“The” Memo Part II: Let’s Answer Questions

Yesterday I asked you to contemplate 10 questions that seemed obvious to me with the release of the Nunes Memo. Today we are going to give you OUR answers to those questions. So you will not have to go back and forth, we’ll first put each question from yesterday followed by our answers in red:

“Old” Questions (yes, we’ll have some new ones)

  1. We were told the release of the Memo would endanger national security. Exactly what damage has been done by its release? Multiple Intelligence officials and members of Congressional committees have been asked that question since the release of the memo. Each has verified emphatically that the release of the Nunes memo in NO way jeopardized national security or any member of the intelligence community — other than possibly opening a criminal case against them for their possible illegal involvement in the highly illegal activities.
  2. (Assuming the answer would be “no danger to national security occurred) Why then did Democrat minority head of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff warn Americans that the release when he knew there was no danger? That is now easily answered with a very obvious answer: Adam Schiff (D-Ca) is apparently one of many in Congress and the Media who had to be complicit in the attempted coverup of all the corruption apparently part of the FISA process. Tomorrow’s story here details the specifics of those very things. You’ll want to make sure and tune in.
  3. Why did the FBI implore the White House to redact the names of all the FBI contributors to the investigation from the memo? FBI officials knew that there was embarrassing information included in the memo and therefore wanted to try somehow to maintain a level of integrity for all those who participated in the FISA coverup. Therefore they implored Congress and the President to keep those names confidential.
  4. Did the FBI in providing the “proof” necessary to convince a FISC judge a FISA warrant was justified lie to the judge providing false “proof” as evidence to justify such a warrant? I am convinced that now since the first layer of the corruption onion has been peeled away and is showing illegal activity was probably going on in the FISA warrant application process, the FISA judge or judges who issued the first FISA warrant and the subsequent renewals will at least take actions to force those members of the FBI and DOJ who represented the evidence presented to those judges that resulted in the warrants to stand accountable for those actions. What that means remains to be determined, but could easily be Obstruction of Justice IF those Intelligence officials purposely and intentionally misled those judges. Obviously hiding that the Steele dossier had anything to do with the “evidence” uncovered and that the dossier was funded by the DNC and Clinton Campaign could also feed into that possible Obstruction of Justice outcome.
  5. How did James Comey, (then FBI Director) later Rod Rosenstein, (Deputy Attorney General) and FBI Director Christopher Ray convince the FISA judge that Carter Page was spying for the Russian government? Doing so is required for a FISA warrant to be issued, and in this case issued and renewed 3 times. Plain and simple: they lied to the Court! For certain James Comey did. He submitted the FISA application for the initial warrant, and he did that days BEFORE he told the President in his office in the presence of multiple intelligence department heads the dossier was riddled with unreliable and unverified information. He represented in that FISA application the dossier at least part of the basis for the FISA warrant. He did NOT tell the Judge that the dossier was funded by the DNC and Clinton campaigns. 
  6. Why did James Comey at the White House before the Inauguration tell President Trump the details of the Steele dossier and that it was full of wild conjecture and had no truth when days before he had used that dossier to convince the FISA judge to issue the warrant for the investigation? We cannot give you a “for certain” answer to that question. But playing into the probable reasoning for Comey doing so is his very obvious attempts (along with all those other FBI and DOJ culprits) to destroy the Trump presidency and his agenda. His telling the FISA Court one thing and the President something else doesn’t bode well for Comey in subsequent weeks and months.
  7. Why did two FBI officials who went to the Capitol to read the memo last Sunday state on the record there were no errors in the details contained in the memo only for the FBI to publicly release the next day a statement claiming the memo was full of incorrect information and releasing it was a danger to national security? This puzzles us. We can only give at this time a logical reason for the flip-flop. Probably what happened is that after reading the memo, the two together felt it would be better to just tell the truth: based on their understanding of the law, the FISA process, and the process of all that happened in this investigation, there was nothing inaccurate or damaging to national security and simply told the truth. It makes sense to believe that when telling their supervisors their thoughts they were pressed hard to fall in line with the “company story line” and support the FBI’s cries to NOT release the memo.
  8. Why mysteriously has the Leftist Media parroted for weeks exactly what Democrat Adam Schiff and every other Congressional Dem claimed as reasons to not release the memo? Schiff’s strangle-hold on the narrative about the memo as it was reported by members of the Leftist media illustrates who the real players are in this corruption. Make sure you read tomorrow for in-depth information about this.
  9. Why has President Trump been so surprisingly quiet immediately before and after the memo’s release, not attacking those involved in the FBI, DOJ, or even the media about the apparent hatchet job perpetrated through this investigation? Maybe someone changed the President’s twitter password! Seriously, he has acted very judiciously (and presidential) through the process of getting this memo into the hands of the American people. He left it to professionals in Congress and the DOJ and his Cabinet that he trusts to do the heavy lifting and working with Nunes. Frankly his silence through this has been a pleasant surprise. But we all know he actually has an incredibly active twitter finger. He will not sit on his hands very long on this!
  10. Will the court and the judge or judges who issued the initial FISA warrant that was renewed several times take any actions against those in the DOJ and FBI who provided the evidence that was fabricated to justify the warrants? I’m certain they will. But what I am pretty certain those judges will do is sit tight until the pending Inspector General report of the FBI and DOJ is released in the next month. This IG investigation has been exhaustive and elaborate and will contain massive data, documents, and facts that certainly will shed light on deeper darker issues discovered than thouse in the Nunes memo. Expect a lot more detail in that report which the FISC courts will certainly use to hold those accountable who apparently misled the judges in the process of procuring FISA surveillance authority.


No doubt there will be more and more questions that are produced from new information that seeps into the public sector over the next few days and weeks. Nunes has actually stated this memo is the first of several that are being finalized now and will be made public in the upcoming days. In my opinion there is no possibility of there not being criminal prosecution of those involved in this corruption once investigations are complete. And I don’t think the list of “dirty players” is yet complete. I feel the Obama DOJ was complicit in the deceit/corruption and that those at the DOJ who orchestrated this process will be implicated. I think too that members of the DNC and Clinton Campaign will be targets as well.

Regarding members of the FBI and DOJ: more than anything this corruption surfacing will give authorities in the judicial system a mandate to clean up every intelligence department in every area. Why? As long as America is here, we MUST have intelligence operations and we must have judicial operations, both with legislative oversight. What this means simply is that all those in charge better be clean, innocent of wrongdoing, and not found complicit in any of these actions. If their hands are dirty in any way(s) they MUST be removed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of law — IF we as American citizens are to ever regain respect and trust for the FBI and DOJ.

That MUST happen!

See you tomorrow. Strap in: we’re on a tough and LONG ride!

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