There WAS Voter Fraud in Georgia: How Do We Know That For Sure?

Isn’t it odd that very few in politics will even discuss publicly the almost certain voter fraud that occurred in Georgia’s November 3 election? No one has ever hesitated to point to fraud in previous elections. What was different this time?

We are now in the era of “Cancel Culture,” Wokeness, Critical Race Theory, and the actual ownership of all usage of words that depict racism of any kind — real or perceived. And, folks, the ones who have unfettered and unilateral control and use of those words all have a “D” following their name: they are Democrats.

Stacey Abrams (pictured above) is this Democrat operative from Georgia that initiated election uproar in the Peach State. But sadly, it was not because of voter fraud in November of 2020. It was because of the voter integrity bill signed into law at the end of March by Georgia’s governor. Abrams went crazy, began playing the race card before the CEOs of large companies with a presence in Georgia, and even shamed Major League Baseball into moving their 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver, Colorado. Why? Abrams shamed MLB for even contemplating that game being played in a state that just adopted oppressive new voter restrictions. Major League Baseball complied, and an estimated $100 million of Atlanta revenue from the game itself and ancillary revenue was lost. And most of that money would have gone to African American businesses located in Atlanta.

We watched and listened to those election irregularity legislative hearings in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia. One after another, voters in each state swore an oath and then provided hard copy evidence, personal testimony. Even some provided videos that proved voter fraud to some extent in each of these states.

Where’s the uproar for actual voter fraud? Where’s the outrage and the onslaught of demands from Democrat Party leaders to investigate to make certain there was NO voter fraud? Don’t hold your breath!

We all know about the exhaustive and extensive election audit that we’re told completed last week in Maricopa County in Arizona. Only a few tidbits have been “slipped” into public view, but they each portend bad news for Democrats in Arizona and others in Washington. At first blush, it appears that Biden did NOT win in Arizona. What does that mean? (To be continued…)

Uh-Oh! It Looks Like REAL Voter Fraud in Georgia

As the Georgia secretary of state’s office continues to investigate evidence indicating more than 10,300 Georgians may have illegally voted in the November 2020 election, the office’s chief operating officer reportedly defended voters for violating state election law.

“The reality is these are normal Georgians who are just trying to exercise their right to vote in a bizarre year,” Chief Operating Officer Gabriel Sterling reportedly told Atlanta’s WSB-TV, when confronted with an admission from one voter that he had moved more than 30 days before the general election but cast his vote in the county in which he no longer lived.

It was reported last week before Georgia certified its election results, President Trump challenged the state’s tally that showed Joe Biden winning the general election by 11,779 votes out of nearly five million votes cast. One of the more than 30 arguments Trump presented in his lawsuit challenging the election charged that nearly 40,000 Georgians illegally voted in a county where they did not reside.

Trump’s challenge relied on Section 21-2-218 of the state’s election code, which unequivocally provides that residents vote in the county where they reside unless they had changed their residence within 30 days of the election. So clear is Georgia’s in-county voting mandate that on Friday “FactCheck” confirmed the accuracy of this reading of the law by quoting the Georgia secretary of state’s voter registration webpage:

Enough Illegal Votes to Exceed Margin of Victory

At the time of Trump’s election challenge, in alleging widespread violations of Section 21-2-218, the president relied on information from the Secretary of State’s Office and the U.S. Postal Service National Change of Address (NCOA) database, the latter of which identified more than 100,000 individuals who had indicated a move to a new county before October 1, 2020.

Mark Davis, an expert on residency issues and voter data analytics, compared the NCOA data to official data from the Secretary of State’s Office and determined that approximately 35,000 of those Georgians cast a ballot in the county from which they had moved more than 30 days before the election. While a percentage of those voters may have moved only temporarily, perhaps because they were students or in the military — circumstances that do not affect a voter’s residency — with less than 12,000 votes separating Biden and Trump, this bucket of potentially illegal votes could have resulted in a state court tossing the election results.

Nonetheless, because Georgia courts delayed Trump’s election-challenge case, setting a trial on the matter only after Congress certified Biden as the victor, evidence of illegal voting was never heard.

As was reported a little more than a week ago, growing evidence indicates enough illegal out-of-county votes will eventually be revealed to exceed Biden’s margin of victory. Specifically, Davis re-ran the data in May. He found that more than 10,300 of the approximately 35,000 individuals who moved to a new county have since confirmed their move was permanent by updating their voter registration to the same address they had previously provided the USPS.

What the Voters Said

The Secretary of State’s Office told the Media in a nearly hour-long interview last week that its investigation into these voters is ongoing. Still, the lead investigator Frances Watson refused to provide any specifics concerning the investigatory steps being taken.

However, last week, after obtaining a list of the 10,000-plus voters who had updated their registrations since the general election, pursuant to a Georgia open records request, WSB TV investigative reporter Justin Gray launched his own probe, knocking on doors to ask voters about their moves.

