The Mueller “Blockbuster”

I hated to end yesterday’s story forced for lack of time to “tease” the finale today. But there are very important considerations for you as this Mueller Investigation is winding down — so important they deserve a space of their own. There is history to start this story. I think it is apparent to most people that this investigation by Special Counsel Mueller is anything BUT traditional or normal. Its sources are hazy at best. Its foundation is questionable based on the Special Prosecutor statute and Department of Justice regulations. Nevertheless, a sitting U.S. President is under investigation for “collusion” or involvement with Russia in some way to impact the outcome of the 2016 election.

Let’s begin this analysis by drawing two potential/probable conclusions as to the basis, intent, and expected findings of the Mueller Investigation. Please follow the thoughts and evidence immediately below. At the end of the story, we’ll look at the “Either-Or” blockbuster scenario I promised! Don’t cheat…read all the way through!

“In The Beginning”

It started long before Robert Mueller sat in the Oval Office with Rod Rosenstein and President Trump, reportedly interviewing for the FBI Director position after the President terminated James Comey. Many think that Mueller’s NOT being offered the job initiated a payback by Mueller to Mr. Trump for not hiring him. That supposedly prompted his appointment the next day as Special Counsel by his longtime friend and business associate (now Deputy Attorney General) Rod Rosenstein. Let’s think this through:

  • Mueller was not even eligible to take that job even if offered. Mueller had already served his term limit as FBI Director: 10 years. In fact, President Obama held him over as Director, obtaining special permission to do so. Mueller knew that before the meeting was even scheduled;
  • There was someone else in that Oval Office meeting: Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The AG certainly knew of Mueller’s term limits conflict. Knowing this, why would the President and Attorney General have such a meeting with Mueller? And if Sessions was in that meeting, why would his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, be there as well?
  • Sessions as the newly appointed U.S. Attorney General recused himself from his being a part of “any investigation into any matter dealing with the 2016 election.” His stated purpose for his recusal: potential conflict of interest in that he had been somewhat involved in the Trump campaign;
  • Robert Mueller — a lifelong attorney who had spent much of his career in the Justice Department — hired a team of investigators comprised almost entirely of Democrats who had supported the Hillary Clinton campaign and previously Barack Obama. Why would Mueller make such a partisan effort to taint the investigative staff knowing it would certainly cause concern for any impartiality of any actions the group would take?
  • Mueller, with the expansive investigatory authority he held from Rosenstein’s letter of appointment and its amendment, could have (and many say “should have”) cast a net far wider in the Russian investigation to include the Clinton Campaign and its surrogates in light of the findings of Clinton involvement with Russians before and during the campaign. Why would such an experienced investigator not go after that “low hanging fruit?”
  • The Mueller team is comprised of 13 attorneys and their staff. How could such a small group effectively examine 1 million + documents received from the Trump Campaign plus the myriad of other applicable evidence in the investigation? (divide 1.4 million by 13. Each would have had 107,692 multi-page documents to investigate)
  • There is a legal term called “fruit of the poisonous tree.” If the evidence, or tree, is tainted, then anything gained from the evidence — the fruit — is tainted as well. The evidence that triggered the special counsel’s Russia investigation was the 35-page opposition research document known as the “Steele dossier.” Democratic campaign operatives funded the dossier; it was not an independent intelligence report. And it was later shared with the FBI, whose former director, James Comey, has acknowledged that allegations in the document could have been made up.
  • Comey’s personal memos. The then-FBI director intentionally leaked these classified memos recounting his version of conversations he had with President Donald Trump, hoping they would lead to the appointment of a special counsel. Comey admitted this at a Senate intelligence committee hearing last year, testifying, “I needed to get that out into the public square. And, I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel.” Under the poisonous tree doctrine, if the premise is faulty, the conclusion must also be faulty. Since the evidence for a special counsel was tainted, so too was his appointment. Comey got exactly what he wanted, even if it was unfair to the president, possibly illegal, and tarnished the reputation of the FBI.

A Look at The “Other” Thoughts

  • Remember DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz and his bombshell report of DOJ wrongdoing in the Clinton email investigation? Remember that note from AG Sessions stating that the DOJ had assigned “470 investigators to work with Horowitz on the investigation?
  • Remember AG Sessions in November of 2017 appointed Utah federal prosecutor John Huber to (independently and far from D.C. distractions) investigate a bunch of things that included wrongdoing by unnamed politicos in D.C.?
  • Did you know that Sessions assigned those 470 investigators to work with Huber after the Horowitz investigation was completed?
  • Did you know that starting in late October of 2017, more than 45,000 federal indictments issued in part by every federal district court in the U.S. have been sealed for later adjudication? Did you know that in U.S. history, the most such indictments handed down in total in the U.S. in any year is less than 2,000?

Let’s play the “What If” Game with this.

