Can The Woke Mob And Their “Critical Race Theory” be Stopped?

Wokeness has infiltrated every industry, from the military to media to philanthropy. It has succeeded despite a lack of public support. But, according to Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson, there is a way to stop it.

The word was first printed in a 1962 New York Times essay and traditionally has meant “conscious” and “aware.” The Oxford Dictionary notes that the term originally meant well-informed or up-to-date, but now chiefly means “alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice.”

Hanson told Fox News that wokeness, as we think of it today, has its roots in decades of critical theory coming from universities.

Today, it’s intertwined with cancel culture, critical race theory, and progressive activism – and it’s everywhere you look.

The U.S. military has offered personal development classes focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, defended the teaching of critical race theory, and other woke curriculum in military academies before the House Armed Services Committee.

The media has similarly come under fire for their activism, with New York Times Magazine reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones declaring that “all journalism is activism,” and CBS News reporter Kate Smith leaving the network and immediately declaring her advocacy for abortion rights.

School districts have faced public outcry over their teaching of critical race theory, leading many states to go so far as to ban the curriculum.

Even generosity is not immune. Naomi Schaefer Riley noted in an opinion in the Wall Street Journal that “nonprofits big and small have shifted their missions toward combatting “inequity” and “systematic racism,” and according to Elise Westhoff, president of the Philanthropy Roundtable, “donors have faced intimidation and threats of violence simply for supporting causes they believe in.”

Hanson said the push toward wokeness picked up speed during the Obama administration when there was a “separation of race from class” and a movement to lump all non-White ethnicities into one homogenous identity called “diversity.”

But it wasn’t until the last 18 months that wokeness reached a fever pitch.

                                    Victor David Hanson
“I think the perfect storm of COVID fears, locking down two-thirds of the population for 15 months, the self-induced recession, the Trump derangement syndrome, the George Floyd death, the 120 days of riots, the inactivity and inability to get people to meet one another, the crazy election, all of that was the spark or the fuse that lit the preexisting problems,” Hanson said.

For opponents of the societal push toward wokeness, Hanson said not all hope is lost – the majority of American’s don’t support it either.

“Whatever aspect that we look at in wokeness, whether it’s gender or race or immigration, transgenderism, it doesn’t have public support,” Hanson said.

Sixty-eight percent of American adults disapprove of the current administration’s handling of the southern border, where an open-door policy has led to a massive influx of illegal immigrants into the country, according to Pew Research.

A Fox News poll further showed that, despite a raging debate in many communities over critical race theory being taught in school, nearly half of voters say they have never heard of it. Only a quarter of Americans are in favor of teaching it to U.S. students.

Another Pew Research study showed 73% of Americans say college admissions should not be based on race.

One thing is clear about the trend that has dominated much of academia, media, and corporate America: it does not stem from overwhelming grassroots support.

Hanson said that is because proponents of woke ideology are now in positions of leadership.

“Unlike the ’60s revolution, which were protesting outside the corporation or outside the New York Times or Hollywood, these people are inside,” said Hanson. “They’ve taken over. So they run Hollywood, they run the NBA, they run the Major League Baseball, they run the NFL, they run Wall Street, they run Silicon Valley, they run the universities, they run the media.”

“They infiltrated these institutions and took them over,” he continued. “So that’s what explains why an agenda that has very little popular support continues to thrive.”

Mainstream media, Hanson noted, has fully bought into this ideology and can’t be counted on to report on it fairly.

Outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post are now “fused with the woke mob,” he said.

“They pick left-wing reporters, so you can’t count on the media to stop the wokeness or to report on its setbacks. They won’t do it.”

The left has succeeded in pushing this ideology into every facet of American life because they are organized, he continued, and opponents need to learn to fight fire with fire.

The Woke Mob And Critical Race Theory (CRT)

A Minnesota fourth-grade student and her mother expressed concern to their local school board after her class was given an “equity survey.” Students were told not to tell their parents about the activity.

Sitting alongside her mother Kelsey, fourth-grader Hayley Yasgar in a Monday interview said that the questions were confusing, and it made her “very nervous and uncomfortable” when the students were told not to tell their parents.

According to a video uploaded by Alphanews, when students didn’t understand some of the survey questions, they were told by a teacher in the Sartell-St. Stephen School District to not repeat the survey questions to their parents.

“The survey asked questions that some students didn’t understand. Even after hearing an explanation from their teacher, some still couldn’t comprehend the survey questions,” The Center Square reported.

The George Floyd incident sparked a nationwide conversation on race and the role of policing. School districts across America are pushing critical race theory on students to attempt to contextualize current events on matters of race.

CRT curriculum has sparked a national conversation about the role of race and racism in school districts across the country. Compared to actual racism, CRT is often a school of thought that generally focuses on how power structures and institutions impact racial minorities. 

Kelsey Yasgar said that although parents were “informed that the equity audit was taking place, they were not informed on the date of the activity and not given other details.” She explained further that due to the lack of transparency from the school district and from Equity Alliance Minnesota, the third party that administered the survey, parents were not informed of the questions being asked to the students.

Yasgar was “very upset” when her daughter told her that teachers instructed her not to repeat any of the questions being asked of them.

“I do want to say, though; I believe that this wasn’t a single case that her teacher made this decision. We had been informed that this came down from the administration and Equity Alliance of Minnesota instructed them to make sure the children did not share this information with their parents, and that should pose a great concern in any parents’ eyes,” Hayley said.


