The Lunatics Are Looking More Credible Daily

It is sheer lunacy to allege that COVID-19 actually was manipulated purposely in that Wuhan laboratory! How could anyone believe such drivel? After all, even Dr. Anthony Fauci informed the nation (and the world) in demonstrative fashion as early as February of 2020 that it DID “almost certainly” originate in Wuhan. But it came from bats that were sold and bought at a wet market close to the Wuhan lab.

I don’t remember the first person I heard mention that the virus “escaped” from that lab and was the product of years of manipulation to turn it into a bioweapon. Whoever it was I am certain was immediately canceled!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube assaulted anyone who claimed such nonsense was true. The likes of CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, The Washington Post, New York Times and every other major city newspaper laughed about such silliness. After all, where was the evidence?

That conspiracy theory blew up quickly, but it died just as quickly. However successfully it was booted to the curb from mainstream media, it has fluttered under the surface and has plagued doctors and scientists for over a year now. Why? No one has provided any other possible answer to its source of origin.

But the worm has turned.

The theory that COVID-19 originated in a Chinese laboratory has completed its year-long trudge — from fringe nutjob idea to mainstream and expert-approved opinion.

Leading scientists and epidemiologists other than Dr Anthony Fauci were so quick to dismiss the “lab talk.” It was first portrayed as a hare-brained wild and racist conspiracy theory-driven by paranoid Republican senators and fever-dream right-wing media. Now it is seen as not only an acceptable theory worth more study but one that has broken through into the mainstream. This has happened in a matter of days. Where does Sen. Tom Cotton go for his apology?

Interestingly enough, the lab leak theory started gaining more traction — not only in the international community but in the scientific community in the United States — right around the same time that questions of United States government funding of EcoHealth Alliance, a research and collection group of bat coronaviruses in China, may have lead to gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Anthony Fauci denied that this research was happening in Wuhan with U.S. knowledge but went on to also acknowledge that U.S. officials don’t really have any idea what’s happening in the lab, thanks to the secretive nature of China’s communist government — a regime that has so far successfully put off the pressing questions as to the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Almost instantaneously, respectable media voices have switched from writing off the lab leak theory to believing that is somewhere closer to probable than possible. How does that happen?

A group of 18 scientists, including one who worked in the Wuhan lab, penned a letter to Science Magazine stating the lab leak theory needed to be investigated further.

Then Donald McNeil Jr., the former New York Times science writer wrote an extensive explanation of gain-of-function research (the scientific manipulation of proteins in a virus to make it more susceptible for human transmission) and why that it’s possible that this research was being conducted at the Wuhan lab.

Shortly after that post, the dominos began to fall. Just this past weekend, Anthony Fauci himself, who has long scoffed at the lab leak theory, changed his tune as well, saying that he’s not confident that the virus did not escape a lab.

Fauci was one of the go-to sources for media eager to write off the theory altogether. News outlets such as NPR said in April 2020 that the theory had been “debunked.” The Washington Post called it a “conspiracy theory that was already debunked.”

The Wuhan lab director called it a “pure fabrication” in Forbes. Well, she would, wouldn’t she? What was stranger was the western media’s willingness to take such an obviously compromised figure at her word.

Reuters took China’s lead, using China itself as a source for the debunking. Lots of the American media appeared automatically to side with any news story that was at odds with President Trump or made him look bad. “Anthony Fauci just crushed Donald Trump’s theory on the origins of the coronavirus,” wrote noted follower of science Chris Cillizza on the CNN website. 

What’s more interesting is that minds are now shifting on the lab leak theory, without all that much significant new evidence. Only after the media conversation changed did a blockbuster report emerge in the Wall Street Journal describing how three workers at the Wuhan lab, had sought hospital care after experiencing severe respiratory problems way back in November 2019. This was based on previously unreleased intelligence — the very stuff Republican leaders were dismissed as cranks for alluding to early last year.

While there is still only an amount of circumstantial evidence pointing to the lab theory, there is more and more smoke around the fire. Our corporate media is going to stuff this down the memory hole and make their previous statements and stances disappear. Experts, cable news hosts, and opinion writers are going to move on as though they hadn’t spent the last year labeling anyone who attempted to even explore this theory as a lunatic. Dr. Anthony Fauci was one of those people. He should not be allowed to get away with it.

Fauci has been blistered the last few months before Congressional committees by Senators trying to get to the source of COVID-19. Just as Fauci has done in public settings for more than a year, he’s rebuffed, scoffed, laughed, and even lashed out at Senators who question his COVID-19 source assurances of the virus’ certain transmission naturally from bats to humans. He’s even acted insulted at the audacity of any Senators — especially Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and lashed out at the Senator in anger — UNTIL:


In May of 2020 on our show “TNN Live,” Dr. Judy Mikovits, a successful virologist and epidemiologist that worked directly with Fauci in the 90s on the HIV vax research, told us that she was certain the virus in its present form had been manipulated in that Wuhan laboratory under the watchful eyes of the Chinese Communist Government (CCP). She also expressed her certainty that the U.S. government would somehow find a way to weaponize the fear of COVID-19 and a potential pandemic to lock down the nation!

She was correct.

Americans need to understand this: no matter if/when it is confirmed that the Wuhan lab was COVID’s birthplace, the horrors of this virus and its effects are far from being known in full.

COVID-19 is NOT a virus — at least by medicine’s definition of a virus. COVID-19 is a laboratory manipulated MRNA: “Manufactured RNA.” What is “RNA?”

If RNA and DNA were human twins, DNA would be the popular and exciting one. Everybody knows about DNA — that it holds all of the information that makes up the entire living organism, and it sits comfortably in the nucleus of the cell. But RNA, or ribonucleic acid, is the lesser-known twin, and the hard worker of the two.

OK, so DNA and RNA aren’t human, but they are like twins. RNA is a copy, or a transcription, of DNA. See, the DNA is very important, since it holds the information needed for making new cells and maintaining life, so it never leaves the nucleus. The RNA is the one that goes out to do work throughout the cell. It’s also super important because without RNA our bodies would not be able to make proteins, which make up about 20% of our bodies.

Proven laboratory manipulation of RNA has shown it in its operations naturally in our bodies has changed in COVID-19. It’s changing the molecular structure of the essential elements in our cells.

This is NOT an attempt to instill fear in anyone. It’s simply a quest to find the facts. We owe each other that. And, sadly, medical professionals in large numbers have apparently signed on to the idea that it’s a good thing to create medical treatments with manipulative RNA to have RNA conduct specific tasks desired by those in labs as desired within the bodies of people.

What’s the endgame? I would respond to that by saying something sweeping like, “Nobody knows.” But that wouldn’t be truthful. We’re past that point. We’re at the point of mandating that scientists of all fields join forces to reveal to the public the truth of all this including the purposes of MRNA, the COVID “jabs” — they’re NOT vaccinations.

More importantly, we need to know the process to reverse all this IF it’s discovered to be life-threatening.

Stay tuned.

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