Tuesday Bullets

Lots of bullets flying around D.C. these days. Some of then actually hit targets and some unfortunately strike those that are innocent bystanders. There are so many weekend bullets in the air of late why don’t we make “Tuesday Bullets” a feature here? It will give us all a chance to hear about what bullets we missed during our busy weekend while giving us some detail about shooters and victims in the cases that we heard about but don’t have facts. Here is our first “Tuesday Bullets” offering. Enjoy!

Uranium One

Here we go again. “Russia, Russia, Russia,” now does not refer to the collusion investigation of the Trump Campaign but has turned to those affiliated with the Clintons and THEIR ties to Russian government officials — including Vladimir Putin. How ironic! Put all this in perspective from the “official” Clinton explanation:

  • It is simply a coincidence that the owners of the Canadian company that brokered the purchase of 20% of U.S. uranium supplies ended up owned by a Russian company controlled by the Kremlin;
  • That each of the members of that Canadian company board of directors donated hundreds of thousand of dollars to the Clinton Foundation during this uranium process (none had ever donated to the Clinton Foundation before nor since);
  • That approximately $140 million (so far) in contributions from Russian oligarchs and Russian corporate leaders was donated to the Clinton Foundation; that Bill Clinton spoke in Moscow to a bank tied to the Uranium One Company and was paid twice his normal speaking fee, also during the time of this transaction;
  • That a 9-person committee had to agree to allow a foreign company to purchase U.S. uranium assets unanimously agreed to this deal. That committee included Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder;
  • That a massive FBI investigation was underway into those Russians involved in this transaction at the time of the committee’s approval that A.G. Holder had knowledge of. He just “forgot” to share the investigation and its details with that committee’s members before their vote;
  • That today’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller was FBI Director at the time and is now heading the Russian collusion investigation which is deemed to NOT be a conflict of interest;
  • Rod Rosenstein — current acting Attorney General — was the lead Justice Department attorney investigating the massive bribery by the Russians unearthed at the time.
  • In an interview with Hillary Clinton about this matter yesterday, she categorically denied any wrong doing, any conflicts of interest, any involvement by her husband, her campaign, and herself. She concurred that ALL of these were simple coincidence.

These were obviously NOT coincidences. These were NOT flying under the radar screen either. In 2015, in fact, the NY Times reported about the investigation that would have initiated World War III in D.C. “IF” a Republican had been President. Who was President? Barack Obama, who had the entire matter quietly put on the bottom shelf……until yesterday.

NFL Players Oops!

(I posted this today on my Facebook page.)

“I’ll bet that NFL players who are protesting have given no thought to the financial implications of their actions for them and their fellow NFL players. How so?

  • Notice the attendance at NFL games Sunday? Significantly reduced. The financial impact of that for players? In the CBA, players now receive approximately 53% of NFL team revenues — ALL revenues. That results primarily in player salaries.
  • Seats are empty, day-of-game ticket sales have plummeted, concessions, merchandise, and other stadium revenues have fallen too.
  • But the big one? Television rights money: $2.5 Billion this year alone. Those broadcast contracts have “ratings guarantees.” Viewer ratings are WAY down, which means sponsors are not spending like always and Network payments to the NFL will be proportionately reduced.
  • How much will this cost players? I don’t have exact details, but extrapolating I am guessing about $75 million per team for the season, which means $39 million average per team’s players. A 53 man roster size means an average of $735,849 per player less in 2017 than in 2016.
  • You think those guys on their knees have thought about that? Surely they have and feel comfortable that their “cause” is worth those compensation losses to them and their compadres. Wait a minute: what is their “cause” again?”