Victor David Hanson closed one interview in discussion Wokeness and Critical Race Theory (CRT) with these thoughts:

“[Republicans] are very polite, they don’t cancel people out, they don’t boycott, they don’t get angry and noisy. And I think that has to end,” Hanson said.

The people who oppose woke ideology are “half the country,” he continued. But they aren’t “organized like the left is.”

“So I think they have to use the same methodology to fight back. Otherwise, they’re going to be steamrolled by a minority that doesn’t have popular support, that’s very much better organized and funded.”

Hanson said he could already see the public backlash against wokeism – the most notable examples being school board protests and Eric Adams, a pro-law enforcement candidate, winning the Democratic mayoral primary in New York.

But on a larger scale, he said, it will take a “charismatic, effective candidate who doesn’t polarize people and says, ‘Look, we’re not going to throw away the traditions of the United States because of a bad year or a bankrupt theory.'” 

“I think the Republicans are going to have a big midterm election,” Hanson predicted. “That’s what destroyed the Obama administration was the Tea Party pickup of 63 seats in 2010.”

“So, I think it can be stopped because there’s no public support for it.”

It seems like there is hope to stop this insanity. But we all must awaken and understand that good things don’t always “just happen.” Evil dominates the process of instigating “bad things.” Let’s hope Americans will come to life and cancel Cancel Culture, Wokeness, and CRT.

We MUST make this happen!

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The “Big Lie” is Really From Democrats

Did you know that black people are not going to be allowed to vote in America anymore? At least in states controlled by Republicans? It sounds a bit unlikely, but that’s a conclusion you might have come to if you took seriously what President Joe Biden said in Philadelphia Tuesday.

Biden decried Republicans’ proposed changes to election laws as “the 21st-century Jim Crow assault” that tries “to suppress and subvert the right to vote in fair and free elections, an assault on democracy.”

This is, to be polite, unhinged nonsense.

Biden is old enough to remember what real Jim Crow voter suppression was like. It meant zero black people voting in places like Mississippi. It meant threats and violence against black people who tried to register to vote. It meant the unfair application of literacy tests and poll taxes.

Requiring voters to present photo ID is nothing like this: Large majorities think it’s reasonable. And measures such as reducing the number of pre-election voting days in Georgia (there are zero in Biden’s Delaware) or ending pandemic-inspired measures like drive-through voting in Harris County, Texas, are not the same. Not even close.

Early in his speech, Biden denounced “the big lie,” a reference to Donald Trump’s claims that he actually won the 2020 election. But Biden’s Jim Crow charge is an even clearer instance of the big lie — and a more dangerous one — since it’s unlikely to be fact-checked by most media.

If you want people to condemn a big lie, don’t tell one yourself.

In his criticism of Trump, Biden invoked a long-standing norm of American politics.

“In America, if you lose, you accept the results. You follow the Constitution. You try again. You don’t call the facts ‘fake’ and then try to bring down the American experiment just because you’re unhappy.” He spoke these words, apparently unaware that they could be applied to him and his own party.

You might not understand this if your only news sources are The New York Times and CNN.

But if you try to look at it, as Darryl Cooper does in the leftist Glenn Greenwald’s Substack, you might recall that Hillary Clinton and other Democrats NEVER accepted the results of the 2016 election and spent months advancing the Russia-collusion hoax to delegitimize and end the Trump presidency.

“We now know,” Cooper wrote, “that the FBI and other intelligence agencies conducted covert surveillance against members of the Trump campaign based on evidence manufactured by political operatives working for the Clinton campaign, both before and after the election.”

He went on: “We know that those involved with the investigation knew that accusations of collusion were part of a campaign approved by Hillary Clinton to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service.”

As Cooper noted, for months, many Trump supporters worried that there might be substance to the Russia-collusion charges. Democrats insisted there was. News media like the Times and CNN ignored or ridiculed efforts by the likes of House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes to show there was nothing there.

As became apparent when special counsel Robert Mueller admitted in his report that he had no evidence of collusion, Nunes was right. But the Times and other papers didn’t return the Pulitzers they won for their Russia-collusion stories.

The Times’s executive editor, Dean Baquet, acknowledged in an angry newsroom meeting: “The day Bob Mueller walked off the witness stand, our readers who want Donald Trump to go away suddenly thought, ‘Holy s- - -, Bob Mueller is not going to do it.’ ” As a result, “We’re a little tiny bit flat-footed. I mean, that’s what happens when a story looks a certain way for two years.”

“A little tiny bit flat-footed,” translated into English, means “dead wrong.”

Have Baquet or other news media leaders confessed errors for their misjudgments? Have any Democrats who pursued the Russia-collusion hoax like Inspector Javert confessed error? Not that I’ve seen.

Democrats who want to restore respect for the electoral process need to stop calling harmless changes in election laws “voter suppression” and a return to Jim Crow. They and their media protectors need to apologize for their years-long campaign to delegitimize Donald Trump’s presidency by advancing a baseless hoax.


OK: let’s put this “Big Lie” thing in the context of this “new” era of American politics.

First: the truth no longer matters — at least to those on the Left. Beginning in the 1790s, it was appropriate for politicians to have disagreements, some of which turned really ugly. But guess what they did: they found ways to reconcile those differences, especially regarding the essential things. After all, these were our nation’s leaders. It was incumbent on all those in office to do what voters in their districts and states chose them to do: represent the People. There were NO political factions that had great power, no lobbyists who represented massive corporations, and even foreign governments who all wanted access to those politicians who had the sole power to shape legislation in their favor.

