“For the Love of Money!”

“For the love of money” is far more than just a song. It’s the underlying basis for pretty much every conversation, every piece of legislation, every bill and every law that is passed in Congress. And Washington is full of people who LOVE money and want more of it. Worse, though, is that part of that LOVE for money they have requires them to use their power to create ways to GET more money. That sends us to the piggy bank: the U.S. Congress.

As you know, the House of Representatives controls the purse of Uncle Sam: all the big bucks. Through a couple of centuries, they have crafted and refined the best, most comprehensive, and the most secretive ways to control the trillions of U.S. tax dollars that Americans and corporations pay to the government. The House controls the bucks. And the Speaker of the House controls the buttons to push — all the buttons to push — to get the most money for the specific people and entities that she wants. Sometimes it’s for people in her circle. Sometimes it’s for those to whom she may be obligated as voters and contributors. Sometimes it’s simply payback to fellow members of her party who have given HER favors regarding their votes on HER issues.

Today on TNN Live, you’ll hear from the Speaker herself regarding the “new” Stimulus Bill she has floated as “Stimulus #4” to take the next step in our government to tackle the coronavirus and its various impacts on the nation. She will tell you she calls it “Recovery.” I guess that means “because coronavirus is over.” Who knows! But she also tells us about a new committee that purportedly will be to oversee the way the $2.2 Trillion Congress allocated in the CARES Act is being spent. But I promise you, there’s more than just watching the dollars in her mind for this committee. I smell “Impeachment Part II” in this.

You’ll also hear live from the CEO of a large Orthopedics firm and a Surgery Hospital in Florida. He will discuss not only how coronavirus has impacted them in the orthopedics firm, but how it is impacting their hospital and their city in southwest Florida. It will be great to get firsthand knowledge from a professional healthcare CEO who’s on the frontlines.

Of course there are a bunch of other important topics that will cover in the show that begins at 9:00 AM Central. In two hours will fill your brain with lots of information and facts about the coronavirus, its direct and indirect impacts on the nation and how those are affecting others. We’ll get into the most current medical information on the virus and its reach into our lives. And we always have a few surprises.

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China Did It!

Here we go. We knew it wouldn’t take long for the conspiracies to not only appear, but permeate the news: “Old So and So Country Weaponized a Virus.” It’s happened.

We heard in the beginning that China was responsible for the Coronavirus. Yes, it appears China was first to get the virus. But did they mishandle it and allow it to escape to invade the rest of the word? Or did they accidentally mishandle it and it slipped out of Wuhan? Or did it get its birth somewhere else?

There’s some “new” evidence out on the matter. You need to see and hear about it. Join us at 9:00 AM this morning for “TNN LIVE,” and join in our conversation about MORE details about Coronavirus. Here’s how:

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A New Month With Nothing New: NOT April Fools

Today is April 1, a day most Americans hoped would bring some relief with good news about turning the corner on our COVID-19 pandemic. It did not happen. But what HAS happened is much more testing, much more research, and resulting in numerous new facts about the virus itself, who it most susceptible to it, and how to combat it.

Numbers with subsequent projections on where we’re headed are firming up and providing the experts far more accurate timelines for realistic expectations. Expectations are all throughout the country. But with those comes the fear of not knowing for sure about the accuracies of what we are seeing and being told.

Today on TNN Live, we discuss in our first hour the latest and most accurate (and truthful) information we have ferreted out of the noise of regular “news” reporting. We don’t have an agenda. We just want to find the truth and pass it along to you. And today, we have REAL numbers that you can trust.

We also take a look at how this all is impacting some of our emergency room doctors and nurses, and it will surprise you—lots of craziness around this whole mess. But it looks like it’ll be with us for another month or so.

Don’t forget, our show starts at 9:00 AM. We’re up for two hours with scads of “real” news and information. We’ll today look at the massive yet almost unnoticed attack on the First Amendment while Coronavirus distracts us, and we’ll be taking your phone calls.

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The Live TNN First Day: REAL Story!


Yeah…I know: it was a bomb. I have never been so upset or disappointed in my life. Quite honestly, I was humiliated. But the REAL problem was that you were caught up in the middle of that craziness. I am humbly sorry and promise you it will never happen again.

That being said, I want to make certain you understand the source of the problem: the volume of our listenership crashed their broadcast servers! That’s a good thing — at least having so many of you aboard so quickly. But it was a bad thing because the IT company knew going-in we expected a big crowd. But they apparently didn’t, and it crashed the servers.

That will not happen again. Why? We changed companies. We now are using as our new partner the largest company on the planet that streams radio broadcasts. They worked with us all day yesterday, late into the night, and got us all set to move forward quickly.

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