The Alt Left seem to have segued in their craziness from charges of collusion leveled against the President for purportedly assisting the Russians in “affecting” the 2016 election to “Obstruction of Justice.”  What’s laughable is that even if it was discovered that the President DID collude with the Russians, there is no law against collusion, therefore exonerating President Trump (or anyone else for that matter) of any crime.  In that case, impeachment cries would fall on deaf ears.  They were unsuccessful in getting to collusion.  Now they have turned the corner and have settled on allegations of Obstruction of Justice.  In fact, one Congressman from Texas said this:  “I have drafted articles of Impeachment against Donald Trump and WILL file them at some point for his Obstruction of Justice.”

There IS Obstruction going on in Washington D.C., but not what you are thinking, and certainly not what Congressman Al Green (D-TX) is thinking.  More about that in a few moments.

What is Obstruction of Justice?  The crime of obstruction of justice, in United States jurisdictions, refers to the crime of obstructing prosecutors or other (usually government) officials.  Generally, obstruction charges are laid when it is discovered that a person questioned in an investigation, other than a suspect, has lied to the investigating officers. However, in most common law jurisdictions, the right to remain silent can be used to allow any person questioned by police merely to deny answering questions posed by an investigator without giving any reason for doing so. (In such a case, the investigators may subpoena the witness to give testimony under oath in court, though the witness may then exercise their rights, for example in the Fifth Amendment, if they believe their answer may serve to incriminate themselves.) If the person willfully and knowingly tried to protect a suspect (such as by providing a false alibi) or to hide from investigation of their own activities (such as to hide their involvement in another crime), this may leave them liable to prosecution. Obstruction charges can also be laid if a person alters, destroys, or conceals physical evidence.  Obstruction charges may also be laid in unique situations such as refusal to aid a police officer, escape through voluntary action of an officer and refusing to assist prison officers in arresting escaped convicts.

Obstruction can include crimes committed by judges, prosecutors, attorneys general, and elected officials in general. It is misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance in the conduct of the office. Most commonly it is prosecuted as a crime for perjury by a non governmental official primarily because of prosecutorial discretion.  (Wikipedia)

So where with the President is their opportunity for charges of Obstruction of Justice?  When the Alt Left Media went nuts for several months about Russian collusion, it led to their ignorant claims of Obstruction.  That was dispelled.  When they realized they were barking up the wrong tree, they switched trees and went to James Comey looking for “Obstruction” assistance.  When the famous leak went public that the President (according to Comey’s leak) had NOT been told three times that he was not the subject of the Russian investigation (that Comey dispelled in his testimony last week), the Media foamed at the mouth looking forward to seeing Donald Trump in handcuffs for his Obstruction.  Then, of course, the President’s statement that Comey had told him three times that he was NOT being investigated was confirmed by the former FBI Chief in his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.  You could feel all the way from D.C. and New York the shock and major let down the Media collectively felt with Comey’s admission.  They wanted Trump.  And they still do.

Enter Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  The latest “Trump Camp” leaked accusation is that Sessions (who is about to testify voluntarily before the Senate Intelligence Committee) had a meeting with the Russian Ambassador that he failed to report in his questionnaire he completed prior to his confirmation as A.G.  Even before Sessions testifies and answers questions from Senators about that, the Media have him lying, obstructing justice, headed to jail for that crime, and that the President asked Sessions to not include all meetings in his documents, therefore committing (in unison now) “Obstruction of Justice.”

The Liberal Left can think of nothing but getting rid of Donald Trump.

There IS Obstruction of Justice in the wind.  However, the Left is ignoring it.  Maybe they don’t want to talk about it because it’s not by the President or Jeff Sessions.  Sure there are a lot of ways that Hillary Clinton could be blasted with Obstruction charges, but hers are not as obvious as this one.  Of course the Obstruction that is so obvious but has been so ignored is that by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  And she obstructed not once, but at least twice.  How?

Loretta Lynch

#1   That famous leisurely held tarmac meeting at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix with Bill Clinton.  How could that meeting possibly be Obstruction of Justice?  The Attorney General of the United States knew that elsewhere in the Justice Department a criminal investigation into the actions of Hillary Clinton — Bill’s betrothed — was in full swing.  Part of that investigation included the Clinton Foundation.  And Bill Clinton was a material witness in either matter.  Who in their right mind thinks that the two spent 45 minutes on that plane talking about grandchildren and golf?  Those two — even with Bill Clinton’s long winded stories — could have completed that conversation in 10 minutes.  They obviously were discussing the HRC investigation by the Comey FBI.  That is the only thing that makes sense.  Will we ever get the real answer to that?  Maybe not, but if I was Mueller, I’d put the former A.G. under oath and grill her about that meeting.  There’s someone out there who knows the truth.  (Secret Service were on that jet)

#2  That almost as famous admission by former FBI Leaker James Comey that Loretta Lynch instructed him to downplay the Hillary investigation, drop the term “investigation,” and simply call it a “matter.”  She knew it was a criminal investigation!  Why would she want it to not be called that?  Quid Pro Quo.  How so?  Who appointed Loretta Lynch to serve as the Attorney General for the Eastern District of New York?  Bill Clinton.  Where is the office of the Attorney General of the Eastern District of New York?  Above the offices of Bill Clinton AND the Clinton Foundation AND the Hillary Clinton Campaign!  And remember:  she had been on the tarmac in what she thought then was a secret meeting.  Not so secret now — and definitely Obstruction of Justice.

Will anything happen to Ms. Lynch?  Probably not.  It is very unusual to go after an Attorney General that way.  Add to that she is female, African American, and a Democrat and she’s pretty safe, D.C. status quo politics being what they are.

So the Left — even thought they should ratchet the rancor down — will continue to spread the words, “Guilty of Obstruction of Justice.”  And they’ll aim that cry at the President, the Attorney General, the President’s son-in-law, former NSA Director Flynn, Steve Bannon, and whoever else they think will help their cause.  Their cause?  To keep Americans from hearing and seeing the truth — the truth about the already considerable accomplishments of this Freshman politician named Donald Trump.  The Alt Left in America feel that by ratcheting up the noise and allegations against the President that Americans will listen to them and ignore the truth.

It’s amazing to me that Liberals have so little regard for the intelligence of Conservatives.  And they despise those they claim to represent.  The Alt Left Democrats and Socialists who were sent away in November with their tails between their legs as of yet still have not accepted the truth:  Americans are pretty smart.  We get them…we understand them…and we don’t want them governing us.

They may not realize this, but all their noise and constant screaming about Obstruction of Justice could see its way into the front page headlines.  CNN may actually be starting a newscast soon with a lead story about charges of Obstruction of Justice in D.C.  But that story is probably not going to be about Donald Trump.  When it happens, (if it happens) it will be about a Democrat…or two Democrats…or maybe even three.  We are about to see exactly how honorable the former FBI Director now Independent Counsel Robert Mueller is.  And all this noise has the spotlight on him.  We know what happens when the lights come on in the Swamp:  the critters scramble for cover.

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