A Snake is Loose!

A rock climber worked his way up a sheer rock wall, struggling to get to the top. Just before reaching his goal, he spotted a shelf that looked to be a good resting spot from which to assault the summit. As he pulled himself onto the small rocky shelf, he saw a rattle snake coiled in the shadows in a corner. The snake spoke to the climber: “Will you take me to the top with you? I’m stuck here and will die soon if I cannot get up there.” The climber quickly responded, “I can’t do that, you’ll bite me!” The snake appeared to be close to death from lack of food and water. “I promise I will not bite you. You’re my only hope of survival. Please give me a chance to live!” the snake pleaded. “OK. I’ll give you a lift,” the climber relented.

The climber coiled the snake around his shoulders and away he went, clawing his way to the top of the sheer rock wall. As they approached the summit as the climber reached out to pull himself and the snake to safety, the snake bit the climber on his neck. The man screamed as he and the snake fell, “You promised you wouldn’t bite me. You lied to me. Now we’re both going to die.” The snake replied, “You knew I was a snake when you picked me up.”

How could anyone be shocked at the apparent voter fraud and vote irregularities we are still dealing with in the aftermath of November 3rd’s election? It’s not as if there were no warning signs that this was going to happen. And Donald Trump was NOT the only person or group who warned our government there were possible (and probable) voting issues ahead.

Yes, President Trump warned about potential 2020 voting fraud:

Just last year, a comprehensive report was released that was co-authored by Georgetown University, the University of Chicago and others at the annual Defcon 27 Voting Machine Hacking Village Conference attended by leading cybersecurity experts, hackers, election officials, academics, lawyers and elected officials from both parties. That report revealed these “experts” jointly concluded the scale and the shocking breadth of vulnerability in voting systems used across the country.

Their conclusions included:

  • Commercially available voting system hardware remains vulnerable to attack;
  • There is an urgent need for paper ballots and risk-limiting audits;
  • Voting systems that don’t use paper ballots cannot be audited;
  • New ballot marking devices (BMD) products are vulnerable;
  • Optical character recognition of ballots in high-speed scanners are not infallible;
  • Significant security issues remain in infrastructure and the supply-chain for hardware and software developed in foreign countries that are used in our election systems;
  • Direct recording electronic voting machines (touch screen) have no process in which an audit can be produced nor can they duplicate a record of the voter’s choices;
  • Voters rarely get a printed document that proves who they actually voted for.

These vulnerabilities are well-documented, yet neither Congress nor many of the states have adequately addressed the security, hacking and tampering risks.  If this report wasn’t enough, the National Academy of Sciences produced another comprehensive report in 2018 titled Securing the Vote – Protecting American Democracy Many of the recommendations made in that report were mirrored later in the Defcon 27 report. However, the Academy went somewhat further to make additional recommendations that included:

  • Standardizing election technology standards for the states;
  • Indexing and cross-matching voter registrations across state lines to avoid citizens voting in multiple states;
  • Cross-match voter registration rolls with Census data and perform a regular purge of rolls for voters who have not cast ballots in years and compare to death records;
  • Provide paper audit trails in every election no matter the primary source of voting technology;
  • Require a post-election audit (at least of sample data) before certifying any election results;
  • Perform pilot election tests before any live implementation of new balloting systems;
  • Create federal subsidy incentives for states that adopt Best Practices in balloting systems.

The sordid truth is that, despite the claimed technological advances in balloting systems, the most secure voting system in the world is the one used by third-world countries. That system is where a voter shows up to vote in-person and dips their thumb in permanent purple ink after their paper ballot has been cast, which completely prevents voter fraud.

Every single GOP officeholder and candidate should dig in and demand that every legal vote be counted and every illegal vote should be tossed. Demand a rigorous audit, or challenge via the courts if necessary, otherwise we are no better than a banana republic.  If the GOP ignores this mandate or is perceived to have wilted under the glare of the complicit mainstream media complex and the Democrats without due process, the massive Trump turnout that turned back the “predicted” Blue Wave will stay home in apathy in 2022 and beyond. Why? Because they will rightly believe the system is rigged and their vote really doesn’t matter – because it doesn’t.

Who is in the tank?

Be honest: somebody is not just complicit in what President Trump warned us about, but somebody planned it, funded it, implemented it, and is operating it while we are all watching in disbelief. Who is it?

