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We all know just how negative the Media is regarding anything positive about/for Donald Trump. We all know Mainstream Media’s #1 goal is to publish, show, share EVERYTHING they can get their hands on that sheds a bad light on the President, his staff, his family members, and every policy he has implemented through legislation and with executive action.

That especially holds true for his foreign trips to meet with leaders of other countries: Kim Jong Un of North Korea, 50 Muslim countries leaders, G7, NATO, Japan, China, to name a few.

In one leg of his most recent trip, Mr. Trump stopped to meet the Queen and Prime Minister of the U.K. Pictures and videos of the massive protests against the President were EVERYWHERE. The American media breathlessly chronicled every step of his visit to the U.K., fawning over the Brits and their obvious disdain for the American president — like members of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe:”

It’s hard to believe that Mika and Joe during the early stages of the Trump Campaign actually supported Candidate Trump. Their “journalistic objectivity” went South along with their support of Trump when he reportedly shunned the two who wanted to have dinner with him at Mar Lago. They immediately joined the “Never Trumpers” and have spewed non-stop venom continuously since. They and their guests derided the President for having the audacity to make a stop in London. Assuredly (according to Morning Joe) Brits hate the U.S. President. MSNBC along with every other American news outlet showed the balloon of a diapered Donald Trump over and over again during the protests.  Based on the press coverage before the protests, I thought the balloon was going to be massive — similar to those at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. When it was shown live and in context, it was quite unimpressive. I thought the Brits were a bit more artistic than that balloon evidenced!

Hard to Believe

It gets tougher and tougher each day to scan through the “news” — if we can call it that — and determine which stories to believe and which to ignore. Quite honestly, seldom does ANY story contain just plain facts. All stories seem to come to readers/viewers/listeners always wrapped in a filter of opinion of whoever wrote or edited each story.

I am certain news publishers and editors understand that and are presenting their stories purposely in the manner in which we get them. But the “in-your-face” manner in which we receive our news has morphed into being not news at all, but a political hit piece story after story, day after day, that always feed the politically correct narrative those who create those stories want Americans to receive.

Here is the problem with this process continuing going forward: many who receive those stories the way they are given by the media are conditioned to simply accept the obviously “spun” message with the filtered political perspective as-is. Before you are tempted to look down on those who do so, remember this: for all of us baby-boomers, in those decades of our youth when the only news sources we had were local newspapers and radio with just three national television networks that each had one affiliate in each market. Every story we read in local papers, heard on our favorite radio station, and saw from Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, and Frank Reynolds on CBS, NBC, and ABC Television News, we benignly accepted as factual — as news. Was it?

We are blessed today to have a multitude of news sources in this instant 24/7 media world. But that blessing often morphs into a curse. Those edits and filters that news producers, directors, anchors, and reporters use certainly jade the messages sent to us. How we receive and process that “news information” is OUR responsibility.

Regarding the President and his stay in London: what we saw and heard was definitely presented with filtered perspectives. We saw the huge protest crowds and heard some raucous speeches from several of those protestors. But what we did NOT see or hear was any positive position-taking by any individual Britts or groups.

Guess what: there WERE some. Watch and listen:

Yes, that was a Pro-Trump rally held in London during the President’s trip.

What: you didn’t see it? You didn’t hear about it?

What’s Up with That?

The two videos above illustrate the entire point of what Americans MUST do with today’s news media: we MUST process what we see and hear through a prism of “questioning.” That means we each need to develop our news summaries using a default position of simple fact collection without drawing an immediate conclusion. Then let that questioning prism guide us to sources for confirmation for validation of those “facts” we see and hear. We must NOT be fearful of ultimate disposal of that “news” that is fake or maybe just someone’s political perspective. (Wouldn’t it be easier for us if they would just tell us when something they say is editorial commentary?)

I bet you didn’t see or hear about that Pro-Trump rally in London even from FOX News, did you? No news organization today is exempt from holding skewed political perspectives. And humans being what we are, no one can totally obliterate personal opinion from affecting how we do what we do on a daily basis. “The Truth Will Out” — and it DOES.

These news events — especially with high definition video confirmation of the contents of each — make major impacts on our impressionable minds. Even without color and HD, major news events coverage changes people for generations.

Two such things impacted my life for eternity. The first was from John F. Kennedy’s inauguration. His line of instruction to Americans, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country,” touched me deeply and has stuck with me since I saw/heard it. I was in the first grade!

One late morning sitting in my 5th-grade class at Edgar Martin Elementary in Lafayette, Louisiana, the P.A. system suddenly crackled to life and began blaring a radio news report. President Kennedy had been shot in Dallas! Our principal, Mr. Beadle, — with no notice or warning — simply clicked the radio broadcast on the P.A. system. J.F.K.’s assassination rocked my world that day and it STILL impacts my life.

News — REAL news — should chronicle important occurrences in the United States and the World AND DO NOTHING MORE.


Here’s what we need to be prepared for: Leftist Mainstream Media coverage of conservatives, conservative policies, and this President — as negative as it is already — will continue to grow more and more negative and nastier the closer we get to the Midterm elections. I hate to think about how vitriolic I know it will get from here until 2020. For some reason, these Leftist media hacks feel empowered by a supernatural force to exhaust every negative they can muster to denigrate the G.O.P. and President Trump.

How do we prepare? Be vigilant. My temptation in the face of it all is to turn the television off or watch HGTV or the Cooking Channel. Escaping to peaceful television is tempting. But we all need to make certain the midterms are driven not by emotion and liberal rhetoric, but driven by policy presented through truthful and through messaging. That will NEVER happen from Mainstream Media. For that matter, FOX News — though more professional than most of their competitors — still shows more Leftist bias than in previous election cycles.

Truth is all we need. Truth if presented WHEN presented does not need our help, our explanations, or our editorial. Truth is substantial and all-consuming when implemented.

Americans get the Media. And it IS tiring to watch, listen, and read the constant barrage of hate-speech thrown at Conservatives. But consider this: those who spew venom at Conservatives and their causes, in doing so speak far more about themselves than about those whom they attack.

Put the truth out there; it can take care of itself. And try if you can to keep as much emotion out of YOUR messaging as possible. Certainly, strong emotion regarding issues will always assist in getting messaging received. But too strong and too emotional in the presentation will cause people to react and respond just as Conservatives are responding today to Liberals.

The video above proves that many people in the World — the “Silent Majority” — are smart enough to watch and listen to the substance of each message they see and hear regarding policies. And as they do, they are smart enough to discern the Truth of it all.

Let’s all be one of the smart ones.


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