The Terror to Americans Part 2

In Part 1 of this story, we made it very clear that the gloves are off at TruthNewsNetwork: the illegal immigration debacle is out of hand. Americans are sick and tired of our borders being overrun, our citizens being maimed, raped, robbed, kidnapped, and sold into trafficking operations, and even murdered by illegals. We revealed the facts via non-partisan immigration statistics that show that illegals in our country disproportionately make up those who commit such crimes, dispelling immigration pundit stories which maintain that illegals do not commit as many crimes as do legal Americans. (In presenting that statistic that reported over and over by the Mainstream Media, they fail to mention their quoted stats include the millions of “LEGAL” immigrants who have been vetted, entered and successfully completed the U.S. immigration process)

Additionally, we gave you specific examples of the crimes committed over the past few years by illegals, the names of the offenders and their targets, and even pictures of some of each. It is time for Americans to awaken, digest the facts of illegals flooding into the country through our southern borders, and costing taxpayers billions of dollars every year as they devour our financial infrastructure. AND THEY DO SO BREAKING THE LAW!

We will complete this journey today with some more stories and pictures of Americans whose lives have been changed forever and of their attackers. Those Americans would be living the American dream today if our southern border was protected to prevent illegal migration, which is the law.

Further, we will discuss exactly what steps must be taken and by whom to take back our nation’s sovereignty. It can be done. It must be done.

Meet some innocent Americans:

  • November 2016 — A Mexican illegal alien, Claudia Raquel Herrera Ibarra, pled guilty to possession of a firearm in Laredo, Texas, and was sentenced to three years imprisonment. She and a partner were caught smuggling weapons to the violent “Los Zetas” narcotics smuggling gang in Mexico. (Breitbart News, November 30, 2016)
  • October 2016 — A previously deported illegal alien is jailed in Michigan after admitting to strangling his girlfriend. Raul Perez had been deported to Mexico in 2004 and again in 2005 after a judge found him guilty of illegal reentry. He also had been in police custody five days before the murder for driving under the influence. The local authorities established his identity from his fingerprints – he was using an assumed name – but according to a news account – there was no request from ICE that he be detained (perhaps because he was detained on a weekend). ICE has now issued a detainer request for whenever Perez is released. (WoodTV, Channel 8, Grand Rapids Mich.)
  • September 2016 — Cecil Burrows, an immigrant from India, is awaiting deportation following more than three years imprisonment for his involvement in orchestrating a gang rape in his home in 2012. (Washington Post, September 25, 2016)
  • September 2016 — A British illegal alien, Michael Steven Sandford, pled guilty in Nevada to possession of a gun—that he tried to take from a policeman – and disrupting an official function—a campaign rally by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. Sandford said he was attempting to kill the candidate. A psychiatrist found that Sandford was “delusional” according to an Associated Press report. Sentencing guidelines call for 18 to 27 months in prison. (Daily News. September 13, 2016)
  • Jorge Sanches

    September 2016 — Jorge Elizade Sanches, an illegal alien, confessed to the beating death of his common-law spouse in Texas. ( September 15, 2016)

  • September 2016 – Walter Gomes DaSilva, a Brazilian illegal alien, pled guilty to the murder of his teen-aged daughter in Massachusetts. (Boston Herald, September 7, 2016)
  • September 2016 — Ecuadorian illegal aliens, Paul Esteban Estrella Villota and his wife Magaly Alemania Malagon Sandoya were sentenced in Texas to six and five years respectively in federal prison for an alien smuggling operation. (Breitbart News September 7, 2016)
  • August 2016 — Two Salvadoran illegal alien gang members were convicted of murder in the Virginia suburbs of Washington D.C. Jose Lopez Torres was convicted of the brutal stabbing death of another MS-13 gang member suspected of being an informer. He was sentenced to life imprisonment plus 20 years. According to the Washington Post, “His conviction was part of a sweeping federal case against Northern Virginia members of the El Salvador-based gang, in which six defendants pleaded guilty and six more were found guilty at trial.” The other just convicted Salvadoran was Jesus Alejandro Chavez, who was sentenced to two life terms plus 10 years for two murders. (Washington Post, August 11, 2016)
  • July 2016 —  Mauricio Morales-Caceres, an illegal alien from El Salvador, was sentenced in Montgomery County, Maryland, to life in prison without parole for the stabbing death of another Salvadoran. Morales identified himself as an MS-13 gang member, and testimony indicated he had no remorse for his crime. (Washington Post July 15, 2016)
  • Aroldo Castillo-Serrano

    June 2016 — Aroldo Castillo-Serrano, a Guatemalan illegal alien, was sentenced to 15 years in prison in Ohio for forced labor conspiracy, forced labor, witness tampering and encouraging illegal entry into the country. Castillo paid smugglers to smuggle teen-aged Guatemalan youth into the country under the promise of getting them into school and then put them to work as indentured servants in an egg farm. (Fox News Latino, June 27, 2016)