So how in the world did they function?

They crafted pieces of legislation that best represented the wishes of voters. Then, on the U.S. House and Senate floors, debated, cajoled, argued, screamed, and hollered to convince those with opposite opinions to change. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn’t.

What’s different now?

It’s become vogue in government (and everywhere else in the nation) to abandon the pursuit of truth and reach consensus and replace it with this: “You have YOUR truth, and I have MY truth.” That sounds like a nice way to “just get along.” But what it doesn’t resolve are the differences, nor does that get legislation for the People passed!

Who loses in this process? The People.


Do you want an answer as to how to reach a resolution? The only way to achieve such is to enter into every negotiation with a willingness to “give a little to get a little.” Compromise on legislation is the fundamental building block in our Representative Republic. Without it, we are either an Autocracy (dictatorship) or a “banana republic.” Neither one is good.

I will not insult any person reading this story by saying that Democrats possess the role of being the “walkaways” unilaterally. The GOP is just as guilty. There’s plenty of fingerpointing allowed in this debacle.

What MUST happen is for ALL of our political members to in total to abide by their oaths of office in EVERY situation — even if/when it’s not one of their choosing.

Right now, we hear the catcalls by Democrats saying, “The Republicans don’t want to fix things. They want to destroy our democracy!” Democrats know that’s not the truth. And the People know that’s not the truth. But Democrats, in large today, use that as an excuse for the behavior in which they obfuscate their responsibilities as lawmakers to craft, revise, vote, and pass bills to send to a president to sign into law.

On the GOP side of the aisle, the consistent blather about Democrats is, “All they want is to fill the nation with illegal aliens with a long-term goal of making them voters to keep Democrats permanently in control of the U.S. government!” We don’t know if that’s true. Granted, it appears as a real possible option, based upon the policies (or lack of policies) from the Biden Administration to demonstrably enforce federal immigration laws. To further exacerbate the problem, when asked what their purpose is, their fallback is “We must rescue those from other nations who are just looking for a better life.”

Say what you will about these two scenarios, but saying anything will NOT solve our problem. Unless the men and women in government buy into the fact that their sole job is to work for the people by crafting and passing legislation for THEIR constituents, this nation will NEVER move forward. But it most certainly will slide backward — something it appears is already happening.

“Is there hope to stop it?”

Honestly, I don’t have any at this point. But gaining the resolve for this “resolution” process of differences begins when the People demand factual information from our lawmakers about every issue and a commitment to adhere to the principles of lawmaking to which each swore an oath.

Short of that, Venezuela, Here We Come!

If we DON’T do it, it will not be because of “A” Big Lie,” but about thousands of them. And I STILL think we’re better than that.

I hope our lawmakers agree.

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Have An Explanation For Biden’s Illegal Immigration Flood To The U.S.? We do…

Without question, the most asked question about this administration’s actions during its first six months is this: “What is the purpose for the unfettered waving-in of illegals across our southern border?” When you add the fact that approximately 1 million have shown up at the border — that we know about — to the OTHER fact that there is NO COVID-19 testing of these illegals by the Biden folks, PLUS the news that most of these illegals are ferried in the dark of night to towns and cities around the country and summarily released, what the heck is President Biden thinking?

I get stuck on the very first and most important factor in this process: They’re coming to our nation illegally! And the Biden Administration is encouraging it.

The Law

All persons residing in the U.S. are supposed to fall into three categories: a U.S. citizen, those with a Green Card permanent resident status, or temporary inhabitants with Visitor or Student Visas.

The Biden folks radically promote that there are 10-12 million illegal residents.  Using a more sophisticated methodology, professors from MIT and Yale estimated in September 2018 that as many as 22.1 million undocumented aliens could be in the U.S. They came to three conclusions: 10-12 million is no longer viable. Immigration experts say there are at least 16 million illegals here, and more likely that number is over 20 million.  One thing is for certain, we do not know who they are or where they reside.

A nation that cannot secure its borders against drug traffic, criminals, gangs, human trafficking, and illegal aliens has a serious national security problem. There’s that old border adage: “A nation without borders is NOT a nation.”

President Trump worked on this issue and managed to bring it under reasonable control.  But the Democrats promised to reverse all of those gains.  Why? Democrats see illegal aliens in general and Hispanics in particular as a valuable voting bloc.

In a press briefing at the end of his presidency, President Trump outlined 42 things Biden will do if elected. Nineteen of them had to do with immigration:

  1. Abolish immigration detention.
  2. Stop all deportation.
  3. End prosecution of illegal border crossers.
  4. Support the deadly sanctuary cities.
  5. Incentivize illegal alien child smuggling.
  6. Expand asylum for all new illegal aliens.
  7. Cancel all asylum cooperation agreements with Honduras, Guatemala, with El Salvador.
  8. Taxpayer-funded lawyers will be given to all illegal aliens.
  9. Abolish immigration enforcement against illegal workers.
  10. Restore Catch and Release policies for illegals.
  11. Grant work permits for illegal aliens.
  12. Provide taxpayer subsidies and welfare for illegal aliens and new immigrants.
  13. Federal Student Aid and free community college for illegal aliens.
  14. Sign new immigrants up for welfare immediately.
  15. End requirement for immigrants’ self-sufficiency and maximize their welfare.
  16. End all travel bans, including from jihadist regions.
  17. Grant mass amnesty.
  18. Vastly expand low-skilled immigration to the United States.
  19. Increase refugee admissions by 700 percent.

