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Unanswered Questions that Must be Answered

There are almost too many to detail. Let’s try these 20:

  1. “Hillary: how is it possible that the campaign of the most experienced politician in the U.S. who though not President is really the ‘Fund Raiser in Chief’ could pay $8 million or more to a law firm to fund Opposition Research without your knowledge? AND, no one else in your campaign remembers who wrote the check?”
  2. “Mr. Mueller: the Special Investigator statute specifically lists conditions that comprise what disqualifies someone from serving as a Special Investigator under that law. The primary disqualifier is ‘Conflict of Interest.’ How could you agree to assume the Special Investigator role when your key witness in the case you would be using worked for you in the FBI, you recommended him to Obama to be your replacement when you left the FBI, and you consulted with him before your appointment as Special Investigator, coaching him on what he should and should not use in his testimony before Congress? Are those things not defined in the statute as ‘Conflict of Interest?'”
  3. “Attorney General Sessions: knowing how much Clinton corruption there was and that Justice Department investigations of those were absolutely necessary, why if you were planning to recuse yourself from such important investigations did you even agree to serve as Attorney General?”
  4. “Attorney General Sessions: why did you recuse yourself from managing any investigation of the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation, former A.G. Loretta Lynch, and James Comey? Did you not know that as Attorney General the acts of these people that you already knew of rose to the level of federal investigation?”
  5. “Attorney General Sessions: why did you allow Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to make the Special Investigator appointment of Robert Mueller when you knew of Mueller’s conflicts?”
  6. “Attorney General Sessions: there are those who maintain you did NOT recuse yourself from leading investigations into former members of the Obama Administration — namely former Attorneys General Lynch and Eric Holder. If that is so, why has the Justice Department not initiated such investigations?”
  7. “Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi: do you really believe that your cries (without giving evidence) against the proposed tax cuts claiming they will actually increase taxes on the middle class will result in Americans supporting your assertions and lobby against the tax cuts? Do you really think Americans are so stupid that they do not understand what you both are all about and that Truth is not part of it?”
  8. “Mainstream Media: do you not understand most Americans have seen your anti-Trump reporting long enough to not believe anything you report at all?”
  9. “Debbie Wasserman Shultz: do you know what size prison uniform you will need?”
  10. “Barack Obama: do you still feel you are smarter than every other American and that you know more about what Americans need than Americans know?”
  11. “Mr. Obama: do you understand yet that Russian President Vladimir Putin is way smarter than you are?”
  12. “Sir: do you really know what you are supposed to do when someone crosses your redline and that doing nothing at all is not the right answer?”
  13. “Mr. Former President: do you also still think the 80’s are asking for their foreign policy back?”
  14. “NFL Commissioner Goodell: did you learn how to hack off conservative Americans in the same class as did Hillary Clinton?”
  15. “Mr. Commissioner: do you not yet get that plummeting tv ratings and game attendance really IS because of the player disrespect for the National Anthem and Old Glory, regardless of the constant denial from your office?”
  16. “NFL Players: do you understand yet that Americans generally don’t care about your cause for the disrespect of the Flag and the National Anthem — they can’t get past that you make millions playing a game that most would pay to play?”
  17. “NFL Owners, Players, and League Office: Do you get yet that Americans really ARE turning away from the game because of your spineless cave-in to players simply because of your fear of lost revenue if they walk out and refuse to play?”
  18. “Members of Congress: have you not figured out yet that your tanked approval ratings are ONLY because of your not fulfilling promises you made to voters during your campaigns?”
  19. “Media Leftists: do you not understand yet that collusion with Russians is not a crime even if there was election collusion with the Russians?”
  20. “Late Night TV Hosts: do you know Americans watch your shows to laugh a bit and certainly have no interest in hearing your Leftist political jabs at the President and other conservatives? Do you not know Deplorables stay up for your monologues too?

I could go on and on with many more obvious questions to those mired in the mud of the Swamp. But why waste our time. We know no matter what we Americans that don’t live on the west or east coasts think, Coastal Leftists couldn’t care less about what we feel or think because they know full well that they are smarter and more in touch with what is right for the Nation than we. It has become so ridiculous retaliating against the drive by shooters that it simply is not worth the time. They don’t listen to anyone but other Lefties anyway.

I have tired of the constant tirade against mainstream Americans that is showcased daily on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, the Washington Post and NY Times. I knew my exhaustion at their incessant drivel had peaked when I actually screamed at my television the other day which was tuned to CNN, “Chris Cuomo, be quiet and go lay down by your bowl!”

Unfortunately he did not listen.

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