“TNN Live!” Tuesday, June 13, 2023

It’s not “Friday the 13th,” but it IS the 13th. And today’s a bad day for our President. Factual information exists that proves that our President WAS bribed while Obama’s Vice President. A Ukrainian billionaire paid then Vice President Biden $5 million plus Hunter Biden $5 million in bribes. But that’s not the biggest revelation about this horror show. The FBI knew about it and has information from a whistleblower that reveals Joe and Hunter Biden were recorded by this Ukrainian billionaire that, proves Biden’s involvement! Seventeen phone calls were recorded and apparently prove that Biden was bribed. Meanwhile, Trump- now awaiting a trial for the allegations made against him- is preparing to defend himself against this latest witch hunt against him. Our show today is FULL of proof of all we’re saying. Don’t miss it!

To listen to today’s show, click on this link:

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