The “Real” Virus is Not COVID-19 — It’s Totalitarianism

Those of us who are constitutional conservatives and believe the words of the Holy Bible and America’s founders, who sought freedom and liberty for mankind, fear a dystopian society that imposes a harmful, oppressive, and miserable existence upon its citizens. The totalitarians now in control of our federal government believe they are creating a “utopian” society promoted by Marx and Engels, but their utopia ultimately ends in starvation and death.  We’ve watched for multiple decades as decay has set in at the very core of our liberty loving nation and America has been torn from her freedom loving roots.

Freedom loving Americans have become the pariahs who must be terminated for the good of the totalitarian utopian society. Socialism makes you a slave to the government and that’s what has happened to our brainwashed public.

Covid-19 was used for many reasons against America by both China and Democratic Socialists, but the continued efforts by both parties to control the citizenry showed their true totalitarian natures. Lockdowns, masks, and vaccines are far more dangerous to our health than Coronavirus and, interestingly enough, we’ve had no seasonal flu this year.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, 70, told a Federalist Society virtual convention last November that he thought the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic serves as a “sort of constitutional stress test.” He argued that America has “never before seen restrictions as severe, extensive, and prolonged as those experienced for most of 2020” and raised concerns over their impact on individuals’ civil liberties.

The real virus infecting America is not COVID-19.  The totalitarian takeover of the Democrat Party is complete and the majority of the Republican Party is following the same path.  The real enemy is that takeover! It’s here and it’s going to cost us unless we stand together and fight.

Mask Mandates

According to Anthony Fauci, who is now the chief medical advisor under Biden, we’re supposed to wear two masks to keep from catching the new variants of the COVID-19 virus: a paper mask and a cloth mask over it.(Remember that back in March of 2020, he said there was no reason to be walking around with a mask.)  Maybe three or four would be even better, to totally cut off our oxygen intake. CNBC touts that their experts suggest wearing three! Did we ever wear a mask for the seasonal flu virus in the past?  Never! (Wait, I’m wrong: many wore masks during the 1918-1919 Spanish flu epidemic that killed 50 million worldwide with about 675,000 occurring in the United States.) Why did anyone think wearing a warm, moist rag a millimeter away from his or her mouth, for hours at a time, creating the ideal conditions for bacteria to multiply, would be a good thing?

Dr. Anthony Fauci co-authored a paper about the 1918-1919 Spanish flu and said that many had died of bacterial pneumonia.  This is true.  It was previously reported Fauci claimed masks were the cause. That claim was false. Fauci did not claim that bacterial pneumonia was caused by masks, but it’s interesting that wearing masks has caused numerous problems, including impetigo (usually caused by a staph infection), dental problems, yeast infections, acne etc. Today, doctors are warning that bacterial pneumonia is on the rise. It’s from wearing masks.  Maybe Fauci and his friends forgot to mention this fact, or didn’t discover it.

Despite the knowledge that this evil COVID-19 virus was almost certainly made in a bioweapon lab in Wuhan, China, it is still a virus and no more people have died in 2020 than have died in years past in America.  Johns Hopkins reported that the yearly death rate remains normal despite COVID-19.  Deaths from heart disease, respiratory disease, influenza, pneumonia, and other causes have far lower stats for 2020, where COVID-19 deaths are higher.  Yet the average of yearly deaths remains the same.  Why?  Because every one of those COVID deaths is being categorized as death from COVID-19 rather than the patients’ underlying comorbidities. The study was immediately withdrawn and trashed.

U.S. Intelligence tells us that the Chinese government is collecting American’s DNA.  60 Minutes has learned that the Chinese company, BGI Group — the largest biotech firm in the world — offered to build COVID labs in at least six states, and U.S. intelligence officials issued warnings not to share health data with BGI. The story was on Sunday, 31 January 21 on 60 Minutes.

Beijing Genomics Institute, is a Chinese genome sequencing company, headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. It was formed in 1999 to participate in the Human Genome Project as a genetics research center.

100 More Days

President Biden, elected under questionable circumstances (still unanswered in spite of “Cancel Culture” demands to erase any questions about the election) has decided all federal people throughout the country should be masked until May 1st, 2021.  And he wants all 50 states to follow through with mask mandates.

I see toddlers and young children with masks on their faces, put there by parents who believe the propaganda spewed by mainstream media.  It makes me heartsick.  And people alone in their cars with masks on their faces!  The entire country wore masks everywhere for months, yet we had another surge of the virus.  Our citizens are fools.  We have become a nation of controlled lemmings who are abandoning freedom!

One Los Angeles health official went so far as to say that not wearing a mask is domestic terrorism!   In another article, a couple was escorted off a plane because their two-year-old son refused to wear a mask!  Never reported are those who are dying from mask wearing.  If you’re outside, get the danged thing off your face!

The unelected tyrants in local health departments are issuing these decrees without any studies whatsoever. I wonder how many of them own stock in the mask making companies.

We are no longer the citizens of a nation which won back-to-back World Wars!  America’s propagandists in the mainstream media have stampeded the public into fear and panic over the virus in order to generate support for their totalitarian agenda.  Few Americans have seen through it, and that is most alarming.


According to the CDC, together with multiple other scientific lab studies, people in the age groups of 0 to 19 have a 99.997% chance of survival if they contract COVID-19, the age group of 20 to 49 a 99.98% chance, 50 to 69 years old 99.5%, and 70 years old and above a 94.6% chance.

