Tuesday Bullets

There is so much “new” news, today’s bullets are going to concentrate on just the ironies of the current “Swamp” activities:

  • Not so surprisingly, Special Counsel Robert Mueller — so careful to control leaks of his investigation — allowed the pending indictments to be leaked to the Press on Friday, fueling the Leftist feeding frenzy over the weekend. Oh, the leaking of Grand Jury information is a felony;
  • In these investigations, prosecutors feeding those anxious for details always release the biggest, baddest actions they will take first so as to make the most noise. That probably means the Manaforte charges signify there’s nothing worse pending;
  • “Russia, Russia, Russia!” Color me wrong, but isn’t the Mueller investigation to unearth Trump associates’ collusion with Putin et al to influence the 2016 election for Trump? The Manaforte charges are all for his actions long before he ever became a Trump Campainer;
  • It probably is not happenstance that those pending indictments were leaked when they were and in the manner they were when it appeared a Special Investigator (or maybe “Special Prosecutor”) may be appointed to begin investigations into the DNC/Clinton Campaigns for Russian collusion that MAY implement Mueller’s potential illegal actions when he served as FBI Director along with James Comey, former Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch;
  • Flatirons Books is wishing they had not given Comey that fat publishing advance for his to-be-released-next-Spring blockbuster. It is not titled yet, but it is reportedly about “ethics, leadership and his experience in government.” No doubt it’s a fiction novel!
  • Surprisingly, NO ONE with the DNC, the Clinton Campaign, Hillary herself, nor any other human has any idea who wrote an $8+ million check to pay for the Opposition Research that resulted in the now infamous Fusion GPS Trump dossier. They each have taken a line from the television series Hogans Heroes. Remember Sgt. Shultz: “I know nothing….I know nothing!”
  • “Rocket Man,” not to be outdone in World news reports states that North Korea will shortly be a player in space exploration; (not sure why I inserted this, but it seems appropriate for it to follow the previous bullet point)
  • The Mueller indictments in their details in no way connected anything or anyone from the indictments with President Trump, his Campaign, or any members of his Campaign other than Manaforte. And the Manaforte charges were for actions as far back as 2006 and none from during his stint heading the Trump Campaign;
  • Lost in the Manaforte indictments was revelation of a company (termed “Company A” in the indictment) who lobbied on behalf of the Ukranian government illegally. That company is the Podesta Group, headed by the brother of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign John Podesta. Tony Podesta, who founded the left-leaning Podesta Group in 1988, stepped down from his position with the firm on Monday morning. More on that to come;
  • Daily more news regarding the DNC/Clinton campaign Russian collusion is surfacing. Fox News’ Chris Wallace — not very friendly with President Trump — had this to say Sunday: “This is far more evidence than we’ve ever seen involving President Trump and his campaign that the Democrats were directly involved in trying to get information from the Russians to affect the 2016 campaign,” Wallace said;
  • More and more it becomes clear that Mueller is grasping at straws that don’t exist: in one year of investigations there was apparently no Trump Russian collusion. One legal expert stated it this way: “To put it plainly, Mueller is tasked with finding a crime that does not exist in the law. It is a legal impossibility. He is being asked to do something that is manifestly unattainable.” Without collusion — which in itself is NOT illegal if it happened at all — some law would have to be created to formulate a basis for Trump wrongdoing;
  • A report by The Federalist on Sunday alleges that former President Obama’s official campaign organization directed nearly one million dollars to Perkins Cole – the same law firm that sent money to Fusion GPS for the research leading to the now-infamous dossier;
  • California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) reported today he has been trying to get House Intelligence investigations into the Clinton Campaign’s Russian ties for months with no success. He is confident information included in the Manaforte indictments will prompt those investigations to begin;
  • Attorney Alan Dershowitz — no friend to Republicans — stated today’s Mueller indictments show the power given to a Special Counsel is too far reaching and endangers all Americans against Constitutional freedoms. Dershowitz stated that Mueller has unfettered investigative authority and money to investigate whoever and whatever he deems fit. He quipped that Bill Clinton did not even meet Monica Lewinsky until 18 months after the appointment of the Whitewater Special Prosecutor;


The bullets coming out of D.C. are being fired no longer daily but hourly. These today are just a snapshot of the ridiculous political folly Americans are witnessing every day. Washington D.C. is a joke. All of the political correctness and Leftist rhetoric spewed daily illustrate just how deep and wide and evil the D.C. Swamp really is. It was inevitable for the political evil routinely birthed in D.C. to leak into the streams and rivers flowing throughout America. The hatemongers on the Left will stop at nothing when it comes to their continued efforts to at all costs discredit this President and all who support him. One of those rivers flows into Virginia and has initiated a nasty gubernatorial race that is so corrupt on the Left there is no lower one could go in a political race. Watch this ad and you’ll see what I mean:


Remember 2012 and the Obama campaign ad showing VP Candidate Paul Ryan pushing Grandma in her wheelchair off a cliff, illustrating Democrats claims that Mitt Romney and Ryan wanted to take Medicare and Social Security away from American seniors — a lie with absolutely no basis other than political lies and attacks.

I think this ad against GOP Virginia candidate takes over as the vilest political ad in history.

I truly am nauseated.

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  1. Its truly is crazy out there! The Ad you posted is unbelievable if a conservative posted this it would be national news? Wow using the most awful thing possible are children being terrorized!!

  2. I really like what you guys are usually up too.

    This sort of clever work and reporting! Keep up the amazing works guys I’ve incorporated
    you guys to my personal blogroll.

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