The fact-checkers — Democrats and mainstream media — went crazy, saying nothing in Biden’s platform said he would take those actions.  The truth is now obvious: though it appeared Biden as president would not open the illegal floodgates at the southern border, leaders in the Democrat Party quickly changed that. Already a million illegals have been apprehended at the border. Just imagine how many slipped in.

For decades the Democrat Party has been synonymous with “Identity Politics,” particularly Black American voters. For a decade or so, Democrats have seen the illegal alien Hispanic community as a new political identity target. In 2016 Hillary Clinton ran on a platform promoting “a pathway to citizenship.”

Trump’s 2016 victory was a huge setback for the Democrats’ plans for two reasons. Immigration reform was an over-arching issue in Trump’s campaign, and it was the exact opposite of what the Democrats intended to do. Secondly, Trump not only campaigned on stopping the continuous flow of illegal immigrants, drugs, criminals, terrorists, and human trafficking, he immediately set out to fix it.

Biden’s 14-page campaign platform on immigration was littered with soft language and propaganda. For example: “Biden will move immediately to ensure that the U.S. meets its responsibilities as a nation of immigrants.” He said he would “End prolonged detention.” That is code for catch-and-release, which was the Obama/Biden centerpiece and the reason we now have over 20 million illegals. Then there is, “End the mismanagement of the asylum system.” More catch-and-release. “Welcome immigrants to our communities.” That is to say, “Amnesty for All.”  The one thing his website did NOT say was how he would reduce illegal immigration. Six months into his presidency, we now know why: he had NO intention to stop it!

Let’s be clear about what is happening with Biden on immigration.  As pointed out, there is soft language in his printed platform, and then there are the direct answers to questions during rare occasions when the media are questioning him.

During the Democrat primaries, there was open dialogue concerning “Support for eliminating criminal penalties for entering the country illegally.” That Democrat Party position is a euphemism for open borders. Why don’t they just come clean and say, “We Democrats are for open borders?”

During a recent interview, Biden was asked if he would introduce immigration reform legalizing millions of undocumented immigrants promptly after assuming office. “I already have the bill,” Biden said. And, he continued, “I will get it done in the first week.”  There it is, amnesty, pure and simple. In that interview, Biden went on to say, “illegal immigrants should have access to the same health benefits everyone else has.” Biden missed his promised date for that bill. But there’s plenty of time for it IF Democrats can maintain control of Congress.

From fiscal years 2017 to 2019, Homeland Security reports that ICE agents arrested and eventually deported around 205,000 convicted criminals and about 36,000 immigrants with pending criminal charges. Over that same period, ICE deported around 17,000 known or suspected gang members and 145 known or suspected terrorists. Biden promised to “limit ICAE’s ability to deport criminals.” He certainly has kept that promise.

Doing the math on the 258,000 deportees cited above, over a 24-month period, would be the average deportation of 353 nasty folks a day.  So, when Biden emphatically declared he “Would not deport a single soul in his first 100 days in office,” that’s about 35,000 criminals that are still in our neighborhoods but shouldn’t be.

What is the intellectual point about opening our border wide open?  Was it a Biden signal that deportations may be eliminated?  Given that he has reversed every gain made during the Trump presidency, that “open border” possibility seems to be a valid happening.


“Amnesty-for-all” is not only a slap in the face to the millions of upstanding citizens who worked through the immigration system legally, but the long-term ramifications of amnesty-for-all are unthinkable. Once amnesty-for-all is initiated, that precedent becomes a powerful force.

Democrats know that government change in a dramatic fashion seldom occurs. If Biden successfully implements “Amnesty-for-All,” it is highly likely that amnesty-for-all will become the norm in the future every time Democrats control the government.

There are about 47 million Hispanic citizens in the U.S. plus another 20 million illegals. Politically, this is the holy grail for the Democrats. Democrats foresee a dynasty in power for years to come to get a stronghold in this Hispanic identity group. The complete revamp of the immigration system in the nineteen immigration initiatives outlined above by President Trump will certainly do just that.

It’s impossible not to take a swipe at Speaker Pelosi. How many dozens of times did she lecture during the Trump Administration, saying, “No one is above the law.”  I’m suggesting she needs to modify that as follows: “No one is above the law except the millions of illegal aliens living among us.”

How Do Americans Feel About Biden’s Border “Crisis?”

On no other issue has President Biden lost the country’s faith as quickly and thoroughly as immigration, where Americans tell pollsters they not only find his strategy lacking, but they actually yearn for a return to the Trump days.

A series of polls show the public sides with security experts, border-region law enforcement, and Border Patrol agents who say what’s going on at the border is a crisis. Biden’s ditching of Trump policies fostered it.

In an Economist/YouGov poll taken in late June, just 16% sided with Biden in rejecting the “crisis” label, including just 27% of self-identified Democrats. And of those who called the situation a crisis, a strong majority saw it as an immigration, security, or crime crisis, rejecting the Biden administration’s attempt to portray it as a humanitarian situation.

Most striking was a Harvard CAPS-Harris poll, also from late June, that found most voters think former President Donald Trump’s policies should have been left “in place,” and the two-thirds of voters who said Biden’s executive actions had encouraged illegal immigration.

