In keeping with our promise to always provide the opinions of others who may be different from ours, today we introduce you to “Q,” sometimes called “QAnon,” or “QAnonymous.” But before you watch this video, you need to understand some things:

  • QAnon’s identity is unknown. Whoever QAnon is — whether person or a group of people — has access to much information regarding U.S. government and political extremely sensitive information. Some claim QAnon is an inside military intelligence group. Others say QAnon is a former CIA operative. Whoever QAnon is, TIME Magazine just included QAnon on the list of “25 Most Influential People on the Internet.” Heads are turning;
  • QAnon shares via internet posts many questions, predictions, and conclusions about political persons and events. Many of those predictions have been shown to be true with others still pending;
  • QAnon alerted all to the now approximate 40,000 federal sealed indictments that have all been issued since late October of 2017. Every federal district court has issued at least one of those sealed indictments. By way of comparison, in U.S. history the most sealed federal indictments issued during any calendar year is less than 3000. Heads are turning;
  • In a July 1 post, QAnon asked who is filing all the sealed indictments, and points to an article published by Breitbart News, which has often been cited for close analysis by those following QAnon’s disclosures:

  • QAnon mentions the number 470 right after posing the questions, “who is filing the indictments” and “Who has that kind of manpower?” That answer could come from the fact that 470 Justice Department investigators were assigned to work with Inspector General Horowitz and U.S. Attorney John Huber who Attorney General Sessions charged to quietly conduct far-reaching investigations into all of the intelligence matters and individuals who seem to have been involved;

This is in NO way an endorsement of QAnon, anything QAnon has said or posted, or in any way to validate the truthfulness of statements made or circumstances posed or questions asked by QAnon.

What is included in this video/audio file is shocking and asks many questions. Those questions will give you pause and encourage you to think through the possibilities. One thing we DO know for certain: we don’t know EVERYTHING going on in our Government. Maybe that is good for us. You will NOT get confirmation of that from the video/audio file. And it will probably cause you to ask even more questions.

Watch or listen. We’ll get together for a few minutes afterward. 

P.S. I suggest you NOT watch or listen until you are in a place distraction-free and you have time to digest it all. If you’re not there now, wait a while until you are. (And you’ll probably want to watch/listen once or twice more!)



Yes, the video/audio contents are shocking. Are they true? Finding the answers to that question is up to you. One thing we owe to ourselves and to everyone we hold dear is getting answers. I cannot emphasize enough to all looking and listening in is that the U.S.A. is at a political tipping point. Americans must decide if we want our nation to disappear in history just as every other democratic country before us in World history. If not, are will willing to shore up its foundation and take charge of returning it to be the greatest country in World history once more?

No democratic civilization has lasted much longer than 200 years. We are actually in “overtime” in the U.S. No reasonable American can look at the chaos in America today and not see the devastation we face. No reasonable American can argue that today’s U.S. societal upheaval could easily push us into the historical abyss just ahead “IF” we choose to ignore the dangers and refuse to take action.

This video/podcast was not posted to alarm or frighten you. It was posted to simply result in thoughtful and logical reasoning. Asking questions and considering alternative possibilities to our “realities” is always a good idea. How would our children ever grow in intelligence and mature physically and psychologically if they were not challenged this same way? That’s one reason why we send them to school.

I challenge you to wait a day or two, and watch the video or listen to the podcast again. When you do, have a pen and paper handy. Jot down the questions you get while watching. But don’t stop there: Do the research necessary to find the answers to your questions.

Sometimes your answer may be simply, “I don’t know.” Not knowing doesn’t mean one is stupid. Not exhausting every available resource to get answers CAN be considered stupid. And no one looking or listening here today is stupid!

I encourage you to comment below and ask questions of others who are looking in. We certainly don’t know everything we should know. And we can best find out by being inquisitive, asking questions, and sharing those with others.

Thanks for being here!


1 thought on ““Q””

  1. William Gregory Ball

    Thank you for encouraging all to take a deep dive about Q. I have been following Q since President T announced the “Storm” in November. I appreciate the Anons and the moderators who have worked so hard and diligent to educate the public at large. You know a tree by its fruit and this tree has produced IMHO nothing but good fruit. Tested, proven intelligence that only someone next the President could know, insight into the Deep State, Great use of misinformation when necessary, patriotic to the max, supportive of MAGA and the galvanizing of waking up the silent majority. From listening to Serial Brain 2, Praying Medic, Citizens Investigative Report, Just Informed Talk to Neon Revolt on You Tube as Mods, speaking for the Anons ( the researchers), giving insight and representing the QAnon team, faith for this “Great Awakening” in America is at a all time high. WWG1WGA- Where We Go One, We Go All! Thank You Dan, this is your most significant post to date.

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