Trump Losing Support of Suburban Women

We’ve all heard it: Suburban women cannot tolerate the President’s blunt and sometimes caustic rhetoric and are fleeing the GOP in advance of the 2020 elections. But here’s a caution for us all: Conservatives are preached to by the Media Mob, who consistently tell us their version of the truth on all Trump matters. They are the source of the suburban women rush to turn on the President. But is what we are being told the truth?

It should come as no surprise to any that this news is not news at all. Facts do not bear this out.

A new report showed that President Donald Trump is seeing a surge in donations from women and is tops in receiving significant contributions from suburban women—more than any Democrat candidate. 

Despite the narrative from mainstream media claiming that suburban women are “fleeing the Trump party,” a study from, part of the Center for Responsive Politics, shows the sharp contrast. President Trump has the most big-dollar suburban women donors, 10,534, and has received the most from them with more than $8 million—the most significant amount compared with his Democratic rivals.

“Suburban women, who power a significant electoral battleground, are a key demographic for 2020,” reads the study. “The suburbs are more important as the political divide between Republicans and Democrats grows starker.”

“Trump has received more itemized large-dollar contributions from women than a majority of the Democratic candidates—$15 million since he started fundraising the day after his inauguration,” it adds. 

Even some conservative show hosts have noted the alleged support loss of Trump female support. But statistics do not bear that out.

Media reports following Trump’s defeat of Hillary Clinton in 2016 pointed to the apparent Clinton loss of support from women as a significant factor in the election outcome. The media then could not accept that with all of Mr. Clinton’s “dirty laundry” from his past, women could still support him as president. CNN found a group of southern women in Dallas who explained precisely why the Trump support among women was rock-solid among Conservatives then and will continue:

The Blue Wave

Here we go again! That famous Democrat “Blue Wave” that in 2018 put Democrats back in control of the House of Representatives is, according to Democrats, now a tsunami headed for the shores of the Potomac in 2020 to sweep Mr. Trump from office. And swept up in that wave are suburban women who will determine who will replace Mr. Trump.

But we DO know a few things that the Blue Wave rumors do not confirm:

  • As the above-quoted report confirms, suburban women have NOT fled from the support of the President or GOP candidates;
  • Women still are the key demographic that determine election outcomes. Therefore NO GOP candidate (or any candidate) can take that voting block for granted. Despite what Media pundits want Americans to believe, many Trump policies are purposely aimed at female voters. What would those issues be? The economy. This American economy is and will continue to be the critical factor for women voters in 2020.


Who controls the election narrative in America? No matter how easy it is in today’s 24/7 instant media environment, the mass media control the political narrative. We have watched in horror in the past decade as the Media Mob has en masse directly and purposely impacted the flow of “truth” in the marketplace of ideas. And most of the time, that media agenda has become a concerted effort to impact election results with “slanted” information — or as the “Woke” American media prefer to state it is “Their Truth.”

Remember the 1990s marketing line that we all learned the hard way: “Perception is Reality?” There was much truth in that statement in the 90s, and it has never been more appropriate than it is in today’s media messaging.

Regarding the Blue Wave in 2018 and the flow of the support of women, NBC illustrated the “Perception Doctrine” in Media:

We are living in the year 2018, and the GOP seems to have only just now discovered it has a woman problem. The blue wave of the midterms — substantially propelled by women’s organizing and woman candidates — has left the Republican party scrambling to shore up support among suburban, college-educated women, who seem to be fleeing the party en masse. Yet for a party that has thoroughly and obsessively defined itself based on white male needs and sensibilities for at least a decade, the call to change may be impossible to heed. Times are moving too fast for Republicans to catch up. There is one big, obvious reason why women are fleeing the Republican party, and it’s currently sitting in the Oval Office: Trump, the big, orange, ugly, angry reminder of exactly how much men can get away with.

Can Trump Win Without Women?

That is a subjective question that can only truthfully be answered subjectively. Results rely solely on exit polling.

In 2016, Reuters conducted exit polling of 24,558 voters of all ages and both sexes. Of both of those gender groups, those polled “said” the following:

  • Of male voters polled, 41% said they voted for Clinton, 52% voter for Trump.
  • Of female voters polled, 54% said they voted for Clinton, 41% voted for Clinton.

Please note this was NOT scientific polling. It is justifiable to suggest that there could be significant assumptions made based on various factors in the exit polling process. But substantively, one can assume there were more women supporting Clinton than supported Trump.

Why do you think that is so?

The Media would love for Americans to believe it was because women as a group rejected Donald Trump. But wait: women regarding their politics have been shown to reject making decisions based solely or in large on the emotions of elections. Women are far more practical than are men.

When voting, women’s votes depend on their confidence that a candidate will perform based on issue promises made while campaigning which are most important to women: healthcare, taxes, employment, consumer prices and inflation, and other mostly economic issues. These are NOT assumptions on our part. They are historical norms from elections as far back as the 1950s.

That should be no surprise: it’s been common knowledge in marketing for decades that reaching women ages 25-54 is mandatory when it comes to economic issues. Why is that? Women in this age bracket not only earn a significant portion of household incomes, they control the purse strings of families.

For those reasons, it is safe to say that as long as the U.S. economy remains stable, shows steady growth, unemployment remains low with wages climbing at even low rates, women will feel far more comfortable than their male counterparts to vote to keep economic conditions in place that have given good results to Americans — especially those in the middle class.

To boil that down: as long as the economy remains good, Donald Trump will NOT lose female voters. In fact, it is expected he will INCREASE voting percentages among women from 2016 percentages.

That certainly is not a popular message among Democrats. But, like it or not, facts are indisputable.


Let’s be honest: November 2020 will be here before we know it. But in reality, there is still plenty of time in which much can happen both good and bad. It is certainly premature to state factually where women in America are going to be regarding their votes in the Presidential race.

Election choices are fragile, polarizing, and very personal. personally I feel it is ridiculous for anyone to measure the voting trends of 160+ million voters by talking to a thousand or so after they finish voting. How unreliable is it to sell that concept as being an accurate representation of the eventual voting results in any election? The Media sell their stories to us about that very thing.

Do you know why they harp incessantly on “Trump is losing the votes of women” story? They are horrified to think that primarily because of the economy, women that are in support of a second term for Mr. Trump are steadily growing in number. Americans as a whole (and certainly American women) are not willing to turn the reins of the American economy over to a political partisan who plans to turn the booming economy over to a novice who promises to flip it 180 degrees. American women in large are no different than American men: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

One of the most in-touch political pundits of the last thirty years — James Carville — put it best during the run up to the Bill Clinton impeachment of the late 1990s. When asked by a news anchor how he thought women would vote in the 1996 presidential election with the cloud of impeachment hanging over Clinton’s head. Carville immediately responded with the now-famous line about what is really important to women in elections: “It’s the economy, Stupid!” was Carville’s response.

When my mother remarried, she married a wealthy much older man. I was a teenage idealist in the 1970s who had a slightly different view of money than I do today.

In my adolescent way I tried to make Mom feel guilty about marrying for money. “After all,” I said, “Money’s not everything.”

My mother’s reply was, “No, money’s not everything. But it makes everything else a lot nicer.”

I cannot think of any statement that better explains exactly where women are in their thinking — not just today, but every day.

Whey Momma feels good about how the money’s going in the house, everybody in the house feels pretty good.

Momma feels pretty good right now.

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