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“Unprecedented:” we hear that term used often. Do we really know what it means? Webster says,” Unprecedented is an act that has never happened before.”

Want an example? “His passing for 600 yards in that NFL game last week is unprecedented.” 

Unprecedented in its truest form references something that happens as the very first of its kind. It applies not only to successes of all kinds, inventions or creations, but it is applicable to the actual acts of people. To that end, I feel it’s appropriate to say, “Experiencing an election of federal candidates in the United States that was rife with corruption is ‘unprecedented.'” So, too, is those in the government who are both responsible for the election corruption AND it allowing to go unpunished is unprecedented.

The November 3, 2020, election and its false results and the acceptance of the results by members of Congress is not only a first in my lifetime but a first in United States history. It appears that the response to this corruption by American patriots is not only going to be serious, thorough, and massive, it is going to be unprecedented.


I’ve been married for 45 years to one person. She’s my “first” wife. She’s the only “first wife” I can ever have. For me, marriage to her was “unprecedented.” There can only be one first in everything. Anything after that is just a copy or a second or third or fourth version of the first version of “it.” The very first one of everything — when it happened or when it was created — was unprecedented.

November 3rd of 2020, American saw an unprecedented event. That election was the first U.S. election in which vote manipulation and voter fraud were rampant. We as of yet don’t know just how much fraud it contained. To be honest, we may never know.

Events that occurred on Wednesday in Washington D.C. were unprecedented, based on the circumstances that prompted those at the U.S. Capitol. They were in direct response to the massive volume of documented voter fraud that, until Wednesday, had not been addressed by any elected federal official in any public forum. It happened with the joint session of Congress in which the electoral votes from the November election were to be received, counted and confirmed by Congress. The expected end result of the joint session was to be the confirmation of a Joe Biden election victory to confirm him to be the next President. THAT did not happen. But what DID happen is “unprecedented.”

Wednesday’s Capitol Hill “first” was legislators from both the House and Senate stood in objection to the certification by Congress of those electoral votes.

Chaos erupted on Capitol Hill. Protestors clad in MAGA hats and sweatshirts waving Trump flags and banners peacefully marched in D.C. in the runup to the 12:00 noon Congressional session. As VP Mike Pence gaveled the legislators into session, the crowd moved slowly toward Capitol Hill. Just minutes after the objection to Arizona’s certified slate of electors forced the House and Senate to separate to debate the objections, protestors made their way up the Capitol steps and some entered.

Fear gripped members of Congress as alarms sounded and both Houses were cleared. There was a bomb scare. Representatives scrambled for cover as more protestors found ways into the Capitol. One news channel showed one protestor breaking a window and climbing into an office inside the Capitol.

We are facing the beginning of a never-before-seen transition of the government of the strongest nation on Earth into something radically different. The U.S. that we were born into, raised within its power and safety and freedom, and thrived within its economic opportunities is quickly morphing into ANOTHER new entity: a Plutocracy.

What’s a Plutocracy? It’s a governing entity comprised of a powerful group of people who are a combination of financial and economic elitists who use their accumulated power, influence, and financial resources to “buy” and maintain their power over ALL people within a country.

Truth About Today in D.C.

I just spoke to an insider who just completed 48 years of service in Washington and knows all of the inside-outs, all of the players, all of the power junkies, those who are real, honest, and integrious. Sadly, this person knows who are the treasonous turncoats, too.

The protests today (Wednesday January 6th) and the break-ins of the Capitol with subsequent damage and bomb scares were NOT perpetrated by Trump supporters. The entire operation was carefully planned and coordinated by the group that plans to man positions of power in government going forward. They have the contacts and the infrastructure necessary to manage this government takeover that has been in place for some time. And, of course, they have the money.

Those people dressed up in MAGA attire who were plastered all over the news cameras were NOT, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “Trump supporters.” They were coordinated and paid members of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA.

I am NOT blathering something that is not factual. I seldom say this, but I KNOW this to be true.

Will it ever be confirmed? I doubt anyone in our government will do so. Why? They are all as I write this frantically trying to compute where they possibly find a position of safety and security in the “entity” that’s going to move forward in total control. There will be interviews and claims made. There will be patriots — real patriots, not actors — who do their very best to publicly talk people into believing the truth of this power shift in government. But their attempts will fall on mostly deaf ears.

I will stop writing this story now. However, I strongly encourage you to join us live this morning (Thursday morning) at 9:00 AM Central on TNN Live. We will be discussing the latest details — those that have been confirmed and any that may have substance but we are awaiting confirmation. We will have live with us several Americans who were there live and witnessed much of what happened. Join the show using this link online: https://www.elasticplayer.xyz/truthnews/ Click on the arrow to begin listening.

We’d like for you to share your thoughts via telephone during our conversation. During the show callers use our toll-free number to speak to us live. That number is 1-866-37-TRUTH. (all numbers it’s 1-866-378-7884) You are not required to give your last name. And this is a live “streaming” online program, not broadcast radio. No one edits or monitors the show that could possibly create problems for callers.

As I write, Congress has reconvened to continue the joint session electoral vote presentation. We will discuss details of this session live in the morning.

No matter what happens going forward, you will always be able to say the events of the last four years culminating with those today on Capitol Hill and what happens going forward were and are “Unprecedented.”

God Bless you.



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