The U.N. Is Planning To Seize Global “Emergency” Powers With Biden’s Support

The proposal might be the biggest attempted power grab in the history of the United Nations. If approved, the United States as we know it could cease to exist.

In September 2024, less than two months before the next U.S. presidential election, the United Nations will host a landmark “Summit of the Future,” where member nations will adopt a Pact for the Future. The agreement will solidify numerous policy reforms offered by the U.N. over the past two years as part of its sweeping Our Common Agenda platform.

Although numerous radical proposals are included in the agenda, perhaps none are more important than the U.N. plan for a new “emergency platform,” a stunning proposal to give the U.N. significant powers in the event of future “global shocks,” such as another worldwide pandemic.

Many of the details of the U.N. emergency platform were laid out in a March 2023 policy paper titled “Strengthening the International Response to Complex Global Shocks — An Emergency Platform.” In the paper, the U.N. secretary-general writes, “I propose that the General Assembly provide the Secretary-General and the United Nations system with a standing authority to convene and operationalize automatically an Emergency Platform in the event of a future complex global shock of sufficient scale, severity and reach.”

Once triggered, the emergency platform would give the U.N. the ability to “actively promote and drive an international response that places the principles of equity and solidarity at the center of its work.” The U.N. would bring together the “stakeholders” of the world, including academics, governments, private sector actors, and “international financial institutions” to ensure there is a unified, global response to the crisis.

The emergency platform would also give the United Nations the power to “Ensure that all participating actors make commitments that can contribute meaningfully to the response and that they are held to account for delivery on those commitments.”

In other words, the United Nations would be given unprecedented authority over the public and private sectors of huge swaths of the world, all in the name of battling a yet unknown crisis.

It Gets Worse

As difficult as it might be to believe, the story gets even worse from here. Although the duration of the emergency platform would initially be set for a “finite period,” at “the end of that period, the Secretary-General could extend the work of an Emergency Platform if required,” according to the United Nations’ own policy proposal.

That means the secretary-general would have the authority to keep the emergency platform in place indefinitely, all without reauthorization from member nations.

What kind of “global shock” would trigger the emergency platform? The U.N. provides several possible examples in its formal proposal, including a “major climatic event,” “future pandemic risks,” a “global digital connectivity disruption,” “major event in outer space,” and, my personal favorite, “unforeseen risks, (‘black swan’ events).”

This isn’t to say that these incredibly broad categories would be the only potential justifications allowed to trigger the emergency platform. The proposal makes clear that it “would allow the convening role of the United Nations to be maximized in the face of crises with global reach and should be ‘agnostic as to the type of crisis,’ as we do not know what type of global shock we may face in the future.”

Further, “The Secretary-General would decide when to convene an Emergency Platform in response to a complex global shock.”

Or, put in simpler terms, a “global shock” is whatever the U.N.’s leadership says it is, triggered whenever the U.N. desires.

Biden Admin Supports the Proposal

The emergency platform proposal might be the biggest attempted power grab in the history of the United Nations, but as shocking as it is, it pales in comparison to the Biden administration’s treatment of this extremist proposal.

Rather than assert America’s independence and sovereignty, the White House has expressed its support for the emergency platform. U.S. Ambassador Chris Lu noted in at least two March 2022 speeches that the Biden administration backs the emergency platform and numerous other proposals included in “Our Common Agenda.”

The emergency platform would centralize an immense amount of power and influence, giving the United Nations greater control over Americans’ lives than ever before. And rather than stand up for Americans’ rights, President Biden has already agreed to sell us out.

If the emergency platform is approved, the United States as we know it could cease to exist. That sounds dire, but it’s true. We either stand for freedom now or risk everything come September 2024.


Make no mistake and dismiss this revelation. We’ve known for several years that globalists have an agenda for the entire World. It may be some variation of Globalism or Marxism. It could even be a prelude to a really disastrous takeover of globalist authoritarians. What might this look like?

    Bill Gates

Here’s nothing more than my idea. What’s the largest into within the United Nations? It’s the WHO: the World Health Organization (WHO). Who is the largest funder of the WHO? Most people think it’s the United States Government. Not so. It’s Bill Gates.

Wow! That’s a good thing, right? Not so fast. Remember WHY Bill Gates is so heavily involved with the WHO. Gates is a “eugenicist.” What’s that?

A eugenicist is defined as a person who supports and advocates for “the practice or advocacy of controlled selective breeding of human populations (as by sterilization) to improve the population’s genetic composition.”

Bill Gates is such a person. And so was his father. In fact, Eugenics is characteristic of multiple generations of Gates. Many feel the Gates Foundation’s multiple tests around the World on indigenous populations in India, Africa, and Asia were nothing more than a disguise to cover for the practice of “selectively reducing the populations of multiple countries.”

That could probably explain the Foundation’s aggressive vaccine promotions for many conditions. Oddly enough, in such tests in India and Africa, egregious side effects (and even deaths) among the test subjects led the Indian Government to kick the Gates Foundation out of their country. Subsequently, these trials were moved to New Zealand — with similar results.

Put these facts in the mix of understanding that the United States population from 2022 to 2023 was up by about 1/2 million. That doesn’t seem strange, right? WRONG!

According to U.S. Census Bureau population estimates released today, half of all states and nearly three-quarters of all counties experienced more deaths than births in their populations between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021.

Natural change is a measure of the relationship between births and deaths.

Natural increase happens when there are more births than deaths. A natural decrease means there were more people dying than babies born in a particular population.

What happened in the United States from July 1, 2020, and June 30 of 2021?

COVID-19 and COVID deaths — a large number of which were from adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccinations.

It doesn’t matter to me who and what’s happening; if our COVID Pandemic was real and all of the “information” we were given was accurate or not, it smelled, if nothing else. Where I was raised, “If something quacks and waddles, it’s always a duck.” And this is both quacking and waddling. The obvious is almost certainly — if NOT certainly — true.

That horrifies me.

Please read this, take note of the included information, and research for yourself and your family members. There’s something amiss with this. Let’s NOT dismiss it without examining it from every side and determining its legitimacy.


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