What’s Mueller Up To?

The Special Counsel investigating Russian interference in the election as it pertains to Donald Trump and his campaign has been perfectly quiet hasn’t he? I wonder why….

First, know this one thing for certain: he and his prodigious staff have been and are really busy in investigations. It looks like we’re not far from knowing at least a significant part of what they have been preparing. You can bet there is a pile of historical information about to flood America like a tsunami that will change what most Americans think about politics in general and Washington politics specifically. Mueller’s three indictments and arrests last week are just the tip of the iceberg. That iceberg may appear small and insignificant, but just like the “real” iceberg, what of it we see on top is far smaller than what lies beneath. Manaforte et al arrests are just the beginning. And it appears that what is beginning is NOT a Trump associates purging for Russian collusion. Remember this: if there WAS Trump Campaign collusion with the Russians, there is no law that makes collusion of any type illegal. However, while investigating one specific issue, it is very common to find other wrongdoings that result in criminal action. Remember, Bill Clinton had never heard about Monica Lewinsky when the Kenneth Starr Whitewater Investigation was initiated that resulted in his his impeachment.

As of close of business yesterday, there have been 17 sealed indictments issued in U.S. District Court in Washington D.C. in addition to the 3 that resulted in arrests last week. This is the court where Mueller’s grand jury is empaneled. That means a grand jury has examined a pile of evidence that — along with associated testimony — confirms crimes sufficient to issue indictments were committed. Who are these 17 people that have been indicted and for what? Just as in the case of Manaforte, the public will not know until those indictments are unsealed and arrests are made.

I am not certain any or all of those 17 indictments pertain to people caught up in the Mueller investigation nor am I certain the indictments are actually Mueller’s. But the timing is too ironic for 17 “sealed” indictments to be handed down in the same court that Mueller’s grand jury is attached to and NOT be a product of Mueller’s grand jury. Who are the lucky ones to be in Mueller’s gun sights? Let’s speculate.

  1. The Flynns  General Michael Flynn and his son — Michael Flynn, Jr. — are the most likely to be targets of two of those indictments. Both while doing work for foreign companies and political entities did so without registering as foreign agents with the State Department. That is a felony. I doubt, however, that Mueller would be content with just that charge against the two, especially in light of General Flynn’s high profile interactions with the President and senior members of the Trump Campaign. Both are perfect candidates for Mueller to indict, arrest, and then offer them a way out for flipping on others who are higher profile and closer to the President. Have you noticed: we haven’t seen or heard from or about Flynn in months? For that you can be certain they are in Mueller’s cross-hairs.
  2. Jared Kushner The Trump son-in-law is an obvious target of Mueller’s investigation. He has previous foreign ties and frequently communicated during and after the campaign with agents of foreign governments. While it appears those contacts were all merely part of things necessary to setup a Trump Administration, there might just be some “there” there. Who better if there is a remote possibility of Trump Campaign wrongdoing than the President’s son-in-law to flip for names and information?
  3. Donald Trump, Jr. Trump, Jr. is pretty much in the same spot as Kushner. He is part of the Trump inner circle, close to everything going on during the campaign, and admitted having that now famous meeting to get from Russians dirt on Hillary Clinton. He too would be the perfect candidate for a Mueller indictment to leverage for inside information on others.

Doesn’t it seem a bit strange that after the 4 people listed above, the list of those who likely would be one of those 17 sealed indictments, the list runs dry? Who else could be a Mueller indictment target? Let’s speculate some more.

Saudi Arabia’s future king has tightened his grip on power through an anti-corruption purge by arresting royals, ministers and investors including billionaire Alwaleed bin Talal who is one of the kingdom’s most prominent businessmen. Prince Alwaleed, a nephew of the king and owner of investment firm Kingdom Holding, invests in firms such as Citigroup and Twitter. He was among 11 princes, four ministers and tens of former ministers detained, three senior officials told Reuters on Sunday. The purge against the kingdom’s political and business elite also targeted the head of the National Guard, Prince Miteb bin Abdullah, who was detained and replaced as minister of the powerful National Guard by Prince Khaled bin Ayyaf. The allegations against Prince Alwaleed include money laundering, bribery and extorting officials, one official told Reuters, while Prince Miteb is accused of embezzlement, hiring ghost employees and awarding contracts to his own companies including a $10 billion deal for walkie talkies and bulletproof military gear worth billions of Saudi riyals. Others of the mega-rich royalty of Saudi Arabia caught in this web are Mohammed Al Amoudi, worth $10.1 billion, Saleh Kamel, $3.7 billion, Nasser Al Tayyar, $600 million, and Bakr Binladin son of Osama bin Laden.

Why would any of these billionaire Saudi royals possibly be included in those sealed indictments? 5 of those are close Bill and Hillary confidants and longtime financial supporters of the Clintons individually and the Clinton Foundation. Those 5 have deep ties to and lucrative business interests in various U.S. companies. “IF” Mueller is actually pushing through the false cries from the Left of “Russia, Russia, Russia” and is investigating REAL wrongdoing, wouldn’t it be prudent to look down every rabbit trail he found — Like Uranium1 and Fusion GPS? If that really is a possible reality, then 17 sealed indictments would be easily explainable. We know for certain hundreds of millions of dollars have found their way into the U.S. from foreign entities to influence our election process and to gain control of American uranium. There are those who were deeply involved in irregularities during the 2016 campaign that could easily be caught up in the large net Mueller has cast. Word is the Clinton email abuse case is not only an open investigation, it never stopped.


Let’s tie this all together: Mueller began with the low hanging fruit — Manaforte, his partner Richard Gates, Popodopulous, and soon General Flynn and Flynn, Jr. News that the famous dossier given to Trump by former FBI Director Comey was given to Comey by Senator John McCain. (Doesn’t that seem odd?) Mueller certainly discovered the funding by Fusion GPS, the Clinton Campaign, and the DNC. He could from this find damning information of wrongdoing by Comey, former Attorney Generals Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton. Obviously in light of the revelation that the FBI investigation into the Uranium1 sale to Russian interests exposed that millions of dollars were paid out as bribes (that included $140 million to the Clinton Foundation), Mueller had fuel for multiple indictments. There’s plenty of corruption floating around right now. “If” Mueller is as I think sincerely following every lead he finds to conclusion, he’s uncovering in all this evidence of bribery, collusion, money laundering, and probably tax fraud, sufficient evidence to send a bunch of people to jail for a long time.

Sure this is all speculation. But is it easier to believe this or believe that Comey, Mueller, Sessions, Rosenstein, each threw caution and their careers to the wind and decided to create piles of false evidence, in some cases lie under oath, turn on close friends and family members, and do it all just to prove Trump collusion WHICH IS UNACTIONABLE? And, if they did go that way, their end would be inevitable: prison.

President Trump in South Korea told everyone “Tomorrow I am going to share some news — some really big news. And no one is going to believe it.”

This would be “some really big news” for sure.


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