  • June 2016 —  A Mexican illegal alien, Juan Carlos Sepulveda-Castro, was sentenced to two and one-half years in prison in Idaho for threatening people with an assault rifle. The news report notes that illegal aliens are prohibited from possessing a firearm. (Pocatello TV channel 8)
  • June 2016 —  Eleven illegal alien members of the Salvadoran MS-13 gang have been convicted of a series of crimes including murder. Jorge Enrique Moreno-Aguilar, Juan Alberto Ortiz-Orellana, and Minor Perez, all from Maryland, were convicted in mid-May of murder and conspiracy in a racketeering enterprise. (MRC-TV May 24, 2016) New Jersey gang members Santos Reyes-Villatoro, Mario Oliva, Roberto Contreras, Julian Moz-Aguilar, Hugo Palencia, Jose Garcia, Cruz Flores, and Esau Ramirez were convicted in late May in New Jersey of various murder, racketeering and firearms crimes. (MRC-TV, June 2, 2016)
  • May 2016 —  Illegal aliens Reinol Vergara, and Edson Benitez, pled guilty to second-degree murder for the death of a 90-year-old Minnesota man they beat and tied up while they stole from his home, leaving him to bleed to death. (Breitbart News May 11, 2016)
  • April 2016 —  A Salvadoran illegal alien, Mauricio Morales-Caceres, was convicted of first-degree murder in Maryland and sentenced to life imprisonment. (Washington Post, April 30, 2016)
  • March 2016 —  Juan Razo, a Mexican illegal alien living in Painesville, Ohio, agreed to plead guilty to a crime spree that included the shooting death of a 60-year old woman, attempted rape of a 14-year old girl, kidnapping and burglary. His plea was to avoid the death penalty and accept a life sentence. (, March 4, 2016)
  • February 2016 —  Three illegal aliens from Mexico were sentenced to federal prison for alien smuggling and illegally re-entering the U.S. after previous deportations. One man was sentenced to 57 months, another will serve 24 months, and the last man was sentenced to serve 12 months and one day in prison. (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, February 2, 2016)
  • January 2016 — An illegal alien from Mexico was sentenced to nearly 6 years in prison after having been convicted for transporting illegal aliens, which resulted in the death of two illegal aliens. (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, January 20, 2016)
Corporal Ronil Singh and his family

Here is a picture of Officer Ronil Singh — a legal immigrant who served on the Newman, California, police force that was murdered by an illegal — and his wife Anamika and young son. Officer Singh did it the RIGHT way. He went through the legal process of coming to the U.S. He then went through the immigration process to obtain U.S. citizenship. He wanted to become an American police officer and went through all the training to be the best possible police officer he could be while being a good husband and father. Singh was born in Fiji and had been working for the Newman Police Department since 2011.

He was worried about his language difficulty with English. He wanted to be able to communicate freely with the citizens of Newman, California, who he wanted to serve and protect. To facilitate that commitment, he took English classes to be able to communicate well.

Christmas 2018 changed the lives of his wife and son for eternity when an illegal who had a record that included several DWI’s and deportations was stopped by Office Singh on a routine traffic matter. His life was snuffed and his family’s lives ruined in an instant.

A Note to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer

“Ms. Speaker and Mr. Minority Leader: how many is an O.K. number of Americans to be murdered, seriously wounded, paralyzed, raped, or just terrorized by illegals here in the U.S. because of the failure of Congressional Democrats to stop illegals from entering the U.S.? When will Democrats stop playing politics and bowing to left-wing donors and socialist politicians who want open-borders? When will you both cease your rhetoric and ridiculous claims that border walls do not work in ANY country that has them? Americans know that such walls on the borders of more than 100 countries around the world are amazingly successful at stopping illegal entry. When will you allow Congress to pass meaningful immigration laws without holding border security hostage for the legalization of DACA recipients? When will you two start honoring your personal oaths made to support the U.S. Constitution and the laws of the United States?

I shudder to think that you, Ms. Pelosi or you Mr. Schumer, would not take any and all actions necessary for the establishment of new immigration laws to solve this problem. Or, in the event that current immigration laws are sufficient as-is to do the job, would NOT provide all necessary infrastructure through your powers over the U.S. purse as House Speaker to support immigration law enforcement to ensure the swift and legal prosecution of ALL those who illegally find themselves in the U.S. These financial measures need to include budget sufficient for adjudication of the 700,000 cases back-logged asylum cases, 90% of which are bogus.

Please, Ms. Speaker, consider if  youngest daughter, Alexandra, her sisters Nancy Corinne, Christine, Jacqueline, or their brother Paul or any of THEIR children — your grandchildren — or, Mr. Schumer, your young grandson Noah Melvin would sustain personal attacks of any sort at the hands of illegals who you chose NOT to prosecute for their crimes and allowed them to walk free among your family members. How can you even look at those children and grandchildren who I am certain you love dearly, without thinking of the children and grandchildren of other Americans who have been kidnapped for human trafficking or killed by those whom your actions have allowed escape prosecution and deportation?”

I do not speak for all Americans, but I speak for most when I say that IF we really live in the greatest country in World history, and IF we really are a nation of laws in which all are protected from those who choose to ignore laws, and IF we really honor the foundation of the United States and its founding documents, it is time for those who work FOR us — members of the United States Congress — to start honoring the obligation to work FOR those who elected them.

Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer: lead your party in doing the right thing even when that is not the Democrat Party desire. It’s NEVER right to NOT obey the law. It’s NEVER right to not support enforcement of the law.

And if you don’t like the laws — CHANGE THE LAWS…LEGALLY!

Otherwise, please step aside to allow those who really are American and who really want to lead others in abiding by U.S. laws to take your seat at the Table of Government.

You owe us all that. You owe America that much!”

Below is the link to download the .PDF version that combines Parts 1 and Parts 2 of “The Terror to Americans”

Terror to Americans Parts 1 & 2


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