“TNN Live!” Monday, June 12, 2023

There’s a strong possibility the case against Donald Trump will be dropped when the court convenes! Why? We go into the possibilities in today’s show. Also, it becomes more likely each day that Joe Biden WILL be indicted for bribery in the Burisma case. More evidence appears daily that shows the Biden Family Syndicate is real! California has a pending bill that, if passed and signed into law, will give the State unilateral power and authority to take children from parents who refuse to allow their children to choose — even at the age of 5 years old — their “real” biology. The State would place them in homes that are trans-activists and will support the State-paid trans surgeries!

To listen to today’s show, click on this link:

These are links to the three documentaries we encourage you to watch this week. They document with evidence the atrocities that occurred during our “Plandemic.” Dr. Judy Mikovits — who is the chief source of the amazing content of these documentaries — will join us live Monday, June 19, at 9:00 AM Central. In the meantime, watch these documentaries!



Plandemic 2: Indoctrination


Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening


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