in my heart, my home, and my country, it brings a smile to my face to see my fellow Americans running to grab the torch of Freedom to play their role to move forward for Freedom’s preservation!

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They Both Gave Speeches: Was One Racist?

I’m growing tired of the incessant use of the words “racist” and “racism.” They are thrown about so often that the true meanings have been lost to most of us. We’ve grown mind-numbed or just tune-out when people throw them into the air.

What’s worse is that politicians — specifically ONE group of politicians — have chosen to take ownership of the use of the words: the Democrat Party. There’s much U.S. history to confirm that. But much of it has been stealthily removed from American history books by leftist educators and politicians over the last 50-60 years. After all, a political party that claims to be the sole supporters of people of color cannot be known as a bunch of racists who do little but spread their racism to all who dare listen.

You can always tell when someone has a guilty conscience or feel guilty of doing something wrong. Typically they gravitate toward behaviors that would remove any attention away from them and direct it elsewhere. Only one political party in the United States has a history of racism, and that’s the Democratic Party. Republicans were the party of Lincoln, Reconstruction, anti-lynching laws, and the Civil Rights Acts of 1875, 1957, 1960, and 1964. So what is the Democratic Party guilty of?  They are the party that has always been aligned with the KKK, Jim Crow Laws, and Margaret Sanger, to name a few.

One can only imagine the guilt Democrats must carry decade after decade due to the shameful yet well-disguised racism they pretend to despise.  Democrats have erased people like Josiah Walls, Hiram Rhodes Revel, and Joseph Hayne Rainey from history books a long time ago. Removing their past has been an ongoing process over the years. The Democrats, not Republicans, try to entice people of color with duplicitous incentives and false narratives. It is the Democrats who overwhelmingly try to convince the black community they are the saviors of civil liberties in this country.

The Democrat Party has always been pro-slavery. In the late 1850s, the Republican Party came into being a response and opposition to the Democrat Party. The first seven African Americans elected to office happened between 1865 and 1877, and they were all Republicans. Most black Americans were Republicans at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

By the mid-1860s, the Republican Party, which was aligned with African Americans, put quite a strain on Democrats, resulting in the Democrat Party’s creation of the KKK. The relationship between the two groups, the KKK and Democrat Party, was confirmed during the 1868 Democrat National Convention when General Nathan Bedford Forrest, a former Civil war general, was made the first Grand Wizard of the KKK.  The KKK was part of the Confederate Democrat Party from 1865 to Reagan, and the ideals of structural racism remained until and beyond Bill Clinton. It was the Democrat Party and its leaders who created structural racism to maintain political power.

Despite their attempts to remove history from their timeline, it is still well documented in a thirteen-volume set of Congressional investigations beginning 1872.  “The official documents, titled Report of the Joint Select Committee to Inquire Into the Condition of Affairs in the Late Insurrectionary States, irrefutably proves the KKK’s prominent role in the Democrat Party.”

Jim Crow Laws were another way to control and promote racism in the United States by the Democrat Party. They were intended to oppress anyone of color, including Sicilians, spread segregation, and prevent individuals from getting jobs. “The Democrats of the recent past wrote laws which segregated public schools, restaurants, transportation, restrooms, and public places in general (everything from water machines to public beaches).”  Citation USA Today Network  Many of the monuments depict Confederate Democrat Party Leaders of the past.

Margaret Sanger was the founder of Planned Parenthood and a Democrat.  Sanger and her beliefs have been idolized by Democrats for decades and still are today.  In 2009 Hillary Clinton won the Planned Parenthood award where she said: “I admire Margaret Sanger enormously — her courage, her tenacity, her vision.  And when I think about what she did all those years ago in Brooklyn, taking on archetypes, taking on attitudes and accusations flowing from all directions, I am really in awe of her.”

So, who is Margaret Sanger, and what were her beliefs?

Sanger founded Planned Parenthood, The Birth Control Review, and she embraced eugenics. “Eugenics encouraged people of so-called healthy, superior stock to reproduce and discouraged reproduction of the mentally challenged or anyone who fell outside the social norm. Eugenics was popular in America during much of the first half of the twentieth century. Yet, it earned its negative association mainly from Adolf Hitler’s obsessive attempts to create a superior Aryan race.”[1]  Supporters of Eugenics include Francis Galton, Adolph Hitler, and Josef Mengele.

