When The Buzzards Come Home To Roost

It’s reminiscing time for me — all the way back to 2016. Wow! That seems like so long ago. 2016 is NOT that long ago, but many politicians in the U.S. hope that what happened that and the next year are fading from the memory of Americans. What are those things that “need” to be forgotten? It’s all the evil that was perpetrated before, during, and after the 2016 election. And all that evil was handed out nonchalantly by the most powerful people in our government. I don’t have to name names. We all know who they are. Their names are insignificant, but the wrongs they did personally and those they not only “allowed” to be done but opened doors so they COULD be done will, throughout history, label those years as some of the most insidious times in American history.

What does this diatribe reference? The era of Obama, Biden, Clinton, Comey, Wray, and all of the minions that willfully took orders from these and others in the U.S. Department of Justice and our intelligence agencies, and, yes, even from the White House.

I won’t put you to sleep with the same old stories about Hillary and that election being stolen from her by the “Orangeman.” We now know — and not from our intelligence agencies’ hard work, but from the hard work of reporters and a handful of honest investigators — an attempted coup to manipulate that election actually DID occur. And it wasn’t Donald Trump or his campaign. It came on the watch of a sitting president and his vice president and their inside circle of D.C. bureaucrats.

“Intelligence Community”

What a joke: “Intelligence.” At that point in this circus go-round, the leaders in those various agencies exercised very little, if any, intelligence. But what was proven was they were smart enough to get together, swallow some of those big egos, and work together to steal an election — or “attempt” to do so.

Before 2016, I barely knew the names John Brennan, James Clapper, and James Comey. By mid-2017, they were household regulars and were all subject to stealing chickens if they sneaked into your backyard. This group, with the directions of several above them in the power pool, almost brought down our government. And the book is still out on that possibility.

John Brennan

John Brennan is certainly one of the evilest in this “Donkey Squad.” He spent almost all of his government career in the Intelligence Community and held various appointed positions. His familiarity with foreign enemies and their processes of obtaining intelligence opened the door for him to bring some of it to bear in early 2016.

The CIA Director and Obama White House “official” had his spy-nose stuck in everything that happened in this debacle. In fact, it appears he was at least the messenger who gave that infamous Steel Dossier to the late John McCain with a “suggestion” the Senator hand it over to the FBI.

What a setup!

Don’t forget: Brennan’s hands were caught in the cookie jar multiple times. Hie lied several times under oath in sworn Congressional testimony. What was his cost? Nada: he’s a Democrat! As we see today with the tsunami of illegals being waved across our southern border by Joe Biden and his flock of yes-men, federal officers breaking federal laws is no big thing. Democrats are seldom held accountable for their illegalities.

James Comey

What a cutthroat man Comey is! In addition to HIS lying under oath to Congress, he purposely passed along classified

James Comey

information to a “friend” for the expressed purpose of leaking it to the media. The problem with doing that is that the content was classified information between the FBI Director and the President of the United State!

Comey liked to work on both sides. Just before the 2016 election, he apparently developed a beef with Hillary Clinton over something. Why? Why else would he drop all those hints in the media about an “investigation” by the FBI into her?

Of all the mistakes Trump made in picking leaders in his administration, Comey was the most deadly.

James Clapper

Clapper was and is little more than an “empty suit.” He was Director of National Intelligence, which was little more than a glorified go-between for all of the intelligence agencies to use to keep tabs on each other. Clapper supposedly kept all those huge egos at those agencies at bay while he coordinated intelligence between them all.

Clapper also lied before Congress under oath — five big whoppers. Check them out for yourself here: https://thefederalist.com/2019/03/06/four-different-lies-james-clapper-told-about-lying-to-congress/

Many are shocked that Special Counsel John Durham hasn’t hogtied Clapper. He and Comey are the pair that most people in government think will be popped the hardest at the conclusion of the Durham investigation.

By the way: do you remember those 50 former intelligence experts who jointly signed that letter debunking the Hunter Biden laptop as not being legitimate and its contents were nothing more than Russian disinformation? Clapper and Comey were two of the signees.

The others are “also-rans” and are not worth joining this group in this story. They’re ALL involved in this attempt at insurrection. Whether or not they will ever pay for their criminality and other wrongdoing is yet to unfold. But John Durham is stealthily and steadily closing in on the culprit or culprits.

What we DO know for sure is that there was no collusion between the Russians and Donald Trump or his campaign. That lie was manufactured by, or with the approval of, the turncoats above and those not detailed in this section.

“The Rest Of The Story”

The latest filing by Special Counsel John Durham, investigating Russiagate and the Hillary Clinton campaign, suggests the rabbit hole goes a bit deeper than we thought. One hates to sound like Rachel Maddow, but it is now much more likely that the walls are closing in.

Durham filed a new 34-page motion on April 15 in answer to defendant Michael Sussman’s request to dismiss the case against him. Durham accused Sussman of lying to the FBI about his working for the Clinton campaign while he was trying to sell the Bureau on an investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia, focusing on alleged internet pings between a Trump server and the Russian Alfa Bank. Sussman’s claims also included a number of pings against Trump Tower WiFi and later White House WiFi by a Russian-made Yota cellphone.

