Trump, China, and Russia

I would love to be a fly on the wall tomorrow when Secretary of State Tillerson sits down with the Russian Foreign Minister in Moscow to discuss all things Russia, Syria, and America.  Let’s just “suppose” for a minute what that conversation might sound like:

Tillerson:  “Mr. Foreign Minister, the U.S. knows that the Russian involvement in the use of chemical weapons in Syria is real even if you didn’t actually release any of the siran gas.  Mr. Lavrov, you and President Putin need to understand America will not stand for any country to commit genocide.  Lives are too precious.  Please know that we will not allow indiscriminate slaughter of Syrians by gas by Assad or your country.”

Lavrov:  “Secretary Tillerson, Russia has a long standing peaceful partnership with the government of Syria.  We provide valuable humanitarian, military, and financial support there and have done so for many years.  Do not take for granted the good relationship Russia has with the Syrian people.  Also, the U.S. needs to know that we will not stand for U.S. intervention to continue there.  It is against international law and will not go unpunished.  We have a red line that the United States by crossing will face dire consequences.”

Tillerson:  “Sergey, really?  Do you and President Putin think you are still dealing with Barack Obama?  President Trump is NOT Barack Obama.  Even though President Trump did not publicly draw a line in the sand and dare President Assad cross it by gassing, Assad now knows that gassing Syrians IS America’s line in the sand.  Relay please to President Putin and Assad that the U.S. is prepared to take whatever measures are necessary to assure no more Syrian babies will die gasping for breath because of chemical attacks.”

Tillerson & Lavrov

Lavrov:  “Perhaps Mr. Secretary you do not understand the might of Russia.  We have every resource necessary to defend President Assad and will make sure that no foreign country interferes with the sovereign operations of the Syrian government.  Please make certain President Trump understands the resolve of President Putin and the Russian people.”

Tillerson:  “Ok Mr Foreign Minister.  Let’s cut to the chase.  The Russian economy is in the tank.  Russia’s military is in a sad state, is equipped with ancient defense equipment and has very limited infrastructure to enter into any real conflict.  Know this:  the U.S. has every resource necessary to stop any country from slaughtering innocent people and will use any resources necessary.  I don’t think Russian wants to take a military stand in Syria.  If you do we will destroy your Middle Eastern assets immediately.  If you and President Putin feel that it is necessary to take that final stand in Syria, so be it.  We will respond appropriately.  President Trump suggests that you advise President Putin to back away so as to avert the unleashing on the Great Bear of the North the fury of the greatest military on Earth.  I assure you that fury will be short lived as will your military.”

My Thoughts on the Trump “Middle East Plan” and the Trump “Asia Plan”

I have watched various political government officials and news pundits attack the President since the missile strike on Syria stating he has NO coherent plan for Syria and the Middle East.  I’ve seen it over and over again on all the major networks and most political talk shows.  Each time one of them blasts the President for that I find myself screaming at the television screen, “He’s NOT Barack Obama!  He’s a strategist and not a politician.  Giving up your plans is literally raising the white flag of surrender.  That’s what Obama did.”  President Donald Trump will reveal his Middle East military strategy to us WHEN and only when it is put into action.  Why?  How stupid to suggest the President roll his plan out on the international stage!  That would be just like Tom Brady leaving the huddle, walking up to the line, and telling the middle lineback of the Atlanta Falcons in the SuperBowl “Hey.  We’re on this play going to run a QB sneak.”  Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?  That’s exactly what Obama did over and over again.  Why not let Assad and Putin lay in bed tonight and wonder what the United States is going to do if/when they use chemical weapons again?

And, by the way, you can bet President Trump has a plan for Syria and Russia.  He has one for North Korea as well.  That reminds me, there’s another conversation I’d like to listen in on:

Chinese President Xi:  “President Trump, thank you so much for inviting us to the U.S. to meet you and discuss international diplomacy in Asia as it pertains to the U.S.”

President Trump:  “Mr. President, it is my treat to host the president of China here in Florida.  I appreciate your willingness to discuss some of the necessary changes in foreign policy in Asia.”

Chinese President Xi & President Trump

Xi:  “Mr. Trump, it is somewhat humorous to me that an American government official would think he would have some right or permission to have a conversation about anything to do with foreign policy matters for any country, especially and Asian country.  Who do you think you are?”

Donald Trump:  “President Xi, I would never presume any position of any kind and I would never insult you or any world leader.  However, I’m NOT an American government official.  I’m the President of the United States of America.  The World tends to look to the U.S. (with the exception of the last 8 years) for leadership in making certain that as much as possible the World stays safe.  We as a nation do everything we can to maintain peace and tranquility in the U.S. and try to teach other countries how to maintain within their own culture as peaceful as possible an environment for their people.  And many on Earth are concerned about the growing tension in Asia.”

President Xi:  “President Trump, thank you for your concern.  Please know that China has it all together and we do not need the help or advice of the United States or any other country.  American history is a little over 200 years total.  China’s history spans centuries.  We know much more about life on Earth than the U.S.”

President Trump:  “I have the utmost respect for the Chinese people.  And even though you feel today like Asia is safe, it really is not as long as Kim Jong-un is in power in North Korea.  (Please pass the potatoes)  By the way, a few minutes ago I lobbed 59 Tomahawk missiles into a Syrian airbase to stop Assad from slaughtering Syrians with chemical weapons.  Would you mind to tell your lapdog — Kim — we have a few more Tomahawk missiles left that we intend to let him look at up close unless he stops this ballistic and nuclear missile sabre rattling?  We are tiring of his daily tirades played out on international television.”

Do not be fooled into believing Donald Trump does not have foreign policy plans in place:  President Xi coming to the U.S. personally to be with the President at the exact time of the missile strike against Assad was no accident.  It was planned.  President Xi left knowing at least one thing he did not come here knowing:  the U.S. President in office now is NOT anything like the one he replaced — he’s decisive, non political, and he means business.  THAT was President Trump’s initial “let’s deal with China” plan.  And do not be deceived:  Mr. Trump knows that meeting was just a start.  But that is how you build trust, understanding, and relationships:  you start with building blocks.  I think the President did a good job there.

With Putin:  there IS no bro-mance.  Putin has boxed himself in:  he’s lost any support in Europe.  Most Middle Eastern countries know the state of the military and economy in Russia and have gone “Hmmm……” after seeing the U.S. action in Syria.  Putin thought he had all of them in his pocket.  Not so today.

I am not stupid:  I know (as does the President) both Russia and China are nuclear nations.  But both countries have leaders who definitely don’t want to end life as we know it by going nuclear.  But the cornerstone of life on Earth with President Donald Trump has been laid first with President Xi and President Putin.  And so far it has already been successful.  Watching the Tillerson Russian meeting should be enlightening.

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