The case fatality rate of COVID-19 is 0.1 to 0.3 percent which is the same exact case fatality rate as the regular seasonal flu.  They shut down the entire world economy for a lie!  The WHO came out with a 3.4 case fatality rate and Fauci came along and cut it to 1.0 rate, which is 10 times higher than seasonal influenza. The middleclass was purposely destroyed, and they still have foolish Americans in masks.

Last September One America News reported that medical researchers from UCLA and Stanford University found that the chances of dying from COVID are much lower than previously thought.  Even the likelihood of contracting the virus, going to the hospital or even death from COVID-19 is an extremely rare event. An average person in an average county has a one in 3,836 chance of becoming infected, and that’s without wearing masks or doing any social distancing.  Odds of being hospitalized are vanishingly small even for people in the at-risk category.

If you’re between the ages of 50-64 years old, the chances of getting the virus and needing hospitalization are one in 852,000.  And for that same person who is at risk, the chance of dying from Coronavirus is one in 19.1 million.  All these statistics are from May 2020 when deaths were 16 times higher than when this was reported.  The risk from dying in an automobile crash is one in 114.  Yet, we were sold lockdown insanity.

One America News also reported that researchers in Australia say Ivermectin can cure COVID-19 in 48 hours.  Ivermectin is typically used for parasitic infections, yet a peer review study conducted last April stated Ivermectin could kill the virus with one dose.

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Small businesses have been wiped out, and millions of middleclass Americans have been decimated.  Yet, the big box stores allowed to stay open have flourished while small businesses faced total destruction.  Far more damage has been done to middle America by the lockdowns than by the fraudulently dangerous COVID-19 flu.

Cases of COVID-19 rose despite the lockdowns.  Of course, they did — the locked down folks needed to be exposed to get herd immunity, but the totalitarian dictators knew that every time the lockdown was lifted, COVID-19 would spread again, and they could force another lockdown.  Over the course of the past year, class inequalities have grown wider and have become more entrenched. And yet, at each turn, left-wing lockdown lovers have demanded ever-more severe restrictions on people’s lives.

Had America left the entire country open, Professor Isaac Ben-Israel claims that within 40 to 70 days the virus would have passed through all of those who were not sheltered for comorbidities, and it would have been over.  Unfortunately, the totalitarian controllers in this country wanted the Trump economy destroyed along with small businesses so that they would rely on government handouts, and the middle class who loves freedom would be decimated.  How many have committed suicide because their life’s work was ruined by the shutdowns and then by the communist BLM and Antifa riots?  And nothing was done to stop them: Nothing!

How easily we have snowballed into a full-fledged Totalitarian nation, with political dictators releasing criminals from prison and imprisoning those who refuse lockdown orders.

Truth in Medicine

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) have been at the forefront of telling us the truth.  They knew that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Azithromycin (Z-Pak) and common zinc cured early onset COVID-19.  Dr. Simone Gold, who is also an attorney, said, “Follow the science always meant ‘follow,’ but never the ‘science.’”  A new study out of New Jersey actually validates what the frontline docs have told us.

Dr. Gold tweeted, “On Inauguration Day, 6+ months after AFLDS said it, The WHO announced a single PCR test is not reliable. ‘Coincidentally’ the number of ‘cases’ will now plummet.”

How many times have we heard that the tests are unreliable?  WHO confirms the PCR test has a problem, one day after Biden was inaugurated.

Elon Musk had four tests in one day by the very same way, same machine, left nostril positive twice, and right nostril negative twice.  Sounds like we’ve been had!

PCR assays are not designed to be used as diagnostic tools, as they can’t distinguish between inactive viruses and “live” or reproductive ones. Besides that, previously the WHO had recommended 45 “amplification” cycles of the test to determine whether someone was positive for COVID or not.

The more cycles that a test goes through, the more likely that a false positive will come up — anything over 30 cycles actually magnifies the samples so much that even insignificant sequences of viral DNA end up being magnified to the point that the test reads positive even if your viral load is extremely low or the virus is inactive and poses no threat to you or anyone else.

In one Colorado county, they’ve admitted nearly half of the deaths from Covid were false.  All deaths were designated as COVID but were false.  The CDC now claims that 94% of all coronavirus deaths were “supplementary” — meaning the person had co-morbidities. Less than 10,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 alone.  The CDC apparently changed Covid criteria that inflated fatalities ten-fold, and actually broke federal law.


There are no guardrails on the left or the right to protect the Republic from totalitarianism.  Other than a handful of constitutionalists, both parties have joined the socialist agenda. President Trump, as much as he did for America in four years, and as much as he loved her and her citizens, he lacked discernment in hiring good people and continually chose from the swamp.

Matt Bracken writes in the American Partisan, “The American Left has no self-correction mechanism. (Examples of contemporary Leftist insanity: transsexuals welcomed into the military, biological boys ordered onto girls’ sports teams and in girls locker rooms, etc.) This Leftist insanity is anything but unprecedented. From the French Revolution, to the Paris Commune, the Bolshevik Revolution and through all the horrors of 20th Century Communism, the Left has proven that when it is unchecked, it will drive at full speed straight off the cliff of civilized norms of behavior into totalitarian systems of guillotines, Gulags, forced starvations, and killing fields.”

Matt is right…we are there.


Written by Kelleigh Nelson: Guest Commentator

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