It’s not a bunch of thugs out for a weekend convenience store hit. It’s an army of folks who all swallowed the Koolaid of despotism, tyranny, and treason. I think by the process of elimination we can at least determine who it’s NOT.

First, it’s NOT Donald Trump. Yes, we can finally pull the plug on the conspiracies propagated by the likes of former CIA Director John Brennan, Rep. Adam Schiff, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Jerrold Nader, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strozk, and a host of other evil Deep State lifers that found their places during the eight years of the Obama/Biden Administration. Is this monumental plan to destroy the U.S. Republic to be replaced by some type of totalitarian utopia in which they all planned on being in leadership? (To be determined)

It’s NOT comprised of Middle Class Americans that do little more than work their butts off to raise a family, build a small company, lead in their communities in local government, social organizations, and serve on the boards of Little League baseball, basketball, and soccer. The vast majority of this group’s adherents are those who once took oaths to serve and protect the United States of America against its enemies, both foreign and domestic. I’m confident those commitments were probably sincere at their utterances, but the constant and consuming buzz of “Me-ism” that permeates the Potomac Valley sucked them into its grip and eliminated the patriotism they once embraced.

“Dan, how can you allege such things? You don’t have proof of that.” I’ll let all of you be the judge of its veracity. But the easiest way for me to justify that is to watch and listen: not to what they say and do in this post-election season, but what they do NOT say or do.

If the group of individuals mentioned above were the true patriots they claim to be, why are they not out in front, leading the cries for investigating all of the voting irregularities that daily prove to be not just a few, but a part of a systematic coordinated effort to overthrow the U.S. election system? And Donald Trump was NOT to be the end of this attempted coup — total control of the nation and its citizens was (and still is) their endgame.

Not one Democrat Party leader has stood to show any effort to push for the viability of the U.S. election system: not Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Cuomo, AOC, not any Democrat governor or mayor, nor any television talk show host from CNN, MSNBC, news anchor from ABC, CBS, NBC, nor any publisher or editor at the NY Times or Washington Post. And, don’t forget, no Academy Award winner or wannabe from Hollywood, Tech Giant CEO at Facebook, Google, or Twitter, for that matter.

If any American is truly a patriot committed to the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and our Representative Republic, they should publicly excoriate the traitors at the helm of the U.S.S. America who are piloting it straight toward an iceberg similar to the one that took down the Titanic.

Donald Trump did not save the Nation. Our nation has a long way to go. We still have to find a way to uncover ALL the evil that has weaved its web around the heart of the U.S. for one purpose: choke it to death. The American people — at least 72 million who voted against the Deep State — are the ones that are today demanding the transparency necessary to peel away the election onion’s corrupt acts one layer at a time.

We don’t need to stop the exposure efforts with just those of this election. We need to push to uncover the lawlessness within every House of Government in D.C. and our state houses. We need to expose ALL the evil at every level of the process we use to elect those who serve us in government. We need to rid our nation of those who have in the past (and some still today) subscribed to these attacks on free and fair elections.

That snake was in dire straights coiled in the darkness of that shelf when the climber pull himself onto it. The snake was there by his own doing. No one made him go there. He was looking for opportunities to do what snakes do. That climber made a fatal mistake by believing the lie the snake had surely told a number of its former victims. Even though the climber was an honest, hard working climber who just tried to do the right thing, he messed up: he believed what the snake told him and did what the snake told him was the right thing to do! Good intentions are sadly often fatal.

The light of Truth is today shining on the snake-pit in Washington and has begun to shine in state capitals at the same time. The snakes are being exposed. And people are now seeing who the snakes are and identifying their lies.

To finish this, we must rid the nation of ALL the snakes, even if it is just one at a time. Until they are all gone, they’ll continue to seek to find a climber who they can make their next prey.

“Truth will Out”

2 thoughts on “A Snake is Loose!”

  1. One would think the cities and whole states in question would have those on the Left assisting in an honest review and recount to prove no fraud!

  2. Very well written! As snakes are concerned, a lot of people feel that “The only good snake is a dead snake”. Maybe not physically, as in this situation, but most definitely governmental.
    It is astonishing that so many politicians, MSM, and voters have so much hate for President Trump, that they are willing to sacrifice democracy and want us to accept the election results and move forward, despite the fact that they spent 4 years trying to convince the American people that the legitimate 2016 election was rigged.

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