Sanger was also one of the founding Foremothers of the Progressive Movement. Some of her beliefs and teachings included:

“The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.” [2]

“We want a world freer, happier, cleaner; we want a race of thoroughbreds.” [3]

“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members” [4]

Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions nationwide.  They have done a great job in creating the illusion that they benefit anyone of color. Seventy-nine percent of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are located within walking distance of Latina or Black communities. Tracking the abortion industry clearly shows that they target women of color. They use tactics that include career and education as being more important over the lives of their babies. Planned Parenthood has consistently refused to publish data on the proportion of abortions and sterilization of minorities worldwide.

“Between 2007 and 2010, nearly 36 percent of all abortions in the United States were performed on black children, even though black Americans make up only 13 percent of our population. A further 21 percent of abortions were performed on Hispanics, and 7 percent more on other minority groups, for a total of 64 percent of U.S. abortions tragically performed on minority groups” [5]

“Many legislators benefit from Planned Parenthood’s generosity. “Recently, several Democrat U.S. senators incredibly cited race when opposing a bill requiring medical aid for babies born alive after a botched abortion. One stated that black babies are three times more likely to die in their first year, which is an odd reason to withhold care from them. Another Senator cited racial disparities in the healthcare industry to justify not giving lifesaving aid to already-born infants. A third Democrat Senator cited abortion as a means of lowering the 700 maternal mortality cases each year in the United States.” [6]

Today, 500,000 unborn black babies die a year. The most dangerous place for a black child today is in the womb of its own mother. The Child has a 50% chance of living or dying.[7]


Wednesday evening, racism among politicians was on full display in the Capitol as President Biden gave his first presidential address to Congress. As Democrats now do in unison, he painted a picture of the nation as one which shelters racists and promotes racism. He used it as a tool against any that disagree with his statements. But he and other Democrats don’t stop there. Simply disagreeing with Democrat Party leaders about racism means you’re a racist! The President of the United States actually made a case for that without even intimating that allegation was his personal “opinion.” It is most likely that President Biden doesn’t think that claim is simply an opinion. That makes the problem of race in the nation that much more stark and ugly.

What sadly drove those points home was the response speech from the GOP that was given by African American Senator Tim Scott (R-SC). Senator Scott detailed the true racism he and others in his family through multiple generations in the South have experienced. No doubt it was real. No doubt it was egregious with nasty results. But Senator Scott did not, in his life, accept the Democrat Party mantra that ALL whites are racist, that ALL conservatives in the nation espouse racism simply because they are white, and that he and millions of other black Americans have believed in our structure, our laws, our institutions, and the American people and have refused to drive Americans apart by using shouts of racism against others.

Tim Scott ended his speech by pushing back on President Biden’s claim that the United States is systemically racist. Scott loudly proclaimed, “The United States is NOT a racist country!”

I’ll close with this observation:

There certainly is MUCH racism in our country. And it was on full display following the President’s speech and Tim Scott’s response. Racism was blatantly obvious in the responses to Senator Scott’s speech and its contents.

  • On MSNBC, political commentator Joy Ann-Reid expressed disappointment in Scott’s speech noting he failed to speak about his work on the George Floyd Act and called his speech “standard Republican pabulum,” which could have been delivered by Sens. Tom Cotton or Mike Lee.
  • On CNN, commentator Van Jones expressed dismay about Scott’s speech and said he lost many African-Americans “by the tens of millions” when he said that America was not racist.
  • Responding to Scott’s speech on ABC’s Good Morning America on Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris said she doesn’t believe America is a racist country. Still, she noted: “we also do have to speak the truth about racism in this country, and its existence today.”
  • American civil rights leader and political activist Rev. Jesse Jackson criticized the Republican party after Scott’s rebuttal speech, tweeting: ”The R[epublican]s putting Scott behind Biden tonight was disgraceful & embarrassing. R[epublican]s applaud Scott & boo Colin Powell. It’s the cruelest manipulation of a politician I’ve seen. Scott’s logic was weak & sick. Again, R[epublican]s try to make Clarence Thomas & Thurgood Marshall interchangeable.”
  • MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow started by saying, “it’s going to be hard for most people that are paying any attention to politics to swallow the ‘Republicans support making it easier to vote’ line. There’s some stuff there that may make sense in a sliver of Republican world, but in the news world, I don’t think will ring.”
  • MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace agreed and said, “This is a speech delivered from a planet where facts don’t matter, which is where the current Republican party resides, so it’s not really his fault. But it is his responsibility to get his facts straight. The most reprehensible thing he said was his remarks about the Georgia voting law.”
  • Lawrence O’Donnell even took issue with Scott saying, “Our president seems like a good man. He (Scott) couldn’t bring himself to say to Republican voters who he wants to raise money from ‘our president is a good man. If you asked Joe Biden about Tim Scott, there’s no circumstance in which Joe Biden wouldn’t say, ‘Tim Scott’s a good man, and then he’d go onto talk about his disagreements.”