“People are basically saying they’re not with the president on immigration,” said Alfonso Aguilar, who ran the Office of Citizenship in the Bush administration and now runs the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles. “They’ve seen there’s a major shift with immigration policy with this administration and the Democratic Congress, and they don’t like what they see.”

Immigration support is dismal. A Morning Consult/Politico survey late last month found 40% approval of his handling of that issue, compared to 48% disapproval.

Whatever President Biden’s stumbles at the border, it does not appear to have the fundamental dynamic of a country increasingly more open to immigration and leniency for those already in the country without permission.

The Economist/YouGov poll found 72% still ascribe to the sentiment that the U.S. is “a nation of immigrants,” with just 15% disagreeing. Surprisingly, the most resistant to the idea were younger adults, ages 18-29, where just 54% agreed with the sentiment.

Polling has long shown the public wants better border security.

A Harvard-Harris poll taken in September, amid the presidential campaign, found about three-fourths of those surveyed wanted to see the border tightened and wanted to see undocumented immigrants who commit crimes deported.

Another striking feature of the Harvard poll is that Biden fares even worse when Trump’s name is taken out of the equation.

When asked whether the president should revert to Trump’s policies, 55% agreed. But when asked whether Biden should adopt “stricter policies” — without Trump’s name attached — support leaped to 64%.

In Texas, which is bearing the brunt of the border surge, a University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll last month found just 27% approved of President Biden’s handling of immigration and the border.

Among Hispanic people, a key demographic group whom Biden hopes to woo with his policies, his support was underwater, with 34% approval to 47% disapproval — a net negative of 13 percentage points.


Those in this Administration constantly repeat the story that the reason for allowing large numbers of illegals into our nation is because of horrendous economic problems in their home countries. That might have sold at one point. But Border Patrol agents reported that those apprehended sneaking into our country originate in 61 different countries worldwide! So much for “helping” those Northern Triangle aliens.

It’s all about power, folks: the unfettered power to flood the nation with “future” Democrat Party voters.  That’s the only logical explanation.

That won’t fly with most Americans. Biden and his fellow Democrats have sold out to that “idea.” I wonder if he’s willing to “fall on his sword” to protect that concept.

To most Americans, whatever the underlying purposes for allowing the thousands of illegals to cross the border daily, there is NO justification for its continuance. And these Americans get stuck when considering it’s blatant disregard for federal immigration laws. 

Saturday Bullet Points: July 24, 2021

FAR too many important events occur 24/7 in the Nation for anyone to catch them all and digest them live. But you don’t want to miss ANY of the important ones!

If you missed any of the noise, don’t worry: we’ve captured each of the big events. Check them out in our Bullet Points. Read the sentence or two of each story. If you want complete details, click on the blue arrow at the end of the descriptive sentences, and you’ll be transferred immediately to a full story. If you have all you need to know about it, click on the next bullet point and move on!

Relax with your Saturday morning cup of java and catch up on the news of the week with us. Let’s get going:

Bullet Points

  • The policies of the Biden Administration regarding how to handle our southern border and illegals flooding into the nation is probably one of the most important news happenings of any day. Why? No one can figure them out! When it seems like there may be some integrity being re-inserted in what’s happening, they turn around and make stupid policy decisions based on who-knows-what. The Trump immigration folks had just about wrapped up getting that wall built when last November came. Biden had promised while campaigning he would reverse ALL of the Trump border control policies. Now, he’s taken it even farther: cancellation of contracts for portions of the wall we’ve already paid for! For complete details, click on this link: 
  • So how does President Biden pacify Americans who are dead-set on closing the border while, at the same time, fulfilling promises to the “open-border” gang? You find a way through current pending legislation to hide elements within it to pacify those who want open borders while getting Congress to spend billions in new tax dollars in the name of Border Security. Yep, that’s what’s on the drawing table. And the nuggets of pacification are amnesty for millions of illegals. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • We’ve heard that the FBI has arrested more than 500 people who were identified as being on-site and complicit in the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. They used primarily facial recognition software to determine who those perpetrators are. Several of those arrested have already pled and are awaiting jail time. Others have been held in egregious prison conditions with NO liberties, NO ability to see family members or their own lawyers, and are being treated worse than actual terrorists being held in Guantanamo Bay. It has come to light that Sidney Powell has announced she’ll be part of defending many of those caught in this “Biden trap” to take on the federal government for these alleged unconstitutional treatments. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Many Americans are fearfully anticipating government mandates for COVID-19 vaccinations. And everyday information slips into the news that there “may” be mandates in the works for many, if not all, Americans to take the jab. Certain private employers have already begun demanding vaccinations of their employees as a condition of their employment. One of those employers is the National Football League. One of the greatest offensive football minds in NFL coaching has been fired for refusing to take a COVID-19 vaccination. Who is it? For complete details, click on this link: 
  • We at TruthNewsNetwork have weekly published the deaths and adverse reactions to COVID vaccinations from both the U.S. and Europe. These statistics are actually published weekly by the CDC in the U.S. and the CDC’s counterpart in Europe. However, when the news is bad, members of the Biden Administration carefully choose which of those to reference in press briefings and which to avoid. One reporter confronted Jen Psaki, White House press chief, about the latest “breakthrough” infection numbers, and Psaki refused to give that info to the media. What are they hiding? For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Remember those “PPP” loans to small businesses that were included in the first COVID-19 Stimulus package? There were restrictions on which companies could receive any of those federal tax dollars — specifically the size of companies that could apply. One of the large companies that most Americans despise tax dollars going to is Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider. It seems that Planned Parenthood’s employee number disqualifies them from receiving PPP money. Yet, they DID receive millions. And members of Congress are after the Biden Administration to find out why and get those millions back. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • The state of Mississippi has petitioned the Supreme Court to take up a Mississippi anti-abortion law to confirm its constitutionality. Though the Court has finished its season of determination of many cases filed with it, they prepare their docket for the next session. Constitutional law professors feel with the makeup of this Supreme Court, Roe v. Wade may be in danger when the Court weighs in on this Mississippi case. For complete details, click on this link:
  • It appears new COVID-19 cases are on the rise again. This time, three states are leading the way with the newest cases. Which states have earned that honor, and what are their case numbers? For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Who can figure out the stock market? When you’re tempted to drop a few thousand dollars to purchase stock in a new “can’t miss” startup, days after you invest, bad news shows the company is already facing certain failure, and your stock value drops to zero! But the opposite is happening more today than the losses, and stock market values have soared, even in the midst of horrible employment numbers and certain inflation upon us. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • News from Venezuela has of late certainly be rare. Remember: this South American country was tagged as one of the wealthiest nations on Earth just a couple of decades ago. But a brutal socialist dictator seized power and initiated Venezuela’s financial, social, and economic demise. We’ve all heard of the lack of basic needs of its people, including food, medicine and healthcare, and even toilet paper. Now, we’re told that to get gasoline for a car, waits are as long as all day! For complete details, click on this link: 