Sussman’s motion basically called Durham’s case garbage, which pressed Durham to explain to the court why the case needed to proceed, hence the new motion. The court subsequently ruled against Sussman and the full trial will commence next month. As he has done in the past, Durham used the required motion as a chance to tip over a few cards he is holding. It looks like aces.

Durham previously established that the CIA knew about what we’ll call “Russiagate” as of at least July 2016, and briefed then-president Obama on the same only five days before the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane full-spectrum investigation into Trump/Russia began. The new filing adds the next chapter. Sussman met with unknown persons at the CIA to tell them a Russian Yota cellphone seemed to be following Trump around, attempting to log into the WiFi network wherever he was. This included Trump Tower and later the White House.

At January and February 2017 CIA meetings, Sussman claimed the phone first “appeared” in April 2016 (about the time the DNC hack supposedly took place) and even “appeared with Trump in Michigan” when he was interviewing a future cabinet secretary. Sussman went on to disingenuously claim to the CIA that the Yota smartphone used is often gifted to Russian officials.

The problem was that the information Sussman passed to the FBI was fake. Phony. Fabricated. Much like the Dossier. The CIA “concluded in early 2017 Russian Bank-1 data [Alfa] and Russian Phone Provider-1 [Yota] data was not ‘technically plausible,’ did not ‘withstand technical scrutiny,’ ‘contained gaps,’ ‘conflicted with [itself]’ and was ‘user-created and not machine/tool generated.’” Reuters‘s own tech people also said they could not authenticate the data and passed on the story. While the CIA declined to open an investigation based on such data, the FBI did, leaving open additional questions on whether or not the FBI was technically unschooled, or in on the greater conspiracy.

This new information also raises the question of why Robert Mueller or DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz did not ask why the FBI was so easily fooled when their CIA cousins across the river (and some journalists) saw through the grift. The FBI was warned — on September 7, 2016, the CIA sent FBI director James Comey and Peter Strzok a warning that Hillary Clinton approved a plan to tie Trump to Russia to distract from her email scandal. Then, only twelve days later, Sussman approached the FBI, who, despite the heads-up, took the hook. Hillary Clinton tweeted, “Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank.”

This should also raise questions about Michael Sussman and his role representing the Democratic National Committee and the DNC server hack. Careful research by retired NSA persons suggests the server was accessed from inside the US, not hacked from Russia as widely alleged. One hates to go down the conspiracy road, but is Julian Assange, whose Wikileaks released some of the DNC emails, imprisoned in part because he could prove his source for the hacked emails was not Russian, as he has claimed?

Who knows, right? Maybe Researcher-2 (identified elsewhere as David Dagon of Georgia Tech, whose research focus is Botnets. Dagon previously bragged of using a “bag of tricks” to prove Trump-Russia collusion). Durham granted Researcher-2 immunity to “uncover otherwise-unavailable facts underlying the opposition research project.”

Durham also granted immunity to someone at Fusion GPS, the front organization which moved money from the DNC/Clinton campaign to both Dossier author Christopher Steele and Alfa/Yota pitchman Michael Sussman. The Fusion person is likely Laura Seago. Seago helped sell the fake Alfa data to Slate.

Earlier articles established that the Alfa/Yota conspiracy mirrored the Dossier conspiracy in style, funding, and execution. This new information from Durham adds now, as with the Dossier, that the Alfa/Yota data was fake. The commonalities between the two as-yet-legally-unlinked conspiracies strongly suggest a common backstage element.

I spoke with a former US intelligence officer about what would be involved in managing an operation this size: Alfa, Yota, Dossier, liaison with the FBI, all the media planted bells and whistles, but just the admin side, not the actual spy work. She said it would be a very large job, likely bigger than many overseas stations would take on, something that would need its own working group in Washington. She said keeping the finances clean but covert alone would be a nearly full-time job.

So what does it all mean? Special Counsel Durham has revealed a relentless effort by Democrats to sell the Russia collusion narrative across the U.S. government, to the point where in the absence of derogatory information they created it. The Democrats then enlisted (to date…) Christopher Steele and Michael Sussman to peddle the false information in hopes of stirring someone in the intelligence community to turn their vast resources on Trump and find actual dirt.

The venture failed in the initial sense — Trump was elected and completed his term — but large numbers of Americans still believe Trump is allied with the Russians, a hangover likely to last into the next election.


The only thing I would change in the Durham investigation is its secrecy. I hate not being able to digest a blow-by-blow narrative that gives us the pieces of damning evidence against these and others in the faux Russia Collusion hoax. But, I fully understand. Everyone, by law, is “innocent unless and until proven guilty.”

Of course, that applies only to Democrats. Republicans like Trump are “first guilty” and there’s NO possibility of their being innocent!

I really hoped Durham’s task would have been completed prior to the 2020 election. Add to that the plethora of evidence that is piling up with the revelations of the content of Hunter’s laptop, and it’s not looking good for the folks in this story.

Guess what: if these people are given a free pass for their illegalities, it will prove to us all that the Rule of Law does NOT apply to ALL American citizens — just to Republicans and other evil conservatives.

While I would enjoy nothing more than watching Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Hillary, and Hunter each doing a “perp-walk,” I don’t have a right to that. “Vengeance is mine, thus saith the Lord.”

I’ll be satisfied with God taking the vengeance. I’ll be OK just watching!


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