What If?…….

In spite of the almost daily revelations of egregious wrondoing during the 2020 election in multiple states, it’s no sure lock that the election results as tabulated effective today will be overturned by any court, including the Supreme Court.

Yes, I know, it’s really hard to believe that 73 million Americans voted for the scoundrel the Democrats and their lapdog Media members have portrayed Donald Trump to be for four years. Who can trust anything any Democrat in Congress has to say about anything — especially election results.

Isn’t it uncanny to hear a news report from a FOX News reporter that includes a phrase something like this: “Donald Trump once again has declined to concede to Joe Biden and still claims there was rampant election fraud without any evidence?” FOX News! Until the last 30-days, FOX was the only news outlet that gave President Trump even close-to-impartial news coverage. Sadly, though, it appears they fled the “reservation” call Journalism on election night.

What happens in the U.S., if after all the dust settles, Donald Trump is sent packing? What the heck will he do?

Will Trump go silently into the night to another victory as did Andrew Jackson or will he handle an election loss like a sore loser: Hillary Clinton?

Those who allege that he has endangered the tradition of smooth presidential transitions by not conceding immediately after the media declared him the loser have bad cases of amnesia!

When Trump was elected in 2016, the Washington establishment lost its collective mind. The top echelon of the FBI and CIA were still spreading a fraudulent Christopher Steele dossier paid for by the campaign of his opponent, Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic National Committee.

Shortly before Trump’s inauguration, President Barack Obama called Vice President Joe Biden, National-Security Adviser Susan Rice, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, and FBI director James Comey into the Oval Office. The purpose of the meeting was to collate progress reports about how best to continue government surveillance of Trump’s designated national-security adviser, Michael Flynn, and thereby disrupt the transition.

Flynn’s name was soon unmasked, apparently by Obama-administration officials, and then illegally leaked to the press.

The harassment during the transition eventually became the theme  for Trump’s next four years, which saw false evidence submitted to federal courts and the illegal leaking of other classified documents. We also saw the mass exposure and sometimes defection of Obama Administration holdovers who fled before being outed and legally implicated in illegalities. Who can forget James Comey, Peter Strozk, Lisa Paige, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, even Rod Rosenstein and others who lied prolifically to protect the cover for others and even for themselves.

No prior president has faced such hysterical opposition bent on removing him from office — whether by a special prosecutor, concocted charges that he should be deposed under the 25th Amendment, or, finally, a failed attempt at removal via impeachment. Yes, it’s true that several previous presidents faced full-frontal attacks while office, often from people serving inside their administrations. But none can closely compare to the nonstop horrors of the four years of the Trump Train at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The president’s private phone calls to foreign leaders were leaked. Media darlings and anonymous opponents within the government boasted of sabotaging Trump’s initiatives. Washington analysts and retired military officers hyped coup scenarios about how best to use force to remove him from office.

So, it is a bit rich for the media to now warn of Trump’s dangers to the spirit of smooth presidential transitions. Such protocols were deliberately rendered null and void in 2016.

But all that is past. What matters now are the interests of the country first and Trump’s constituents second. So Trump has a number of pathways.

One is to keep addressing legitimate reports of voter irregularities. He can continue to ask the courts to set aside any illegal votes that do not conform to state voting laws. His supporters demand and deserve no less than the investigation of all charges of massive, widespread voting impropriety.

But Trump within days will have to prove that any such crimes and lapses warped state counts enough to have wrongly elected Joe Biden president. Trump realistically has perhaps a week or two left to either make his case or concede.

Then, to maintain the Senate majority for Republicans and to save the very rules and protocols of the Senate, the Supreme Court, and the Constitution, Trump will have to barnstorm Georgia. His challenge will be to fire-up his conservative base to reelect the state’s two incumbent senators, David Perdue, and Kelly Loeffler. What will happen after that?

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda will be etched into the GOP as his party’s own. He has a year or more to decide whether he wishes to play kingmaker among would-be Republican congressional and presidential candidates or run himself for a second term. The two options are ultimately not mutually exclusive.

By then, there is some chance that the country will have been turned off by a hard-left shift by Biden, surrogate to the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wing of his party. Such extremism made Democrats lose House seats in 2020. Who can forecast how this no far-left Democrat Party and its leaders govern in a Biden Administration?

If he’s done, Trump can bask in a successful first term that remade the Republican Party into a multiracial coalition of the broad middle class. His Middle East and China reset will unlikely be altered by future presidents. Trump finally did close the border to illegal immigration. His initiatives to revitalize America’s interior ended the notion that industrial decline was inevitable rather than a silly choice.

But Trump’s other alternative is bleaker. Currently, Trump-affiliated lawyers claim they can prove their bombshell allegations of historic voting fraud by leftists and foreign interests. They further claim that Trump was robbed not of a close election but of an election landslide, constituting the greatest scandal in U.S. history.

But so far none of these advocates have produced the requisite whistleblowers, computer data, or forensic evidence to prove their astounding charges. It appears daily in these state legislative public hearings that the claims “might” have teeth. But it takes evidence presented the the applicable courts and then acutal hearings to get that evidence into the judicial system. If they do not produce it in a few days, and if Trump pivots to put his fate in their hands, then the battered Republicans may well lose the Senate races in Georgia. And with that historic setback, he would endanger his legacy, his influence, and perhaps a crack at a second presidential term.

To put it simply, Trump may be forced to choose within days whether he wishes to emulate Andrew Jackson, the victim of the crooked bargain of 1824 that denied him victory in that year’s presidential election. Jackson stormed back in 1828 to an overwhelming populist victory fueled by a righteously aggrieved following. No one can logically refute that circumstances and confirmation of election wrongdoing so far would NOT fuel a Andrew Jackson-like Trump return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Otherwise, Trump would risk being reduced to the status of sore presidential losers such as Al Gore and Hillary Clinton. For all their media accolades, Gore and Clinton never really accepted their losses in 2000 and 2016, respectively. Despite their supposed concessions, Gore and Clinton turned ever more bitter, shrill, and conspiratorial — and ended up potrayed in cartoon strips and comedy skits and largely irrelevant.

I can easily picture Donald Trump in cartoon strips and comedy skits. Heck, they’ve been doing since long before he ran for President! But in no way can I see Donald Trump EVER being deemed nor ever appear to be “largely irrelevant!”

In fact, I think — at least in my lifetime — NO president has been as relevant to the bulk of the American people on a grass roots level than has Donald Trump and 73 million Americans will KEEP him relevant: at least for four more years.

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  1. If Biden wins how long will he be able to perform the functions of the leader of the free world? He clearly has dementia and not enough energy to do the job. Then we get president Harris the most radical Senator. Her agenda along with increased knowledge of democrat election corruption etc. Will help Republicans win in 2022 and 2024- assuming we can get rid of the current corrupt election process.
    This corruption could also cost us the senate by cheating two republican incumbents in Georgia.

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