The Hypocrisy of Impeachment ‘98 vs. ‘19

There is quite a bit of hypocrisy festering in the rush by Democrats to send President Trump the “big” Christmas present: Impeachment. Democrat Party leaders are foaming at the mouth about what would certainly be their Christmas gift: Trump’s D.C. departure. No American can truthfully question Dems disdain for the President, no matter what good has happened during his presidency as direct results of HIS policies — and there are many.

Who are the angriest, most voracious, and hate-filled of those Democrats? Nancy Pelosi, Jerrold Nadler, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Joe Biden, and others in Democrat leadership. They were all involved in Bill Clinton’s 1998 impeachment, all were unbelievably vocal, and all expressed very specific ideas about impeachment. Surprisingly, though, their ‘98 views are significantly different from their ‘19 views. That in itself is not surprising. What IS surprising is they seem to either forget or not care that there are recordings in abundance — both in audio and video — that document their flip-flops on not just impeachment of two different individuals, but on the impeachment process itself.

Here are the video and audio segments of those leaders sharing their varying views. We’ll leave the conclusions to the hypocrisy they each reveal when they addressed Bill Clinton impeachment in 1998 and impeachment of Donald Trump in 2019.


For reasoning and reasonable Americans, it is unconscionable that ANY activity on Capitol Hill (or anywhere in Washington D.C.) is initiated and action taken unless it happens for one and only one purpose: the Peoples’ business. Americans are not blind to the partisanship and purely political purposes of the 2019 impeachment activities initiated solely by Democrats.

Is it not stupid for any elected government official to stand and decry the evils of this or any President while all around the nation, far more great things than even Republicans expected in a Trump presidency play out every day? Most Americans find it difficult to even tiptoe past all that to walk down “Impeachment Row.” And with Thursday’s surprising economic numbers that reveal unemployment for Americans at a 50-year low in part due to 260,000 new jobs during the previous month, Americans’ jaws dropped and they shook their heads. Why? Americans do not understand how Congress could even consider impeachment now — not just because of wonderful economic news, but primarily because not a single Democrat witness who each was supposed to be qualified to factually confirm impeachable wrongdoing of Donald Trump when asked could even name one impeachable act on the part of the President!

Yet, according to Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), Monday, December 9, “evidence” will be presented to the House Judiciary Committee that will initiate votes in the House on several Articles of Impeachment that “will” justify the Senate trying President Trump, convicting him, and removing him from office.

On another day, we will example “Abuse of Power,” one of the allegations against the President Democrats are now claiming. The common denominator in all this: Adam Schiff. In that famous cartoon, Wiley Coyote spent his entire life trying to catch the Roadrunner but just could never get the job done. “Schiff Coyote” is pretty much daily duplicating his namesake’s efforts. But Mr. “Coyote” is chasing “Trump-runner.”

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