What Has Everyone Forgotten?

Has anyone thought much about the travesties that have taken place in the nation over the past two or three years other than the one in Washington D.C. on January 6th? What are those travesties? Have they been addressed by the proper authorities? Do we know the results of the investigations into each? Let’s take a peek at just a few:

Hunter Biden Laptop with Implicating Evidence.  In October, the New York Post published a blockbuster story that quickly morphed into a comprehensive crime novel about Hunter Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden, and other Biden Family members and associates. That blockbuster opened the door to a long-suspected history of wrongdoing and suspicious foreign financial dealings of Biden family members. It was so egregious that the NY Post story and subsequent revelations have come to be called a revelation of the “Biden Family Syndicate.” We know from details released from that laptop that Hunter’s involvement with foreign government principals and also large company officials was largely on behalf of “his family.” Fingers point to Hunter, his uncle James Biden, James’s wife, and others of the Biden Family. And in details released publicly, fingers are pointing at Joe Biden’s direct AND indirect involvement.

What’s the status of that investigation, which the FBI stated was “ongoing” in early November? Is there really an ongoing investigation, or is that just an FBI talking point to quell Americans’ concerns about possible illegal activity on the part of an incoming U.S. President? 

Before we move on, just one thought: President-elect Joe Biden has been under indictment for bribery and has an active warrant against him by the government of Ukraine!

Alleged Evidence of Voting “Irregularities” in the November 2020 election. Numerous state and federal officials warned the nation in the run-up to the election that the massive push by Democrats led by Speaker Pelosi for mail-in voting would open the door to massive voter fraud. If such a move were vital, as warned by Pelosi, due to COVID-19, state governments would certainly need time to plan, create, and implement security methods to assure Americans there could be no fraud, testing, and then showing citizens how safe it was. State and federal officials ignored the warnings. The rest is history: or is it?

In at least six states, citizens reported thousands of examples of voter fraud that encompassed every voting precinct in each of those six states. Evidence included the testimony of hundreds of witnesses sworn under the penalty of perjury that confirmed voter fraud.

Numerous technology experts who have examined voting machines and software used in the election have provided mountains of evidence that support allegations of fraud. More than 50 lawsuits were filed across the country contesting election results because of fraud. The mainstream media filled the news world with stories of “every Trump Campaign lawsuit was dismissed quickly by judges. There is NO evidence of voter fraud!” Without exception, even the historically conservative-leaning nation news outlets like FOX News claimed there was no evidence of voter fraud.

“If the courts said there was no evidence to support fraud claims, why do people still believe there was a fraud?” That’s simple: in not a single case in any court was any evidence ever allowed to be presented and put in lawsuit record; none of the evidence was ever presented in court!

Democrats continue to cry, “Fake News! Fraud! Lies!” whenever anyone brings up a question about election fraud. Even Hillary Clinton entered the fray after the Trump impeachment vote by the House demanding that Trump be made to admit publicly there was no voter fraud.

If one asked any of the several hundred thousand people who were in D.C. at the Capitol on January 6 the purpose of their being there, the most likely answer from each would be that they were there to show members of Congress their disgust at the inaction of ANY authorities — state OR federal — to investigate to find confirmation that there WAS voter fraud or that there WAS NOT. It is unconscionable for any American to feel Congress really cares about the nation having free and fair elections each election without proving the November 3rd elections were free from fraud.

Allegations of Billionaires Using Money to Buy Elections.

In the November 3rd election, hundreds of millions of dollars in “dark money” were spent anonymously, mostly by multimillionaires and billionaires, to influence the election results. In the two Georgia U.S. Senate runoff races, $200 million in campaign money was paid to influence election results, most of which came from “unknown sources,” most of which were from out-of-state. Such huge dollars allow onslaughts of negative advertising that easily sways voters’ voter decisions.

This action is certainly not new. The U.S. Supreme Court codified this in the “Citizens United” decision in 2010 that blew open the doors for massive campaign spending from unknown donors. Much of that is expected to be illegal campaign contributions.

In the 2018 election, “dark money” flooded campaign coffers then. Specific allegations were made with examples and even evidence of illegal contributions in the millions. William Barr’s Department of Justice supposedly began investigations into this activity. But the Mueller Investigation just gobbled up all the oxygen in the investigation world. The only campaign finance cases we’ve heard about involved looking into Russian illegal campaign finance dollars. Have you heard anything about this from anyone?

