The Left Weaponizes Everything for Political Attacks on Their Foes

It doesn’t matter what it is: a speech given by a governor or mayor or state legislator or member of the U.S. House or Senate — if the Left disagree with anything said in the speech or even if they feel the spirit in which it was given — does NOT feed the narrative of the Left, they default to “Attack Mode.” Of course, if the speaker is a Republican, the war is on!

Many Americans innocently expected a replacement for Donald Trump would reduce the tirades in our nation’s political system. After all, Donald Trump was either the sole cause of most of it or fed the fires of divisiveness. With him gone, peace and tranquility would surely return.

It did NOT. In fact, the Left, with Joe Biden in the White House, poured some more kerosene on the fire of animus and division in politics. If anything, Donald Trump’s defeat, whether actual or “sketchy,” turned the volume up to never-before-heard levels. And it appears to be headed even louder.

We won’t waste time delving into the happenings before and during the Trump Administration that evidence all this. You know all about it. But now it all seems to have come to a head: Joe Biden is proving to be little more than an empty suit wearing the crown of Commander in Chief, President, and the leader of the American Democrat Party. And the other leaders in the Democrat Party are shaking in their boots. Why? Joe Biden is further down the road to senility than they even thought was possible. And they’re not ready for it.


An often successful tool to use in a conflict between people and groups is to whip up a frenzy of rancor. Divide these groups and people further and further and use bitterness and anger to deflect from facts in the differences at the center of the conflict. The Left well knows how to roll this process out. They’ve mastered it during the Reagan Administration, both Bush presidencies, and, of course, Donald Trump’s four years. Their biggest tool is to sow dissidence and confusion among their opponents to stop any possible success in their opponents’ operations.

I’ve never seen more rancor and division among conservatives as I see today. And Democrats have spotted and jumped on several tools with which to divide half of the nation. They used the Russia Collusion fiasco, “Ukraine-Gate”/Impeachment #1, the 1/6 Debacle/Impeachment #2, and a host of smaller fires in between to fuel in-fighting and division during the last four to five years. It was very effective. They then spent a full year weaponizing a disease shrouding all the details in secrecy to feed the fears of 300 million Americans and several billion in other countries. COVID-19 turned the United States upside down.

We’ve effectively handled diseases throughout our history, even pandemics. But we always worked through them using facts and “real” science to find answers and implement fixes. But the Left could not use that process effectively against Trump. They found COVID — a legitimately egregious viral killer — and weaponized ALL medical and scientific evidence they could amass against conservative Americans, specifically Donald Trump.

One would think after successfully pushing the nation into the proverbial “tank,” they would smile, be happy, and move on. Their greed and hunger to destroy Conservatism will not allow it. And they may be now playing their cards in a losing hand, trying to win by cheating. Americans are catching onto the lies of their latest ploy, COVID-19: grotesque shutdowns, lockdowns, government mandates, with reams of disinformation. They need to keep the country divided a bit longer to cement their control of all Americans. But there’s a problem: their COVID-19 weapon is weakening and doing so quickly. And they have no more “destruction” arrows in their quiver.

New U.S. COVID-19 cases are a quarter of what they were six weeks ago, with the daily numbers dropping 15 percent to 25 percent a week. It’s time for the country to start moving rapidly to normalcy — restoring jobs and restoring lives. Caution is still in order, but only that. Yet President Biden, after vowing the nation will have enough vaccine doses by July’s end to vaccinate every American, just said he only hopes for a return to normal by “next Christmas.”

“I don’t want to overpromise anything here,” “A year from now,” he told CNN, “I think that there’ll be significantly fewer people having to be socially distanced, having to wear a mask.” That’s not avoiding overpromising, as he claimed: It’s outright telling everyone to expect yet another year of economic and social devastation.

Biden’s chief medical adviser, Anthony Fauci, says the worst of the pandemic “might be” behind us. Yet he’s also telling Americans they’ll need to wear masks (maybe two at a time) at least through 2022 — even if they get vaccinated. This is absurd: Our leaders should be nonstop pushing reluctant Americans to get back to school and work and living again!

Why are they doing this? Remember: they’ve got to play out this fear narrative. They’ve wrestled control of America FROM AMERICANS! And they love what they’ve succeeded in doing. Joe Biden takes orders from somebody or “somebodies” that are desperate to keep the nation in continual lockdown and their control. COVID-19’s gotta work!