It’s from their own mouths, and it’s from a mixed batch: straight, gay, black, white, male, and female. Listening to them after listening to President Biden and Tim Scott proved something to me: there’s plenty of racism in the nation to go around. It also proves that an elite class of wannabe “experts” has marshaled the “permission and authority” to be THE arbiters of who is and who isn’t racist.

Do you know what’s oddest about their doing that? It shows that even Democrat sycophants can be — and many are — Racists!




[2] Margaret Sanger (18791966). Woman and the New Race.1920.

[3] 1926 edition of the newspaper for Reading, Pennsylvania (The Reading News-Times).

[4] Margaret Sanger commenting on the Negro Project in a letter to Clarence Gamble, Dec. 10, 1939.

[5] The Centers for Disease Control and Preventions Abortion Surveillance Report.


[7] Stolen History: Revealing the Truth to Unite America


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Fear or Racism: Which is Worse?

Fear now daily grips the hearts of Americans. Why? Almost every day we see video footage of a police shooting that far too often involves a white policeman shooting a fleeing African-American man. Any shooting of ANY person by a member of law enforcement is sad and meets with great regrets. However, just as regrettable are the instances of such shootings quickly being weaponized by those who wish solely to stoke the cries of “Racism” that are ripping us apart as a nation.

“The shootings have to stop! They better stop, or else!” Cries like this from those in communities of color are far too frequent and way too loud. Subsequently, anti-police rhetoric is spreading across the country faster than has the coronavirus because disinformation about racist police shootings fuels its transmission.

The horrific murder of George Floyd ignited protests across the country, and despite the involved officers being charged, and one of them already tried and found guilty, most Americans agree racism and police brutality are wrong, public outrage soon expanded to condemn all police.

The shootings of Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and Rayshard Brooks have become symbols of racist police killings, regardless of the facts. The false narrative surrounding police shootings have caused law enforcement officers to be demonized, assaulted, and murdered.

The data is clear: There is no epidemic of racist police officers shooting and killing black Americans.

While every life is valuable, the number of blacks unjustifiably shot and killed by police is microscopic. Numerous scientific studies have proven that when behavioral, demographic, and other contextual factors are controlled, the racial disparity in police shootings disappears.

Despite these facts, politicians, activists, and the media continue to misrepresent the facts.

Reality: What’s that all about?

It’s rare for police to kill anyone. A black man is more likely to be killed by lightning than by a police officer. In 2019, police shot and killed 1,003 people in the U.S., according to the Washington Post’s Fatal Force database. Of those, 250 were black and 405 white. Police shot and killed 55 unarmed suspects, including 25 whites and 14 blacks.

Shooting an unarmed suspect can be justified if a suspect makes a furtive movement, attacks an officer, or tries to take the officer’s firearm. Of the 14 incidents of unarmed black men shot and killed by police in 2019, several involved high-speed car chases, fights with officers or had weapons recovered at the scene. Every shooting needs to be evaluated on its own merits, and only one of the involved officers has been charged with murder, but for this analysis, assume all involved excessive use of force.

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR), there were 686,665 sworn police officers in the United States in 2018. That’s one unarmed black male shot and killed for every 49,047 sworn police officers.

In 2018, police made 10,310,960 arrests, according to the FBI, and the race was known for 5.6 million offenders. Of them, 1,548,690 (27.4%) were black. There were 229 black males shot and killed by police that year, according to the Washington Post, for a ratio of one out of every 6,762 black offenders. The ratio of unarmed black men shot and killed (23) in 2018 was one out of 67,334 black men arrested.

