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The Universal Seed of ALL Corruption: “SELF”

It’s hard for most Americans to fathom why there is so much venom spewed among members of Congress and this Administration these days. I’ve been asked over and over the last few years why there is so much anger and hatred. It’s not Democrat Party or Republican Party hatred and even violence. It’s an American problem. But what is its source?

First, please understand that it is not new — it’s been bubbling beneath the surface for decades. But its hidden agenda protected America from its penalties: hatred and anger. But as it began to be seen four or five decades ago, people began to implement its use more often and more boldly. Its basis is the commonality of all men and women: self.


There are many different theories and definitions of “self” among professional psychologists. Many agree that the “self” consists of a person’s conscious and unconscious aspects, their personality, cognitions or thoughts and feelings. All these traits or aspects combine together into the person’s core identity. Other synonyms for “self” are soul, ego, personality, or individual. To dumb-down the definition of “self” to use in this conversation, let’s just consider “self” as “everything in our lives pertaining to you and me individually and seen, identified, and applied in our lives by OUR choices.” To simplify it, each of us though an individual “self” have much in common, including the basic traits of all humans. Self Actualization lives in all of us. That’s the trait that pushes us each to maximize what we can for ourselves in every way possible. The basic element of that is that it naturally pertains to us alone. Bring others into the picture, and the picture completely changes.

How does this apply to this minefield in which we find ourselves individually and as a nation?

Almost every American has asked at one time or another, “How do people go to Congress in one economic class, spend time on Capitol Hill, and leave Washington as multi-millionaires?” The answer to that is at the core of our discussion today.

Before we get into exactly what is going on, know this: from 2010 through 2016 — the last year for which we can find statistics — not a single person who served in the House of Representatives and the Senate has seen a decline in net worth. Net worth is the measure of the value of their total assets minus any debt they may hold. This includes the current 435 members of the House and 100 Senate members. Also included is every member of the House and Senate who has left office during that time. How does that happen when Congressional salaries are about $170,000 a year?

Indeed, some have invested smartly in the stock market, in commercial real estate, personally owned businesses that thrived, or added great inheritances. But I dare to say that if we looked at the net worths of 535 randomly selected Americans plus the several hundred others who were replaced in Congress, there would be a large number who saw actual decreases in their net worth during that period.

There is one benefit of being in Congress for which those average Americans are not eligible: the benefits of serving in Congress are known in Louisiana as “lagniappe.” Lagniappe is something that is added at no additional cost to whatever you purchase.

Congressional Lagniappe

The ”Big Lagniappe: Lobbying benefits. If you are unaware of these extras, every significant business, non-profit, labor union, and municipality from every sector in America pay for law firms to represent them in legislative matters before Congress that are of  importance to them. Those lobbying firms receive tens of millions of dollars to sway the votes of members of Congress who have votes within committees and on the floor of each House that directly impacts each of these entities.

Lobbyists are masters at using those millions to reach into the lives of members of Congress. We will not get into all the laws and regulations that control lobbying but know this: a significant amount of those lobbyist dollars find their way into the lives of Congressional members. They cannot simply write legislators checks as bribery, but they can find jobs for family members — Cush jobs that pay big bucks with incredible benefits. Universities are often “open” to scholarships for those close to members of Congress. Luxurious vacations in the Caribbean and the South Pacific, speaking engagements, all come with dollars and cents attached. And it’s all legal.

Don’t misunderstand what I am referencing: numerous honest and hardworking legislators have taken an oath of office and are straight-shooters and above reproach in the service of their constituents. These would NEVER participate in any underhanded financial home runs like these mentioned above. But many DO participate in those. History proves it.

Being in Congress means access to information that often is unavailable to ordinary Americans. Sometimes constituents do see some of that info, but not at the same time or same manners as do lawmakers. One example of this resulted in the House passing legislation signed into law to prevent insider trading. Do you want to know what that law is called? ”The Pelosi Law.” Nancy Pelosi and her husband received inside information about commercial real estate property far in advance of any information about it became public. They invested, news hit the media, property values soared, and they cashed in. It happens with stocks for which companies are about to receive approval for sale from the government, and their values assuredly will skyrocket when they hit the market. Members of Congress buy early before the public has that chance and make millions.

Then there’s merely selling Congressional influence. I doubt much of that is actual bribery. But it indeed happens. In Washington, a legislative opportunity is based on who you know. Then it became who you know and when you know any specifics. Now it’s getting access to people who make those things happen.

It all boils down to one thing and one thing only: Money.

“For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. And some people, craving money, have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows.” ‭‭1 Timothy‬ ‭6:10‬ ‭

I’ve heard this Scripture quoted this way: “Money is the root of all kinds of evil.” That’s not true. Money holds no inherent evil. It’s the way money is used. And the purpose for its usage is determined by who controls the money.

