The Greatest President of All

Throughout history the greatest leaders of nations are those who have achieved the greatest victories in battles of all kinds.  Those victories came on open seas, actual battlefields, courthouses, polling places, and sometimes quietly in one-on-one meetings and conversations.  While the locations of victories have varied, the actual elements of each victory bear stark similarities that are lost on most simply because of the bright lights and victory speeches in the aftermath that overshadow the elements of the conflict.  Whether or not we know or acknowledge it, we are seeing the ramp-up of a huge American victory on a world battle stage.  No doubt this is history in the making.

The battle’s central character:  Donald Trump.  “Whoa!” many will cry.  This is a man hardly fit to be a politician and certainly not the leader of the greatest nation on Earth.  How can this misfit win a battle yet alone one that could possibly change the course of human history?  After all he is intellectually deficient, a self-centered racist,  misogynistic, Islamophobic, xenophobic fake conservative who tricked his way into an election and then tricked his way into an election victory, right?  It is certain he is in the pocket of Vladimir Putin and is an undercover Soros socialist who laughs every night as he sleeps in one of the People’s beds in the People’s White House having whipped HRC — the People’s candidate for the Presidency.  He’s a fake.

Not so fast.  Donald Trump in just 3 short months has accomplished more than his predecessor accomplished in 8 long years…and his predecessor’s predecessor in his 8 long years….and HIS predecessor in 8 long years.  No, I haven’t smoked anything illegal and I don’t have the product of an illegal prescription in my hand, but what I DO is watch, read, and listen.  And I pay attention to U.S. and world history.  History is about to repeat itself — again.

World leadership is about leaders paying attention to OTHER leaders, and understanding what true leadership is.  Effective and successful leadership at any level does not just happen — it is achieved.  And it most certainly is achieved each and every time at the “Nation level” when leaders choose to not just know about leaders of other nations with whom they spar, but they really know those leaders.  There’s a vast difference.  Let me explain.

An example of this important principle is comparing a relationship between a man and his best male friend and the relationship between that same man and his wife.  With his buddy, there are always elements that neither guy shares in total with the other guy, relying heavily on not just “actual” facts in their relationship to shape decisions, but keeping a perspective there that often is not real, or not “all” real.  That same man in his relationship with his wife knows that there is always a difference:  she really “knows” him while his friend just knows “about” him.  How so?  With rare exception the man and wife are together all the time:  day after day, night after night, week in and week out, and year-round.  She sees him happy and sad, healthy and sick, with friends and with enemies, has seen him cry in his weakness and laugh at danger.  She knows his limits, his strengths and his weaknesses.  And there is NOTHING in his personality that he can trick her with.  She really KNOWS him.

A successful world leader has the innate ability to have the same relationship with his world counterparts that the man above has with his wife.  Forget about the intimate elements of the man and wife relationship.  But concentrate on the pieces of that relationship other than those:  he knows (and understands) how the world leader he faces in a conflict will respond in happiness and sadness, health and sickness, with friends and enemies, how he handles weaknesses and danger.  He knows that leader’s limits, his strengths and weaknesses.  He understands his personality.  Knowing and understanding all of these gives him an edge, but it is just an edge.

Knowing these things about someone is just the start.  Having a developed comfort to respond to this opponent on the world stage BEFORE that leader even acts rather than react to what that other leader does or says AFTER the fact almost always results in victory.  History is full of such examples:  David and Goliath in which David knew all about Goliath’s physical abilities, but also knew the giant’s mental deficiencies and arrogance.  David used those against him and killed Goliath.  FDR knew both Hitler and Hirohito in World War II, even as drastically different as they were.  The American President recognized the shared traits of the two despots, watched how they acted and reacted on the world stage, and used their unique characteristics to defeat them in two totally different types of wars in two totally different parts of the planet with the exact same result:  Victory.  But knowing what and how to do does not win the war — the war must actually be fought.

Compare the previous U.S. President with a former President with whom there is a stark contrast:  Ronald Reagan,  and how differently they processed confrontations with their world foes.  Barack Obama is a globalist whose self assuredness when facing a world opponent was most often viewed by world leaders as arrogance and conceit.  As good leaders do, leaders never told Obama how unbelievable his rhetoric was.  They used that rhetoric against him and the U.S. by simply ignoring all that he said and simply did (or continued doing) what it was they wanted to do that fit THEIR narrative of what was best for their country.

“Tear down that wall,” were the instructions Ronald Reagan while standing at the Berlin Wall sent to Soviet President Gorbachev.  The Soviet leader complied with the American President’s cry.  Why?  Gorbachev knew Reagan and heard not just what the American President said, but he knew what Reagan would do.  He knew the resolve to achieve peace in northern Europe the American President had and that he would follow through on that commitment.  Not only was Reagan certain of his country’s capability of forcing the Soviets if necessary, he knew Gorbachev knew and did not wish to face that possibility.  The Wall came down.

There’s a player on the World Stage and his personality and resolve are much like Reagan and vastly different from Obama’s.  World leaders get that.  Trump has once already stood down Vladimir Putin, and Syria’s Assad, China’s XI, ISIS leadership in Afghanistan, and is now approaching the proverbial “line against nukes” he has drawn in front of Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s latest despot.  Make no mistake, Jong-un KNOWS Trump, knows what Trump has said Trump will do, and by the flurry of daily messages he sends to the American President through the media is apparently a bit terrified of what may happen IF he doesn’t cancel his rush to get nuclear missile capability.

This chapter in World history is far from over.  In fact it is just 90 days or so into the book.  (Let’s call it “Art of the Trump History Deal” book)  Notice this most obvious part of this chapter of the book:  the American Left are either terrified of Trump or blind to world history regarding historical confrontations between nations and their outcomes.  It could be a little of both.  But the one truth that rings loudly through these very early days of the Trump Presidency:  the reality of this President’s confidence, determination, and ability to keep all that he has promised to Americans in his campaign, which in itself is an American political oddity.  Additionally, multiple world leaders that have already interfaced with the President and others who have just watched understand this President like Reagan before him means business and not “political” business.  Their not knowing exactly what Trump will do gives him an almost insurmountable edge over his foes even before any actions are taken.  And the Liberal Left can in no way with any credibility state otherwise.

Score:  Trump 1; every other Nation 0.  But we’re just in the first inning of the game.  Stay tuned.


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  1. Well said Dan. Lets not forget another in JFK and the Cuban missile crisis. Both JFK and Kruschev new each other well. Had they not, it is likely that we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

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