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It’s Time America Talks About Cuba — It’s Full-Blown Communism Knocking On Our Door

If you’ve seen any of the video footage from within the protests in Cuba that have lit the island since Sunday, July 11, you’ve probably questioned once or twice, “Why are the Cubans protesting, and what are they protesting about? Those are fair questions. Whatever the source(s) of the unrest and the response by the Cuban government to the protests, it’s fair to say that something is just not right.

So I’LL ask the question: “What IS going on in Cuba?”


To objectively understand what is occurring in Cuba, to gauge how these events are once again affecting the United States, and to respond, one must understand the history of the Castro dictatorship and how America has related to it. The government in Cuba is a self-described socialist-Marxist regime, as proclaimed by Fidel Castro himself. It is a murderous, non-stop abuser of human rights. The proof of its 60 years of murder is legion.

Firsthand accounts of torture and decades-long incarceration in horrific conditions can be found in “Contra Toda La Esperanza (Against All Hope)” by Armando Valladares and “Cómo Llegó La Noche (How the Night Arrived)” by Huber Matos. Along with Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, Camilo Cienfuegos, and Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Huber Matos is one of the five commanders of the Cuban Revolution.

Visit Miami and talk to former political prisoners for contemporaneous proof. The American embargo — the ruse by which the dictatorship affixes blame for their incompetence and abuses — is but a fantasy. Briefly, the American embargo does not prevent the world’s 195-plus other countries from trading with Cuba. For example, Canada and Spain have for decades prolifically traded with Cuba. The American embargo has never prevented food and medicines from reaching Cuba.

And what about the millions of dollars Cuban-Americans have sent to their family members? Or did the American so-called embargo cause thousands of human rights abuses by the regime?

The solution to the six-decades crisis in Cuba, a crisis that has directly affected the United States, is pretty straightforward. Anything that supports the Cuban dictatorship must be stopped — including tourism, money transfers, and trade. Food and medicines should only be delivered directly to the people.

The United States and like-minded governments should seek criminal indictments of Raul Castro and the rest of the country’s dictatorship at the International Criminal Court. Suggesting an armed intervention is nonsensical and divisive to the Cuban people, for, as St. Augustine noted, “The devil deludes men by despair and hope.” No one should negotiate with the regime for the rights of the people in Cuba, as doing so presumes that those rights are the dictatorship’s to grant.

Today’s Events Are Not Isolated Incidents

For those assuming what is presently occurring in Cuba has no consequence to the United States, history has proven that they are sorely mistaken.  A few months after the 1959 Cuban revolution was deemed successful, a militia showed up in Havana to place men on house arrest. For years, locked-up men desperately worked to find ways for their family members to get to Miami to get away from Cuban Marxism. Yes, some stories tracked thousands of Cubans who successfully made the journey by boat. Sadly, there are just as many stories of Cubans who lost their lives just trying to get to a land where they could live free.

During the last six decades, most of those Cubans have watched how a few men enslaved a people, turning a rich country into a veritable slum while running roughshod over the United States. Despite the bluster of conservative Republican administrations and the practical acquiescence by neo-socialist Democrat administrations, the rulers in Cuba keep getting away with murder.

The regime’s murderous aggression is well-documented, from the killing of American military officer Major Rudolf Anderson to installing strategic and tactical nuclear weapons, to welcoming airline hijackings, to the harboring of fugitives, to the exportation of socialist Marxism to Latin America, to force waves of illegal migration, to murdering four American citizens in international airspace, to being a transshipment waypoint of cocaine into the United States, to in 2016 the U.S. embassy in Havana being attacked by an energy weapon injuring approximately 60 Americans.

Of Course, Cubans Are Angry

Today in the U.S., we are treated to the news of multitudes demonstrating against the despondency they have endured for their entire lives. They are desperate people who tolerate eight hours’ queues to obtain their monthly allotment of things like sugar. They are a tortured people for whom medical care is sparse, rationed, and, more often than not, nonexistent.