In a Friday article, Gray reported on his conversations with two voters. According to Gray, one voter, identified as Jon Stout, “admits he did vote in the wrong county after moving just a few houses down the street but crossing the DeKalb County line.” Stout claimed he did so because he was not “able to update his driver’s license during the pandemic.” Stout, however, also did not update his voter registration, which he could have done online with the Secretary of State’s Office.

A second voter, identified as Mark Buerkle, told Gray that “he did move from Gwinnett County to Fulton but turned in his Fulton ballot at a Fulton dropbox.” “The fact is I live here, I voted here, I voted in this county. It should be legit, and there shouldn’t be any questions,” Buerkle told WSB TV.

When asked about this reporting, Davis stressed that he doesn’t like talking about specific voters, especially because it is possible the voter may not have even realized he was actually casting a Gwinnett County ballot. “It is up to our elections officials and law enforcement to determine who may or may not have violated the law,” Davis told me, “which is why they are conducting an investigation and why I gave them the data from my analysis.”

“Equally as important,” though Davis added, “I also want our elected officials to understand these are systemic irregularities that must be addressed.”

“The Story the Data Is Telling Me”

“Concerning Mr. Buerkle, I am sorry Channel 2 put him on the spot the way they did,” Davis said. “I have deliberately refrained from publishing the data from my analysis,” Davis noted, adding that “I had an understanding with the Secretary of State’s Office that it would not be subject to open records request until the conclusion of their investigation, yet here we are.” (Davis also required that the reporter sign a non-disclosure agreement before providing access to the data for review.)

“That said, when it comes to his residency, in particular, I only know the story the data is telling me,” Davis stated, and “November 2020, NCOA data shows an individual change of address was filed last year, with a move effective date in August of 2020, which indicated a move from an address in Gwinnett County to a new address in Fulton County.”

Further, “the absentee voter data shows this individual was still registered in Gwinnett County when he appears to have requested an absentee ballot be mailed to his Fulton County address in September of 2020.” Also, while this voter told WSB-TV he had placed that ballot in a Fulton County drop box two blocks from his house, “both the absentee data and the vote history data indicate the vote was cast in Gwinnett County,” Davis explained, adding that, if handled properly, Fulton County election officials would transfer the ballot to Gwinnett County.

None of this is to say Buerkle or Stout committed voter fraud. Stout apparently thought nothing of voting in a county where he no longer lived, and Buerkle seems not even to realize that, according to the secretary of state records, he cast a Gwinnett County absentee ballot.

Laws Don’t Matter If They Aren’t Enforced.

The public might also pooh-pooh these admissions as insignificant, but as Davis said, state election law requires voters to cast a ballot in their county of residence for a reason: Each county has unique issues facing residents, whether it’s taxing or which local or state officials will represent them. For instance, “When Mr. Buerkle lived in Gwinnett County, he would have voted in the Seventh Congressional District, but his new residence in Fulton County is in the Fifth Congressional District,” Davis said in the interview.

But even if the public shrugs at the significance of these revelations, Georgia’s Secretary of State’s Office, in the person of its chief operating officer, shouldn’t spin the casting of illegal votes as people “just trying to exercise their right to vote.” On the contrary, every illegal vote cast disenfranchised a legal voter who followed the law, including those who moved and undertook “the normal burden” of voting by lawfully updating their voting registration.

Then there were the Georgia voters who moved and, like the voters featured in WSB TV’s article, failed to update their voter registration — as legally required — in time to cast a ballot in the general election. The overwhelming majority of those 100,000-plus citizens followed the law and did not vote in a county where they no longer lived.

So, what we have then, is the Secretary of State’s Office defending the counting of the ballots of those who broke the law and even excusing those violations, while those who followed the law remained unable to cast ballots at all. One must wonder too how seriously the Secretary of State’s Office takes the investigation into the 10,000-plus residents if its COO frames those who violate Section 21-2-218 as merely “trying to exercise their right to vote.”

Lack of Enforcement Undermines Public Trust

After WSB TV broke the story late last week, reporters sought comment from Sterling and asked Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s communications manager for voter education, Walter Jones, for a statement. Did Raffensperger agree with Sterling’s assessment? And if not, would the secretary issue a comment condemning violations of election law and Sterling’s disregard for election integrity? Both media requests were ignored.

This approach is suspicious. The public needs to have confidence that the Secretary of State’s Office will undertake a full and transparent investigation of election irregularities. Sterling’s statements to the press last week demand distrust.

Sterling’s recent comments prove even more troubling when considered in context with statements a Georgia secretary of state spokesperson made to “FactCheck” late last week concerning the newly revealed evidence of the 10,300-plus likely illegal votes cast in the November 2020 election. Jones reportedly told FactCheck that “establishing a person’s residency is complicated and involves many variables, including where a person claims a homestead exemption and even a person’s ‘intent.’”