In 2015, about 53.5 million people had at least one contact with police, and 95% of those contacts involved traffic stops, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). According to a BJS special report, 91% of whites and 85% of blacks contacted by police during traffic stops said police behaved properly. Of citizens contacted during street stops, 81% said police acted properly.  Only 2% of all citizens contacted by police experienced force or the threat of force.

If The Numbers Don’t Show It, Why Do We Continue To Hear It?

It’s true the relative percentage of blacks killed is higher than with whites, but the press does not cover the shooting of whites to the same extent, probably because it contradicts the narrative of racist police. Shootings later determined to be justified are still trumpeted as proof of racism — as with the 2014 death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.

It seems there is a weaponized narrative that is played for the American people but seldom played in the context in which tragic police shootings happen. And such shootings happen far too often regardless of the race of the shooter or the person shot. Unfortunately, those who weaponize skin color in police shootings seldom mention police shootings — though each and everyone is horrendous — in which no person of color is who gets shot.

In Burnsville, MN, police got a report that a man, 30-year-old Bradley Olsen, had been involved in a carjacking. They pursued the vehicle Olsen was driving, he fired at them, and they returned fire, hitting and killing him.

In Fort Worth on the same day, police also responded to reports of a man trying to steal cars. The armed man fled on foot, and an officer told him to drop his weapon. As the officer pursued, 31-year-old Ryan Williams pointed his gun at the cop and fired a shot. The officer returned fire and killed him.

The difference between these two incidents was that Bradley Olsen was white, and Ryan Williams was black. Otherwise, the cases are largely indistinguishable — how they started, how they played out, and, emphatically, how they ended.

This is the overall sense that one gets from the Washington Post’s famous database of police-involved shootings. Reading through it, there is no stark racial difference that jumps out, rather a dreary sameness. The fact patterns that get people shot by the cops, whether they are white, black, or Hispanic, are largely the same.

There are the most extreme cases when suspects engage in gun battles with cops. But pointing a gun, including a fake gun, at an officer also is likely to end badly. So is approaching a cop with a knife or even a metal pipe and refusing, despite repeated orders, to put it down. Resisting arrest is a common theme and, quite often, the people killed by the police were obviously mentally disturbed.

The Washington Post database suggests we have a violence problem in America and certainly a mental-health problem, but not — at least not on the face of it — a race problem.

Consider just these police-involved killings detailed below. Almost every type of incident involved people of different races.

Mandela’s Communist White Hatred Germinates In American Soil

by Kelleigh Nelson: Guest Contributor

Despite the fact that both Obama and Oprah fawned over Nelson Mandela, he was not a savior for South African blacks.  He deplored the white farmers who planted fields and raised cattle that fed all South Africans. By black hands, many white families and even their babies were macheted to death.  The seeds of Mandela’s “anti-apartheid” have been planted in America and are now being thrust to fruition on our soil.

Mandela said, “The cause of Communism is the greatest cause in the history of mankind!”  

Unreported in the American press, there is a brutal white genocide still occurring. This massacre is being instigated by the African National Congress (ANC), the South African Communist Party (SACP), and like-minded organizations. The stories of white farmers being murdered, women and babies being raped, and property being destroyed or stolen are legion. Not only is the South African regime doing nothing to prevent it, but they are also deliberately adding fuel to the fire. Thousands of whites have lost their lives in this ongoing purge, just as thousands of blacks lost theirs in the ANC’s brutal rise to power years previous.  Link

Critical Race Theory proponents won’t tell you how close America is to Mandela’s South African carnage of whites.  Whites and blacks who disagreed with him or his wife Winnie were necklaced.

Demonizing White Americans

The very founders of America, those who gave their lives and fortunes to gain independence and liberty for all Americans, have become the enemies of today’s society.  Our Judeo-Christian brothers and sisters who fought for freedom via secession from the very country that wished to enslave them with taxes and control are now under an accursed and diabolical attack.

White hatred is the new parasitic hostility imbuing black Americans who have been brainwashed and propagandized by Marxist infiltration of their churches.

At a prayer session in support of Black Lives Matter, the pastor of St. Xavier Catholic Church in New York City instructed white congregants that they must renounce their white privilege to help “transform the church culture.”