They are an enslaved people who cannot associate freely, cannot speak openly, and cannot partake in the riches skimmed away from them by the military ruling class. Even the international money sent to them has to be laundered through the black market to avoid the Madoff-Ponzi-Rube Goldberg official exchange rate.

And it WILL destroy the US in the United States if we do not soon turn away from Totalitarianism of ANY name.

It seems that Cubans have had enough of all of these sufferings. And what are the lies they have been fed for decades? Well, like all socialists, the Cuban dictatorship attributes every single one of its problems to others — in this case, to the United States.

The rulers take no responsibility for squandering the country’s riches in cobalt, citrus, tobacco, pristine beaches, sugar, and most notably an industrious people. State propaganda is but serial lies deflecting the actual responsibility resting with the regime. The people have had enough. Perhaps what we see in the streets of Cuba is a harbinger of what could happen in America when we are fed up with the serial lies our government is feeding us.

Yes, It Could Happen Here

What is shocking is how some Americans and one dominant U.S. political party actively advocate for socialism. The demonstrations today in Cuba are a godsend by showing firsthand, in real-time, what happens when socialism takes hold.

The demonstrations in Cuba offer a live view of what can happen to the United States if it accelerates socialist policies. If Americans see the present-day peoples’ revolt in Cuba as nothing but a disturbance in yet another banana republic, or as due to the fable of the “American embargo” in combination with the COVID-19 virus, then we are but pimps for instigating the same Castro-styled totalitarian state in the United States.

When one man held prisoner in a Castro jail for several decades finally escaped from Cuba many years later, he gave Cubans who fled the island and made homes in the U.S. two salient pieces of advice. First, be grateful to America and its people for harboring Cuban immigrants with the gift of living in its freedom. The other was ominous: communism is the disease that can destroy America.

It’s disheartening to hear members of the U.S. Congress place blame on Capitalism, the United States, for the lack of free trade, with little or no regard for the history of Cuba or the happenings since the Fidel Castro revolution sixty years ago. Yes, the U.S. has levied and maintained tough trade restrictions between our two nations. But more than 190 other nations trade with Cuba! It’s sad to hear Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) blame the U.S. embargo for ALL of Cuba’s problems. In doing that, she legitimizes the oppressive treatment of Cubans by its own government.

The bureaucrats and their cronies in Cuba do NOT do without. They live in splendor with no lack of any of the necessities the Cuban people are forced to live without.

But AOC’s statements should surprise NO ONE. Her objective for the U.S. begins with shelling capitalism to replace it with socialism.

If this Cuban crisis does nothing more than show the true colors of those from the political left in the U.S., it’s been worth it. There is NO nation on Earth today or any past that has embraced Socialism and all its egregious treatment of its people that still exists today! If any version of Socialism was effective, why are citizens of socialist nations all over the world still trying to flee those countries to come to the U.S.?

Maybe this crisis in Cuba was a Godsend to the United States. At least now, as hard as it is to say, Americans seeing Cubans struggling across the board in horrible conditions implemented by their government might be the key for our nation to padlock ANY talks of socialism here.

Let’s hope so!

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There WAS Voter Fraud in Georgia: How Do We Know That For Sure?

Isn’t it odd that very few in politics will even discuss publicly the almost certain voter fraud that occurred in Georgia’s November 3 election? No one has ever hesitated to point to fraud in previous elections. What was different this time?

We are now in the era of “Cancel Culture,” Wokeness, Critical Race Theory, and the actual ownership of all usage of words that depict racism of any kind — real or perceived. And, folks, the ones who have unfettered and unilateral control and use of those words all have a “D” following their name: they are Democrats.

Stacey Abrams (pictured above) is this Democrat operative from Georgia that initiated election uproar in the Peach State. But sadly, it was not because of voter fraud in November of 2020. It was because of the voter integrity bill signed into law at the end of March by Georgia’s governor. Abrams went crazy, began playing the race card before the CEOs of large companies with a presence in Georgia, and even shamed Major League Baseball into moving their 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver, Colorado. Why? Abrams shamed MLB for even contemplating that game being played in a state that just adopted oppressive new voter restrictions. Major League Baseball complied, and an estimated $100 million of Atlanta revenue from the game itself and ancillary revenue was lost. And most of that money would have gone to African American businesses located in Atlanta.

We watched and listened to those election irregularity legislative hearings in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia. One after another, voters in each state swore an oath and then provided hard copy evidence, personal testimony. Even some provided videos that proved voter fraud to some extent in each of these states.

Where’s the uproar for actual voter fraud? Where’s the outrage and the onslaught of demands from Democrat Party leaders to investigate to make certain there was NO voter fraud? Don’t hold your breath!

We all know about the exhaustive and extensive election audit that we’re told completed last week in Maricopa County in Arizona. Only a few tidbits have been “slipped” into public view, but they each portend bad news for Democrats in Arizona and others in Washington. At first blush, it appears that Biden did NOT win in Arizona. What does that mean? (To be continued…)

Uh-Oh! It Looks Like REAL Voter Fraud in Georgia

As the Georgia secretary of state’s office continues to investigate evidence indicating more than 10,300 Georgians may have illegally voted in the November 2020 election, the office’s chief operating officer reportedly defended voters for violating state election law.