But it gets worse. Decades ago, D.C. hawkers discovered that while money got most things accomplished, there were other avenues to get to cash that made doing so quicker, smoother, and made getting Lagniappe along with money a sure thing. What is that thing? Power. Think about it: with sufficient power, one gets everything — including money!

”Self” is the driving force for money. “Power” is the driving force for cash with a bunch of Lagniappe. The seed formerly was money. Now it is power.

Here’s the Answer

Self Actualization starts all this. And that’s a necessary human trait that alone is not evil. It leads many to create jobs and establish and grow companies. It pushes those who want to help others to medicine, social services, and charitable operations. But the type that exists and is developed to gain and maintain power to accumulate everything that Self wants is plain evil.

Enter the Deep State.

Yep: it’s real. The Deep State is comprised of all kinds of folks. But today we concentrate on those in Washington, D.C. Through these last decades, politicians discovered the Power key to the accumulation of all the things they wanted. They built a bureaucracy. In that system, THEY make all the rules, THEY control who gets in and who is not allowed, THEY find opportunities for their members. In finding ways to protect their Dragon, they unify in attack mode to protect their domain and their fellow members against exposure and, when exposed, the rabid defense of all who might attack.

And that’s what we are seeing today.

  • Did you wonder why the rabid and unsubstantiated non-stop assault on Donald Trump? It began before his inauguration. Within an hour of his swearing-in, the Washington Post released a story with this headline: “The effort to impeach President Donald John Trump is already underway.”
  • Have you wondered why so many members of Congress suddenly decided to retire or not to run for re-election since Trump’s election? Never before have such numbers of those doing so occurred. What might be the reason for “some” of those not finishing terms or deciding to leave Congress?
  • Have you, like many Americans, tried to understand the hatred for Donald Trump in the shadow of the most significant economic recovery in at least 50 years that has dramatically impacted the lives of every living American? Most think it’s time to be happy and thankful. To this day, House Democrat leadership refuse even to mention these economic benefits.
  • Do you wonder why Democrats are rushing through this impeachment process? Do you wonder why they have refused to allow the President representation in these hearings, the right to question and cross-examine witnesses, bring in and present their witnesses, present evidence, question evidence presented by Democrats? Why has there been no due process, no consultation with the Minority about hearing structure and content? After all, in both the Nixon and Clinton impeachment processes, the Minority party was offered the same hearing opportunities as the Majority. Dems operating this way with the Trump matter is historical.
  • Why would Democrats not understand that if this process stands, every future president will have a Democrat-controlled House holding a gun to his or her head? “If you as President don’t do our bidding, we’ll impeach you!” This impeachment process would permanently alter American history with no Constitutional authority.

Why are Democrats and other Deep Staters So Adamant?

Here’s the big reason for all of this. Deep Staters — try as they have — cannot take control of Donald Trump! That is driving them insane.

Think about it:

  1. He came to D.C. as a billionaire. He certainly doesn’t need the money. That’s unlike the Obamas and the Clintons who moved into the White House having moderate net worths. When both couples left, each couple left with $100 million+ of wealth. How did that happen and continue to blow-up after leaving? From influence and quid pro quo. (Heard that term lately?)
  2. He ran numerous billion-dollar corporations that employed hundreds of thousands of people with locations across the U.S. and around the World. His power and influence rivaled that of those “supporters” that enabled the Clintons to accumulate their wealth, peddling their influence both during and after their presidencies. Trump doesn’t need or want that.
  3. Trump’s predecessor was obsessed with what HE was and did do while in office, regardless of the impact on Americans — even when negative. Trump too obsesses, but his obsessions are outwardly for all to see, not just by what he says but what he does at improving the lives of Americans. And he’s the only president in my history who has fulfilled his campaign promises to voters immediately after taking the oath of office! 

The Deep State does not know what to do about Donald Trump. They knew after those accomplishments started piling up that if they let them continue uninterrupted, he not only would serve a second term, but his accomplishments would expose the Deep State’s true power and control methods to Americans. And they knew that exposure would ruin the Swamp they created for all Deep State compadres in which to thrive. In short, Trump immediately began destroying their “deal too good to be true.”

And expose those things, and the guilty parties are precisely what the President has done.


That’s it. It certainly is not an intricate mystery. But it certainly has been well-hidden. During the day today, think through the things that have happened in the U.S. the last decade or so that you have wondered, “How could they let that happen?” It is most likely, those in the Deep State were conducting “business as usual.”

Let’s watch and see. I, for one, desperately want this to get to the Senate for trial and for the Senate to use the test to (through public and continuous testimony of those guilty of numerous federal violations) expose the Deep State to Americans.

If that is not allowed, you can be confident the Deep State existence among Republicans will be confirmed. The only realistic explanation for those Conservatives in the Senate to not let such testimony happen is they are Deep State members who are desperate to maintain their status quo.

God help them! Their exposure would undoubtedly be known to the World.

They’ll be toast!


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