Nelson Mandela’s hatred extended to our Jewish brothers and sisters.  He stated, “Yasser Arafat was one of the outstanding freedom fighters of this generation, one who gave his entire life to the cause of the Palestinian people.”  Mandela didn’t mention the “Palestinian cause” is wiping Israel out.

The perfidious media proclaims white privilege as evil as if there was such a thing, the NYTs 1619 Project as truth, revisionist history of our founders as factual, and white on black crimes as far exceeding other criminal atrocities which is a total fabrication.  Compensation to black Americans for our past history has been massive and continues today.  No black or white Americans alive today have owned any black, Irish, or native American persons as slaves, but instead have been helped to attain advances for all into American society and government.

All of it is a lie…a lie propagated by those who hate the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and Christian’s Messiah Jesus…communists hate the Bible and any mention of the Creator.  Their goal is to usurp God and put man in God’s place.

Infiltration of Black Churches

In September of 2020, I wrote an article about Manning Johnson’s superb 1958 book, Color, Communism, and Common Sense.  The entire 79-page booklet is available at the link; hardcopy on the web.

Archibald Roosevelt, the fifth child of President Theodore Roosevelt, wrote the forward to Mr. Manning’s book.

Manning Johnson’s story begins very much like many other black Americans brought up in a religious home.  It was the preaching of a communist Bishop of the Episcopal Church that inducted him into the party.  Johnson was a man of ability and education and felt frustrated by his race and color and fell under the spell of communist propaganda.  

For ten long years, he remained in the party, but the Communists failed to recognize Manning’s Christian upbringing; he was intelligent and he had courage and his upbringing allowed him to see through the lies of the communist doctrine.  Johnson explains in his book how communists have used and are using certain American blacks to the detriment of all Americans, both black and white.  

The 78-page booklet exposes how black churches were subverted and the communist plot to use black Americans, concocted by Stalin in 1928, to create racial hatred.  He tells of the real “Uncle Toms,” communists who posed as “friends of the Negro,” and under the guise of a campaign for black rights, set race against race in a cold-blooded struggle for power.  They are the ones who plotted with a diabolical foreign power the moral decay, physical slavery, and spiritual death of their own race.

Early Marxists

Marxists immigrated to America in 1848 after socialism had failed to take root in Europe; they’ve made a permanent home in America.  During the American Civil War, Marx wrote about his support of the Union Army, the Republican Party, and Lincoln himself.  In fact, he named the president “the single-minded son of the working class.”  Marx wrote to President Lincoln and after Lincoln’s assassination, he wrote to President Johnson.

It is historical fact that before the Revolutionary War, the Southern colonies were petitioning the king of England to stop the importation of slaves into their colonies.  Many nations, as well as our New England colonies, were engaged in this nefarious commerce in slaves.  New England and English merchants were lobbying the English government to keep the slave trade open.

Thomas Jefferson attempted to place into the Declaration of Independence a complaint against the king’s government criticizing that government for not allowing the colonies to end the African slave trade.  It was deleted so as not to upset New England which was profiting from it. (Robert L. Dabney, A Defense of Virginia and the South)

Oh, that Jefferson had been present at the 1787 Constitutional Convention.

Critical Race Theory

Quotes from Roger Simon’s recent article Critical Race Theory: The Great Evil of Our Time are some of the best.

Something called Critical Race Theory intervened to turn our society around, head it back toward racial enmity and, to be blunt, destroy our country, and with it our common humanity unless it is stopped.

CRT is growing cancer infecting our schools, media, entertainment, and businesses. Every aspect of our culture has been infected with this absurdity right up to the corporate board rooms. Even Coca-Cola executives are now instructing us on the dangers of “whiteness.” Do they actually believe this hogwash? Who knows? Perhaps they are just scared, cowards playing along with the zeitgeist to keep their lucrative jobs. But if that’s so, it’s worse.

Most importantly, the ideology has infected our schools, even at the lowest levels, to the degree that young children are being hard-wired to hate or distrust each other and, even more sadly, themselves. (It now starts in kindergarten.)

White kids—no matter their social class, no matter at what point their families came to America, in many cases decades and more after slavery, fleeing genocides, pogroms, the most abject poverty or whatever—are being taught they are oppressors and must spend their lives expiating the sin of their skin color.