Congressional Slush Fund to Pay for Harassment Claims against Members of Congress

In the past 21 years, Congress members have used at least $17 million in taxpayer money to settle claims brought against them by their staffers, including sexual harassment claims. Recent examples include settlements paid on behalf of then-Reps. Blake Farenthold (R-TX) and John Conyers (D-MI) for separate instances of alleged sexual harassment. Reports during the last four years of this practice continuing continue. But despite formal requests from numerous entities for access to complete details of these payments, Congress has stonewalled every person who has inquired for details. That $17 million already paid from this fund came straight from American taxpayers! According to federal law, Judicial Watch and other watchdog groups have filed Freedom of Information Act requests for the release of that information.

It is especially suspicious to Americans who know about this slush fund that Congress refuses to turn over the records of those payments to taxpayers. Reportedly, the claims made against these Congressional members include harassment and sexual harassment and even the sexual assault of Congressional staff members and interns. Those cases would be criminal!

Why hasn’t Congressional leadership come clean about these matters? What are they hiding, and about whom?

How Do Most Members of Congress Get Wealthy While in Congress?

We’ve heard story after story for decades of “good ole folks” from Congressional districts and states run for office as middle-class citizens who must struggle when elected to afford housing in Washington D.C. while maintaining their residences from which they serve. Then, a few years later, these public servants leave office filthy rich? How does that happen on the salary each makes?

Insider Trading is the most common culprit. Although against the law, Congressional members have been masters at creating plans (and discovering others already used) to obtain financial information regarding pending business transactions, which can reap monstrous and immediate monetary windfalls from those who participate. Numerous leaders in office have been implicated in such activities, including Nancy Pelosi.

It’s simple to access this process while skirting the law. It’s illegal for someone to give such insider information to a member of Congress and for that member to use the information for personal benefit. But that’s not all that happens in these circumstances. Often, legislation is already pending, which would bring bountiful profits to all those involved if passed. These legislators are often approached by folks looking for legislative help — including votes — that will initiate such a quick financial hit for those involved. And it’s happened before that these people “seeding” legislators for favorable legislative assistance actually purchase stock and other financial instruments on behalf of these lawmakers as quid pro quo for favorable treatment in Congressional matters.

Why hasn’t Congress listened to their constituents and outlawed any such transactions in any way at any time while serving in office?


These barely scratch the surface of the corruption that permeates our government. Perpetrators of these and numerous other frauds against the American people know that the public not having easy access to information surrounding these results in extreme difficulty to force the discovery through open investigations details of such wrongdoing with subsequent prosecution of those involved. But it doesn’t stop there.

The members KNOW that the need for comprehensive analysis of numerous of these sometimes criminal actions requires much time and investigatory resources. Those in D.C. charged with monitoring so many public servants and investigating so many of even very credible reports of these happening, time is the enemy of detail discovery and the ally of these wrongdoers getting away with their miscreant activities. The D.C. investigation clock spins slowly, as do the calendar pages. Legislators understand that better than the rest of us. And they use that against us.

Donald Trump as President certainly was a constant threat to these folks, especially when they discovered that he didn’t have much dirt, if any at all, in his history: at least none they were able to weaponize against him. Knowing that certainly must have kept them in a state of fright that the bombastic Queens billionaire would certainly start revealing to the public illegal activities of members of Congress if and when he discovered them. In some part, I feel that was a key that prompted the Pelosi rush to Trump’s impeachment in the House both times. “We must get rid of him to keep our dirt covered!”

Have we forgotten about all this wrongdoing? Is the American public going to continue to allow those who swear an oath to work for us and protect our Constitution from turning our faith for them into dollars and cents? More important to us is what such a process that has embedded itself in the fabric of Washington politics will look like during a Joe Biden Administration is? Is the hiding of illegal activity going to continue? Will it all continue to be purposely hidden?

We know that the only honest “Sheriff” to inhabit the White House during this century appears to be leaving town.

Dear God: are we in for another shellacking by a member of the Obama Administration? Is Joe going to pad his significant wealth, most of which has been accumulated due to “favors” to him since he left Obama’s side, by feeding the “cheat monster” in D.C. the same way others have done so since Joe left town?

God help us!

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