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What If?

Let’s play the childhood game and make it for adults today:  “What if?”  My Mother always told me to never think “what if” because there was no good in it, rather to live with the “what happened” no matter how it did not parallel what I wanted.  But getting stuck in “what if” would never make things better.  Maybe OUR game of “What If?” might do us some good.  So here’s the basis for the game.  We will consider all of these in a context of Hillary Clinton being President instead of Donald Trump.  We’re 70 days in.  I think the timing is appropriate.  Lets go:

  1. What if it was discovered at some point that the Russians had hacked the Trump email servers (and those of the GOP) before the election?  And based on that, what if the Russians leaked all the emails they retrieved through Wikileaks to the American media?  Answer:  First, that would not have happened because both the Trump campaign and the GOP had state-of-the-art internet security built into their servers.  The fact that Hillary kept all her State Department email communications on a server in the bathroom of her internet provider and that server had no security protocol, the Russians, the Chinese, Monica Lewinsky, or Bubba at the used car lot had easy access to her server and through it a direct line to the Democrat National Committee’s emails.  But here’s the ONLY point in that bruh-ha-ha that really matters and NONE of the Leftie media have ever pointed out:  the release was of ACTUAL emails — none were fake.  So what Wikileaks exposed were real policy positions, words, sentences, and paragraphs that were actually written to and about people.  So if the Russians did anything specific with a hack, (and no one has yet to release a shred of evidence that proves that Leftie talking point) they exposed the dogmatic policy positions and the disdain of Clinton staffers and DNC staff for Bernie Sanders and his staff, and their extreme disdain for mainstream Americans.
  2. What if Hillary in her first 70 days had accomplished what Trump has in his first 70?  U.S. employers added jobs beyond expectations in both January (238,000) and February (235,000), with the unemployment rate falling to 4.7% and wages growing 2.8%. According to Bloomberg, America’s labor market is getting better “by any measure”.  Trump has cut the U.S. debt burden by $68 billion dollars.  Manufacturing is at its most robust since 1984.  The Dow closed above 20,000 for the first time ever days after Trump’s inauguration and hasn’t stopped rising since. The Dow has surged more than 2500 points since Trump was elected – a 12 per cent spike.  (Remember that even Mark Cuban predicted that with a Trump election the stock market would suffer a world record and world changing loss:  the opposite happened)  Samsung, Exxon, Hasbro, Fiat, Carrier, have all committed billions of dollars in new plant construction and existing plant renovation and hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the near future.  Trump rolled back the onerous Obama regulations on the coal industry that had paralyzed coal country and ripped jobs away from tens of thousands of workers and shuttered plants that are now re-opening and re-hiring.  Illegals from Mexico were down 40% in Trump’s first month.  Trump approved the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Keystone Pipeline that is bringing thousands of new jobs to Middle America RIGHT NOW.  He cut funding for international abortions and gave the right of determination of transgender rights back to the states.  He appointed and saw confirmed Neil Gorsuch to replace Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court.  And he as President finally followed through on what the previous President promised and didn’t just threaten Syria’s Assad, but wiped out chemical weapon production and delivery infrastructure with one strategic missile strike.  Obama’s walking away from his “red line” threat to Assad cost Syrian innocents — including thousands of women and children — their lives through inhumane genocide chemical attacks.  Answer to the “what if” question here:  Hillary would have done NOT ONE OF THESE THINGS.
  3. The Russian Ambassador

    What if Hillary’s National Security Advisor had been caught through a FISA intelligence operation speaking to the Russian Ambassador?  First, there would not have been any surveillance against Hillary during her campaign or in her early administration.  She was Obama’s hand picked successor.  He would not have surveilled  her for fear that his doing so would have been discovered and the results of such investigation might get out to the public.  And remember:  Hillary and Barack were proud of their relationships with the Russians.  They together brokered the sale of 20% of U.S. uranium through a secret deal done through a Canadian company that paid handsomely to the Clinton Foundation to be able to sell that company to Putin.  Hillary had previously given them the famous “reset” button to the Russians that no one knew the meaning of.  And Obama told the Russian foreign minister before his re-election to his second term to tell Putin that he could do a lot more regarding Russian-U.S. matters after his election.  The Russian stuff is purely Donald Trump!  There is NOT substance there.  Remember this:  when you raise chickens for eggs, the one that squawks the loudest is the one that laid the eggs.  Who’s crying “The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!”  It’s the Obama/Democrat/HRC crowd.  Wonder what Russian stuff they are wanting to keep hidden?  According to the old wives’ tale:  THEY laid the eggs, not Trump.

  4. What if Hillary had gone to Florida, North Carolina, Detroit, and Wisconsin after being sworn in to meet with thousands of Americans simply to thank them for voting for her and helping start the new agenda to “Make America Great Again?”  She wouldn’t have made those trips if she had been elected.  Why?  First, she doesn’t like Middle Americans and members of the working class.  They’re part of the famous “basket of deplorables.”  Secondly, if she held any of those rallies, no one would attend!
  5. What if she had done what was rumored she might do:  appoint Barack Obama to replace Antonin Scalia?  First, thank God the GOP controls the Senate and Obama would never be confirmed.  But her appointment of him would confirm to the World that the two were definitely in a mutual commitment to cover up each other’s inequities while in office that in some cases were surely illegal.  But in addition, each had made promises to the other about the expected “quid pro quo” that would be implemented for the other after her inauguration.

I feel blessed that none of these “What if’s” have or will happen.  We genuinely dodged a bullet.  We have a long way to go to get this massive ship turned around.  But if Hillary was the Captain of this Ship, if not already we would surely be headed for a shipwreck.  Trump is driving the Boat, Thank God!

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