If you wanted to invent an ideology that actually created racism where it doesn’t exist, you could do no better than Critical Race Theory.

Dr. Carol Swain is a former professor of political science and law professor at Vanderbilt University and a lifetime member of the James Madison Society.  Her insightful January 2020 article on Critical Race Theory, is a must-read especially her own educational experience and the white teachers who encouraged her.

Systemic racism” is an evil lie!  Thomas Sowell says it reminds him of Nazi Germany and the propaganda tactics of Joseph Goebbels. It tells minority communities they have no power over their own lives when they actually have great power.  The Tuskegee Airmen certainly did, and they were asked by white bombers to be their guards. Why? Because they were trained in aerial combat and were magnificent in protecting larger bombers from German fighter planes.  Yes, they lost some; but their nickname was Red-Tail Angels.

My father’s grave is in the same cemetery as Tuskegee Airman Richard Highbaugh’s grave at Oak Woods Cemetery in Chicago, along with 1936 Gold Medal winner Olympian Champion Jesse Owens who put Hitler to shame.  God bless them all.  They loved this country, they knew freedom and despite the times, they became America’s heroes.

21st Century Communists

Black Lives Matter (BLM) was founded in 2013 and is run by three Marxist women mostly trained by Bill Ayer’s 1960s Weather Underground communists.  They have moved to infiltrate every segment of American society and to promote their communist propaganda, not only through churches but through government schools.  BLM and Antifa are both communist organizations committed to overthrowing America’s culture, society, and constitutional order. BLM founders are also prophetesses of demonic darkness… watch Alex Newman’s short video on their occultism.BLM founders have made millions upon millions from “woke” corporations funding their evil ideology.

American Marxists work to foment hatred and division, ultimately serving to overthrow our Judeo-Christian culture. A shadow government has grown to the point where it now sets the politically correct rules for American Society.  It is Marxism based upon group conflict and their hatred for Western civilization.  The race-baiting and false animosity will ultimately lead to the communist destruction of America’s white immigrants just as white hatred was instigated in South Africa by Mandela.

And they have guns, firearms the neo-Marxists in Congress wish to rest from the hands of law-abiding citizens.  A BLM mob took over a restaurant in Dallas’ historic downtown district. They took over the business with guns, threatening to burn it down. The radical-pandering news media continues to ignore the counter-productive methods BLM and Antifa utilize; they are part and parcel of the same ideology.

America’s White Racism

The BLM/Antifa communists are not going away; they want to destroy America and those who represent our European founders.  Nelson Mandela’s communist hatred of white South Africans is in America.

Old social media posts written by BLM co-founder Toronto Yusra Khogali made the rounds.  Yusra Khogali in 2016 wrote “white people are a genetic defect of blackness” in a since-deleted Facebook post.  “Whiteness is not humanness,” Khogali wrote in a Facebook post. “in fact, white skin is sub-human.” They can’t even express themselves in proper English.

Here are just a few media reports, all of which are marching toward hatred of all white Americans…and ultimately the same destruction for American whites as those in South Africa.  We’ve already seen over a year of riots and devastation that was never interrupted by local authorities or police.  There were no consequences for the evil acts.  Thus, they will continue.

There are countless media reports of white hatred.  Fourteen years ago, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, two young college students were brutally savaged and murdered by five black perpetrators when they hijacked their car.  It was never called a hate crime because it was black on white.

Florida State University is Holding Racist ‘History of Karen’ Class to Trash White Women.
Memphis police are searching for a gang of thugs who brutally attacked a 14-year-old staffer at Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park.  As many as five black women beat the child after she told them they had to leave the park. Police say a 14-year-old girl was attacked and robbed by five women after asking them to leave the trampoline park where she worked. Police say the women pulled the victim’s hair, punched her, and robbed her of her iPhone and Air pods.
California sentenced two 14-year-olds who bullied, murdered, danced on the body of, and filmed a helpless 13-year-old, to anger management.  They have been let off with the mother-of-all-slaps-on-the-wrist by a Riverside County Superior Court Justice.
North Carolina’s largest school district has launched a campaign against “whiteness in educational spaces” and is encouraging teachers to subvert parents to push “antiracism” directly onto students without their consent.