“TNN Live!” Thursday, June 8, 2023

President Biden is guilty of violating multiple federal statutes regarding the actions of illegal aliens who are flooding our nation. At the top of the show, we discuss the statutes Biden openly violates daily. Also implicated are those in his administration that suborn (or support) illegal alien entry into the U.S. One governor has proposed Amendment #28 to the U.S. Constitution. Guess what it’s about, GUN CONTROL! Data is out that proves Americans want the FBI to be “changed” and changed dramatically.

To listen to today’s show, click on this link:

As promised in today’s “TNN Live!” show, here are the links to ALL the federal statutes that pertain to EVERY area of illegal aliens’ entry into the United States. The first links to the statute that clearly details what constitutes “illegal entry” by those committing the infraction: 


The second links to the statute that clearly details what constitutes “assisting” or “transporting” illegal aliens into the United States without using the legal immigration process as defined in the above statute:


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