“You Got me Going in Circles…..”

“You Got me Going in Circles” was a great song from the group The Friends of Distinction from the late 60’s.  It’s much more appropriate in 2017 in describing the c–p going on in Washington D.C.

Today the Senate Judiciary Committee spent a couple of hours on the most part hounding Attorney General Jeff Sessions about a bunch of c–p.  (I’m not Republican and you can tell I’m not Democrat because I’d never use any word that starts with “f”  like their leadership is now prone to do at any moment.  I apologize for the “c” word in the last two sentences)

For 11 months the alleged Russian interference into U.S. elections and any and all those that may have had any part of it have been investigated by the FBI.  As of today, the FBI and the other intelligence agencies have presented NO evidence showing there was any Russian election tampering, although they unanimously agree that there were Russian attempts to impact our 2016 election.  Think about that:  almost daily the NY Times and Washington Post print a “Russia” story that all make unsubstantiated claims of Russian collusion with someone in the Trump organization that all come from “unnamed” or “anonymous” sources that all have to do with rigging the election to get Trump in the White House displacing Hillary.

There are a few glaring conclusions that MUST be made here:  1)  there either is NO Russian influence in our elections that affected elections in any way, or  2)  there was verified interference by the Russians that has been unearthed and verified, and the Intelligence Community has done nothing about it for some unknown reason or those findings have been buried, or 3)  the U.S. Intelligence agencies are so inept none has any idea if or what may have happened.  It is so ridiculous to keep floating the “Russia” balloon when there is no hard evidence — only here-say from unnamed sources.  So……the narrative switches to Obstruction of Justice.  That gets former FBI Director Robert Mueller on board as a Special Counsel to do what:  investigate!

So what’s going around in circles?  Investigations and the disregard of necessary investigations.  There is so much irony in what is playing out in D.C. today.  Think about this:  today the same Senate committee that heard testimony from Eric Holder, Barack Obama’s first Attorney General, in which he was caught lying, charged with lying to Congress, and walked with no penalty.  Further, he illegally perpetrated the completion of Fast and Furious in which the government sold guns illegally in Mexico to try and track, infiltrate, and arrest Mexican drug lords.  In that process, several U.S. agents were murdered.  Even with that illegality, nothing happened to Holder.

Holder’s replacement Loretta Lynch, during a Justice Department investigation open into criminal matters regarding Hillary Clinton, met with Bill Clinton who was an obvious potential witness in, and a possible target of, that criminal investigation.  If there is such a thing as Obstruction of Justice, that qualifies.  Further, she instructed James Comey to basically look the other way in the Hillary investigation, and there is communication between her and the DNC in which she committed to — if the investigation got too “hot” — intervene to make sure nothing nasty happened to Ms. Clinton.  Think there may be some further Obstruction there?

James Comey superseded the authority of the office of FBI Director and publicly told America that HE had made the determination that there was no need to prosecute Ms. Clinton because the FBI found “no intent on Hillary’s part to do anything illegal.”  He said that in spite of two facts:  the FBI does NOT make a prosecution determination on any criminal case — the FBI only investigates and cannot prosecute, that’s what the Justice Department does; and violation of the law that Comey indirectly referenced in his speech does not require the proof of intent Mr. Comey said the FBI could not find in the investigation.  Breaking that law is a felony.

James, James, James.  He admitted he leaked to a friend for the friend to leak to the NY Times about that mysterious memo he wrote after meeting with President Trump.  The FBI Director leaked indirectly to the press!   Based on his continual testimonies to Congress, his several press conferences, and his “leaking” testimony, I am convinced he either leaked multiple times himself or he was responsible for someone else leaking the almost constant unsubstantiated stories to the press.

Then there’s Congress.  This is where the “circle” ends — if a circle can end at all.  If you saw any of Tuesday’s hearing it was as if the Democrats had never heard anything about anything that Comey and other Intelligence Agency heads had stated about their findings in the Russia investigation, especially as it pertains to the Trump organization.  Attorney General Sessions was far more accommodating and polite to the Senators than I could have been.  They continually impugned his honesty and integrity and badgered him like children — the same Senate Committee that allowed former A.G. (Holder) to literally get away with allowing U.S. agents to get killed in an illegal Justice Department gun running operation.

Why are the Democrats and their Media “Hounds of Hell” so persistent in their cries of first “Russia, Russia, Russia,” and now “Obstruction, Obstruction, Obstruction?”  It’s simply to keep President Trump and the American people under wraps.  Even though significant improvements have been achieved by the Trump Administration in many, many areas of government, Democrats keep showing Americans some shiny nickel to distract them from the good things happening daily.  They literally don’t care about their #1 job in D.C.:  legislation.

I encourage the acting Attorney General to initiate a full scale investigation into the wrongdoing of Loretta Lynch.  I encourage the acting A.G. to initiate a full scale investigation into the wrongdoings of the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.  While doing so, he needs to look into the recently confirmed illegal unmasking of American citizens whose identities have allegedly been discovered during legal interception of communications of foreign persons for their purported illegal actions.  Oh, why not take a look at James Comey, especially since he admitted under oath he had made the personal decision to leak a confidential memo that was the property of the Justice Department and therefore classified which is a felony?

How do these Democrats get to walk, speak, and do anything they choose in total abandon of the responsibility they bear in these matters?  Who is it that gives them implied immunity for committing felonious acts one after another?

Don’t be confident that we will get a really honest investigation from Robert Mueller and his team.  Every attorney he has brought in so far is a Democrat, DNC contributor, and one worked for the Clinton Foundation.  Jeff Sessions recused himself from investigations of anything to do with the 2016 election campaigns because doing so MIGHT be a conflict of interest for him.  Mueller and each of these attorneys should do the same.  Do you think there may be reasons for Mueller’s stacking the deck?

Meanwhile, Congress while not at a standstill are doing a lot of wheel spinning.  Congress needs to get to work doing the Peoples’ business instead of what they are doing, like the cat in this video:


Congress needs to stop going round in circles.

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