“What If:”
  • The Trump/Mueller/Rosenstein/Sessions meeting in the Oval Office was NOT about FBI Director position. What if it was a meeting to initiate a plan to quietly create a smokescreen with a Special Counsel investigation to simultaneously investigate secretly the Clinton Campaign, Clinton Foundation, former and current Justice Department officials, while objectively investigating any potential wrongdoing in the Trump Campaign?
  • Some of those 45,000 sealed indictments are of a rogue intelligence agency, IRS, FBI, DOJ, State Department, and political party individuals for illegal activities? Remember: 25+ DOJ and FBI employees have been fired, demoted, or have “retired” since this investigation began.
  • Jeff Sessions — who has been suspiciously “incognito” during the last year or so — has been quietly working behind the scenes supervising these ongoing investigations? Remember: Sessions made a public statement regarding Utah federal attorney John Huber’s appointment to investigate many things without Washington D.C. interference. In that announcement the AG mentioned Huber’s having access to those 470 DOJ investigators. Many think Sessions announcing that was quietly putting the word out that serious investigations were/are ongoing in all of these wrongdoings by many.
  • All the noise and tweets and allegations and even name-calling by the President the last 18 months has been a purposeful distraction of the American media (and even of potential targets of these investigations) and Americans? We have seen the President use this distraction tool on numerous occasions: “Look what I have in my right hand — see, I’m waving it.” When all along what he is REALLY doing is in his left hand behind his back. Trump is a master salesman.
  • The targets of the Mueller Special Counsel investigation are NOT Donald Trump and Trump associates, but rather James Brennan, James Clapper, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and James Comey being investigated for obstruction of justice in their actions in covering up illegal activities? Other targets could also be the Clinton Campaign, Hillary and Bill personally, the Holder and the Lynch DOJ, the Comey FBI, Brennan CIA, and Clapper DNI? That could explain the public anger and borderline threats by Brennan, Clapper, and Comey and why Holder and Lynch have stayed so obviously out of any discussions.
  • John Huber is really “The Guy” carrying the weight of ALL these investigations? He certainly has sufficient investigative staff and resources to get the job done.

The “Blockbuster” Revelation

By now you certainly know the TruthNewsNetwork perspective that there are actually two possible scenarios we are living through regarding the real purposes for the Mueller investigation. Obviously, the premise of the investigation was false: there IS no collusion between the Russians and the Trump Campaign.

The conventional wisdom is that the first explanation listed above is exactly what is happening. But to believe that, one has to believe in the Deep State, that all those in leadership at the Department of Justice, the FBI, DNI, CIA, and other investigative agencies and the U.S. Military are actually part of a grand conspiracy to turn the U.S. rule of law upside down. And while doing so, their intent would surely be to turn the nation away from its established political structure as a democratic representative republic. A Deep State comprised of a self-appointed class of individuals would have to be chosen, installed, and in control of the U.S. political process AND the U.S. military. It could never be successful without a military coup.

On the other hand, the second scenario and possible Mueller investigation explanation detailed above would require thousands of people to remain totally quiet about that process: no leaks at all. One would have to believe that Mueller, Rosenstein, Sessions, the President, and his senior staff members would all have come to an agreement to work together surreptitiously to complete these investigations.

You might feel that getting such a task successfully completed is impossible. And you might be correct. There are so many moving parts and so many people that are part of it, accomplishing the investigative tasks necessary is a monumental task at best. But IF it is actually as described above, it would explain many things and answer any questions we have no answer for now:

  • Why has AG Sessions been so quiet and seemingly totally uninvolved in any of the investigations in what appears to be an effort to force a sitting President out of office?
  • Why was Huber appointed, and to investigate what and whom?
  • Why has Sessions allocated Huber 470 DOJ investigators fulltime?
  • Why has President Trump not fired Sessions in light of the President’s many tweets questioning the Attorney General’s lack of action regarding any of this?
  • Why has the DOJ and/or FBI NOT announced any investigations that are underway into anything to do with obvious inappropriate if not illegal actions by the Clinton Campaign, the Democrat Party, and individuals in both organizations?
  • Why has the DOJ not launched a REAL investigation into the Uranium One transaction and those who were part of the sale of U.S. uranium to a Canadian company who sold it to a Russian government-controlled company?


Which do you think it is? I am certain you have an opinion on both possibilities. Let’s face it: either Mueller is an evil tyrant bent on the destruction of Donald Trump and all those who work for or with him, or you think Mueller is secretly a really good guy working with the President, the Attorney General, the Deputy Attorney General, and others to bring a bunch of people to justice for their reprehensible wrongdoing.

I have personal opinions as I am certain you do on this entire American political debacle. Part of me wants to give all those involved in the investigation the benefit of the doubt. Another part wants to believe there is a grand conspiracy by a large group of those heretofore who have been trusted leaders of the Department of Justice, the FBI, other intelligence agencies, and even senior members of the Democrat Party and the Clinton campaign.

Unfortunately, part of that second scenario must be consideration of the involvement in this entire action by former President Obama and members of his administration.

My conclusion? It’s certain to be one or the other. Only time will tell. I want to give the President the benefit of the doubt, especially in light of the evil by many that have been exposed, and how much evil was successfully hidden from Americans for so long.

God help us if the Deep State is already in charge or is successfully taking charge of our country. If so, we can all be certain Big Brother is in control and the rule of law is gone as is “liberty and justice for all.”






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