That is all true, but it ignores the reality that the more than 10,300 voters specifically at issue all made clear their intent to change residencies when they updated their voter registration records — albeit too late to legally vote in the November 2020 election in their new counties. Further, while there may be a few people on the fringes, likely, nearly all of the voters who informed the secretary of state that they had permanently moved to a new county did so on or about the date they told the USPS they were moving — which was more than 30 days before the November 2020 election.

Even More Disconcerting Details

Ironically, Jones also stressed to FactCheck that 86 percent of the voters Davis identified in-person “showed up in the polling location where they were registered,” implying some connection to their old residence existed. But as WSB-TV reported, for one voter, that meant just walking a few blocks to his old precinct in another county. Jones’s statement would also suggest that many of the voters on the list deliberately traveled a considerable distance to their old county of residence to vote.

Considered in context with Sterling’s comments, however, the worst spin came when Jones stressed to FactCheck that “federal law requires ‘individualized inquiry’ into each voter’s situation,” and that “calling these voter’s ‘illegal voters’ without making that individualized inquiry is a disservice.”

But then, when confronted by an Atlanta investigative reporter who undertook that “individualized inquiry” — and went two-for-two with voters who admitted they had moved more than 30 days before the election — the secretary of state’s COO derided the discovery. That was the real disservice!

Further, while Sterling was spinning this confirmation of illegal votes as just “everyday Georgians who are just trying to exercise their right to vote,” the secretary of state’s press person pushed the conflicting talking point that in-person voters “signed an oath that they resided where they are registered.” Absentee voters signed an application “saying that they still resided where they were registered.”

So which is it, Raffensperger? Are the 10,300-plus — and potentially up to 35,000 — voters who may have cast ballots illegally in a county in which they didn’t live “just trying to exercise their right to vote”? Or did many of them deceive election workers by falsely signing an oath affirming they still reside in their old county?


It is almost certain the vote tallies Georgia included a large number of illegal ballots. The specifics of their impact on the election results will hang in limbo — maybe forever. I think those who participated in this scheme that seems to have played out in other states as well were premediated. But how does one prove that? And, then, in this case, how could the fact that the November 2020 election results declared some winners did NOT win and some who did NOT win actually won?

Sadly, when all the dust settles and if a rigged election shows to have happened, Americans may discover they’ve been governed by a puppet government put in power by a rigged election.

Only God can figure what could be done to rectify the fraud. Personally, I don’t see a realistic way to “put the Genie back in the bottle.” And that means we have a “President” Joe Biden for more than three more years.

By the way: how will Americans’ attitudes about our government change if this election fraud is proven? Even more important: How can Joe Biden get anything in government accomplished for Americans if/when he’s labeled a “fraudulent” President?

OMG! I just thought of this: if Biden leaves for any reason, VP Kamala Harris takes the reins!

God Help Us!

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2 thoughts on “There WAS Voter Fraud in Georgia: How Do We Know That For Sure?”

  1. I have read your article, however what was never told was how many of those fraudulent votes were for Biden versus the fraudulent votes cast for Trump. You mislead voters and let them think that all those votes were Biden’s. Plus all the other candidates on those ballots would be fraudulent as well. What affects one affects all. I’m tired of the way both sides lie about everything and people are so gullible. You say it’s the truth but spin it your way. The democrats say they are truth checkers and spin it their way. No one will ever really be happy with any outcome, but whatever happens its not worth a civil war. This country is not getting better it is getting worse.

    1. Ms. Rebel: Thank you for taking the time to look in at the story you referenced in your comments. I wanted to respond to your comment to make certain you understand what was actually included in our offering. First, we reported nothing but information that came from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office. We didn’t “assume” anything in our report. I think you and many folks miss the only REALLY important item that our article worked to point out: “There WAS voter fraud in Georgia!” We never maintained any number of votes that should have gone to Trump went to Biden, nor the other way around. What we did was “Report” their findings. Their findings indicated “There was voter fraud in Georgia!” That’s the ONLY thing that is important to me and should be important to every other American citizen.

      Right now it doesn’t how many fraudulent votes were cast for Biden or how many for Trump. What matters (and should concern you) is there WAS voter fraud! One fraudulent vote is too many in every election. Sadly, in your comment, you failed to mention that choosing to adopt the frequent defense of Democrats that always ignore facts of irregular voting and even identified fraudulent votes.

      Make no mistake: if Joe Biden won the election by enough “legally cast votes,” he should be President for at least one term. If Joe Biden won the election by even ONE fraudulent vote’s margin, he should NOT be President. There’s no other Constitutionally justifiable outcome.

      PLEASE read the story again and your comment to me. I, in the story, did NOT spin a thing. The story includes the FACTS as reported by Georgia’s authorities. We simply pointed to the wild and crazy aftermath of the election in which anyone who dared to express concern for ANY illegal votes was castigated by Democrats. Most people in the nation that experienced that simply “sat down and shut up.” I don’t do that! I want voter fraud GONE and every perpetrator of voter fraud to be held to legal penalties prescribed in law. That applies to any Republican, Independent, or Democrat.

      I hope you feel the same!

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