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson

Everyone now knows who she is and has heard her on every Leftist news outlet for almost a week now. There are quite a few “coincidences” wrapped up in her latest quest for exposure. Let’s look in:

  • By coincidence Wilson just happened to be in the car with Gold Star widow Myesha Johnson when President Trump called to give her and her family his condolences for the death of her husband LaDavid Johnson in Niger along with three other Marines in a surprise attack.
  • Coincidentally that Presidential condolence call to the widow was taken in her car on a speaker that the Congresswoman coincidentally listened in on.
  • It was a coincidence that CNN called to check-in with the Gold Star widow to make sure she was OK and a coincidence in that call Myesha mentioned Congresswoman Wilson was on the call.
  • Coincidentally Wilson was available for a detailed CNN interview the very next day in which she shared her chagrin and horror at the content of the President’s condolence message in the call AND the nasty tone of his voice.
  • It was coincidence that Frederica was horrified for the President to tell the widow that her husband knew what he was getting into when he entered the military. How could any President be so callous!

Far too many coincidences for me to swallow as being coincidences. The Congresswoman has spent much time in interviews and social media posts keeping the phone call and her attacks on the President alive. However, she has been confronted by several who have very kindly pointed out how inappropriate was her involving herself in such an intensely personal family horror that the Johnson family is dealing with. However her doing so has simply been water of a duck’s back to her — it matters not. I have my OWN thoughts about the intentions of the self proclaimed “Rock Star:”

  • The Leftist media was far too available and far too quick to put Wilson on air to blast the President;
  • I don’t know but am fairly certain the Congresswoman had purpose for being in that car and listening to the President on speaker;
  • She had previously shown her intense disdain for Donald Trump. This media circus gave her another opportunity to put a feather in her Liberal cowboy hat with her party by attacking the President again on the back of a Gold Star widow;
  • “If” she planned on being in the car and “if” she planned on trapping the President using his own words, why didn’t she record the condolence call? Certainly she knew her allegations against the President would be questioned as to their authenticity. Answer: she did not want the World to hear the call for fear of his not saying what she for her political purposes wanted him to say;
  • Why did she blast the President for in his condolences say that LaDavid Johnson knew full well what was potentially ahead for him if he took the Marine Oath of Office — especially in light of the fact she had said almost the same thing herself in a speech in 2015;

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson speaking at the 2015 tribute to two fallen Miami FBI agents:

“Most men and women in law enforcement leave their homes knowing there is a possibility they may not return,” Wilson explained. “I know that Agents Grogan and Dove knew about [Miami’s] violence when they said goodbye to their families, picked up their badges and their guns, and left home on the morning of April 11, 1986,” Wilson continued. “Yet, they still answered the charge to protect their community.”


There are many bullets in the air in Washington today. The weather forecast for D.C. today is “cloudy with a 100% probably of thunderstorms, heavy rains, and flooding.” It’s bad and getting worse.

In all of this, Americans are owed the truth. Try through all the noise and distractions to keep an open mind, investigate using sources you can find, and think on your own. The Hypocrats are so accustomed to Americans robotically accepting everything they put out as fact they are still serving up their garbage through their Media mindbots as Truth. It ain’t!

Stay close to dnewman.org. Everyday you will be getting tidbits of facts that will always be presented in the exact format they are found through research: rumor, hypothesis, or fact. None will ever be clouded in anything other than their truth.

Oh, and please share these with your friends. Feel free to “select all,” then “copy and paste” any or all of these posts on your Facebook page so your friends can see another perspective and weigh in where they like.

Thanks for looking in!

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  1. What I have determined concerning the news is that the best approach is not to determine the news. I listen to the news with a filter on my eyes and ears that weeds out lies, frantic defense, indignant offense, all lists of words that have been used more than 100 times in that day, all proper names, any items that have made u-turns in the past few days, all instagrams, FB, and tweets with the words “intolerance”, “hate speech”, or “safe space”, and, to my surprise, all news stations were silent to my ears and blind to my eyes. I took off my filter and heard this “news” just in! Georgetown University leaders “determined” that the student Catholic clubs can no longer be allowed because they are classified as hate groups. Keeping in mind that Georgetown University is a Catholic University, I turned off the news and picked up my Crossword Puzzle. Clue: a 6-letter word for news…. I got it! STUPID.

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