We Have Had Enough!

A suspect was arrested in the killing of a California police officer, police said Friday. Newman Police Cpl. Ronil Singh was shot and killed during a traffic stop just hours after Christmas.

Christianson didn’t say when the 33-year-old came to the U.S. but said that the Mexico native has been living here for several years. The sheriff said Perez Arriaga has gang affiliations and multiple Facebook pages with different names.

This tragedy illustrates the REAL tragedy of our open southern border: illegals who have NO legal right to be here in the first place are systematically — though randomly — committing crimes against Americans in every location where they are allowed to live in the United States.

But this tragedy illustrates the absolute highest cost an American pays just for doing the right thing. And what happened to Officer Singh could happen to you, me, or both of us tomorrow!

Ronil Singh was a LEGAL immigrant who came to the U.S. the LEGAL way, went through the LEGAL immigration process, even took classes to learn how to speak better English. Why? BECAUSE HE WANTED TO SERVE ON THE NEWMAN, CALIFORNIA POLICE FORCE AND FELT HE NEEDED TO BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE BETTER WITH THOSE PEOPLE WHO HE WAS TO SERVE.

And he died just for doing all the right things!

I’ve Had Enough!

For the next two days, we will analyze the FACTS about what these illegals are doing to our nation. But we are NOT stopping there: we are going to in detail call-out Democrats AND Republicans who have had multiple opportunities to stop this insanity, fix immigration while continuing our long standing policies of being the country who allows MORE legal immigrants into our country each year that all the other countries on Earth — COMBINED! How dare anyone allege that our nation is heartless for not allowing anyone and everyone in with no reservations at all while NOT guaranteeing Americans that whoever comes in doesn’t want to hurt and/or take advantage of us!

I doubt Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer would leave the front gates of their homes and their front doors open and unlocked 24/7 so that just anyone can pay them a visit! Yet they and others expect every American citizen to do just that.

We are NOT just going to spout numbers, polls, and statistics. We will give you FACTS that are verifiable. And we will in unison call out the only ones on Earth that could rectify ALL of the inherent problems in immigration with two days of honest effort.

Whatever else you do, make certain to look in tomorrow and the next day. You will see in writing and hear in our Podcast some of the most important information for you and, more importantly, your children and their children.  TruthNewsNet.org is where you’ll find it tomorrow. And we will put a link to the article on our homepage that you can download for free and share to anyone or everyone.

See you then!

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  1. We must save our country and our way of life, even if it has to come from the grassroots. And I believe the support is there by a vast majority.

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