Some point to variants — from Britain, South Africa, Brazil, and now New York — as a new reason for great concern. But though some of these strains have proven more contagious, none has proven more deadly. Hospitalizations and deaths keep dropping, even as variants have gained ground: Deaths dropped 20 percent these last two weeks. The UK variant predominates in Britain, Switzerland, Denmark, and Israel — and all are also seeing cases dive. And the drug companies that (thanks to President Donald Trump ripping up red tape) developed vaccines at lightning speed are already testing updated versions that target the variants, though their “classic vax” still offers high protection against them. And while America’s vaccination process has rolled out more slowly than it should’ve, it’s still moving right along. More than 13 percent of Americans have gotten at least one dose, and the majority are health-care workers or those in nursing homes or other high-risk settings.

Add to that the number of us estimated to have already been infected — 35 percent of Los Angeles County and more than half of Miami-Dade County, for example — and you can see why Johns Hopkins professor Marty Makary predicts we’ll have herd immunity by April.

The most at-risk Americans have gained immunity. Data scientist Youyang Gu estimates that the number of “susceptible” Americans, those over 45 without immunity, has fallen from a third of the country at the start of the year to 10 percent or fewer now. Cases in nursing homes fell more than 80 percent from late December to early February. When deaths spiked over the holidays, they actually fell at nursing homes.

But it’s the youngest Americans — least at risk of transmitting the virus or suffering badly from it — who must get their lives back immediately. According to City Hall and the United Federation of Teachers, at least 38,000 New York City teachers have been vaccinated.

Perhaps it’s just that normalcy makes it too hard to justify the rush to pass a $1.9 trillion “relief” bill filled with Democrats’ pet projects. We’d rather not think cynical politics is behind Biden’s gloom, but it’s hard to see any other reason he’s denying that the pandemic’s end is staring us in the face.


Proof of this madness is everywhere. Dr. Anthony Fauci is not a stupid person. He actually discovered how gullible Americans are when confronted with a real deadly disease that he and others could weaponize for control. How to do it? Evade the truth, scare people with “fake” facts, and keep them dependent on the government for ALL answers.

Just have the government begin shutting down the lives of all Americans. Shroud them with uncertainty, fear of the unknown, and the “possible” horrors they will “probably” face if they refuse to comply with the “Science” of this disease.

Who more qualified to lead that ruse than the highest-paid government worker in the nation: Dr. Anthony Fauci. And he adapted to that calling and has masterfully worked it.

He refuses to give straight-up answers. He waffles, changes predictions, and argues with himself. He’s always demonstrative with his answers but almost always changes those answers later without giving explanations.

He stokes the fires of anger, mistrust, and fear.

He’s not going to stop soon unless someone stops him. And his boss is the most powerful man on Earth — Joe Biden — who has swallowed the Koolaid of “control.” Fauci plays the song of control and weaponization to perfection. He forces all to keep the balls of curing the pandemic and getting back to normal life in the air. Some of his tactics are mentioned above. But he has shown his true colors, and Americans are catching on to what Fauci is all about.

On Sunday’s Mark Levin show, Levin asked his guest, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, if Dr. Fauci had called to discuss with the governor the amazing success his state has had fighting COVID-19 without locking down their state, their state businesses, and schools while watching as COVID-19 cases continue to plummet as have deaths from the disease. One would think a true scientist charged with managing the COVID Pandemic for the entire nation would crave good news of successes like Florida’s and jump at the chance to get the details to pass around the nation. DeSantis said he nor anyone in his government has heard from Dr. Fauci.

That’s the answer: Fauci doesn’t want the most successful weapon in modern American history in controlling en masse the entire nation to go away. And he certainly does not want its demise to reveal the truths of the Left’s use of a deadly disease in a political war with their political opponents! Imagine how Americans will respond if ever verified to be “the” reason COVID has been used to lock us down.

But you know what? I’m not sure that even half the nation would even push back angrily if/when that is exposed. Why? Because an unexpected number of Americans have bought into the COVID-19 story and believe everything they’ve been told as “fact” given by the so-called “Experts.”

I’m sad to say that I think at least half the nation is content to just believe what the experts tell us: as long as we get stimulus checks!

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