“The reality is these are normal Georgians who are just trying to exercise their right to vote in a bizarre year,” Chief Operating Officer Gabriel Sterling reportedly told Atlanta’s WSB-TV, when confronted with an admission from one voter that he had moved more than 30 days before the general election but cast his vote in the county in which he no longer lived.

It was reported last week before Georgia certified its election results, President Trump challenged the state’s tally that showed Joe Biden winning the general election by 11,779 votes out of nearly five million votes cast. One of the more than 30 arguments Trump presented in his lawsuit challenging the election charged that nearly 40,000 Georgians illegally voted in a county where they did not reside.

Trump’s challenge relied on Section 21-2-218 of the state’s election code, which unequivocally provides that residents vote in the county where they reside unless they had changed their residence within 30 days of the election. So clear is Georgia’s in-county voting mandate that on Friday “FactCheck” confirmed the accuracy of this reading of the law by quoting the Georgia secretary of state’s voter registration webpage:

Enough Illegal Votes to Exceed Margin of Victory

At the time of Trump’s election challenge, in alleging widespread violations of Section 21-2-218, the president relied on information from the Secretary of State’s Office and the U.S. Postal Service National Change of Address (NCOA) database, the latter of which identified more than 100,000 individuals who had indicated a move to a new county before October 1, 2020.

Mark Davis, an expert on residency issues and voter data analytics, compared the NCOA data to official data from the Secretary of State’s Office and determined that approximately 35,000 of those Georgians cast a ballot in the county from which they had moved more than 30 days before the election. While a percentage of those voters may have moved only temporarily, perhaps because they were students or in the military — circumstances that do not affect a voter’s residency — with less than 12,000 votes separating Biden and Trump, this bucket of potentially illegal votes could have resulted in a state court tossing the election results.

Nonetheless, because Georgia courts delayed Trump’s election-challenge case, setting a trial on the matter only after Congress certified Biden as the victor, evidence of illegal voting was never heard.

As was reported a little more than a week ago, growing evidence indicates enough illegal out-of-county votes will eventually be revealed to exceed Biden’s margin of victory. Specifically, Davis re-ran the data in May. He found that more than 10,300 of the approximately 35,000 individuals who moved to a new county have since confirmed their move was permanent by updating their voter registration to the same address they had previously provided the USPS.

What the Voters Said

The Secretary of State’s Office told the Media in a nearly hour-long interview last week that its investigation into these voters is ongoing. Still, the lead investigator Frances Watson refused to provide any specifics concerning the investigatory steps being taken.

However, last week, after obtaining a list of the 10,000-plus voters who had updated their registrations since the general election, pursuant to a Georgia open records request, WSB TV investigative reporter Justin Gray launched his own probe, knocking on doors to ask voters about their moves.

In a Friday article, Gray reported on his conversations with two voters. According to Gray, one voter, identified as Jon Stout, “admits he did vote in the wrong county after moving just a few houses down the street but crossing the DeKalb County line.” Stout claimed he did so because he was not “able to update his driver’s license during the pandemic.” Stout, however, also did not update his voter registration, which he could have done online with the Secretary of State’s Office.

A second voter, identified as Mark Buerkle, told Gray that “he did move from Gwinnett County to Fulton but turned in his Fulton ballot at a Fulton dropbox.” “The fact is I live here, I voted here, I voted in this county. It should be legit, and there shouldn’t be any questions,” Buerkle told WSB TV.

When asked about this reporting, Davis stressed that he doesn’t like talking about specific voters, especially because it is possible the voter may not have even realized he was actually casting a Gwinnett County ballot. “It is up to our elections officials and law enforcement to determine who may or may not have violated the law,” Davis told me, “which is why they are conducting an investigation and why I gave them the data from my analysis.”

“Equally as important,” though Davis added, “I also want our elected officials to understand these are systemic irregularities that must be addressed.”

“The Story the Data Is Telling Me”

“Concerning Mr. Buerkle, I am sorry Channel 2 put him on the spot the way they did,” Davis said. “I have deliberately refrained from publishing the data from my analysis,” Davis noted, adding that “I had an understanding with the Secretary of State’s Office that it would not be subject to open records request until the conclusion of their investigation, yet here we are.” (Davis also required that the reporter sign a non-disclosure agreement before providing access to the data for review.)

“That said, when it comes to his residency, in particular, I only know the story the data is telling me,” Davis stated, and “November 2020, NCOA data shows an individual change of address was filed last year, with a move effective date in August of 2020, which indicated a move from an address in Gwinnett County to a new address in Fulton County.”

Further, “the absentee voter data shows this individual was still registered in Gwinnett County when he appears to have requested an absentee ballot be mailed to his Fulton County address in September of 2020.” Also, while this voter told WSB-TV he had placed that ballot in a Fulton County drop box two blocks from his house, “both the absentee data and the vote history data indicate the vote was cast in Gwinnett County,” Davis explained, adding that, if handled properly, Fulton County election officials would transfer the ballot to Gwinnett County.

None of this is to say Buerkle or Stout committed voter fraud. Stout apparently thought nothing of voting in a county where he no longer lived, and Buerkle seems not even to realize that, according to the secretary of state records, he cast a Gwinnett County absentee ballot.

Laws Don’t Matter If They Aren’t Enforced.

The public might also pooh-pooh these admissions as insignificant, but as Davis said, state election law requires voters to cast a ballot in their county of residence for a reason: Each county has unique issues facing residents, whether it’s taxing or which local or state officials will represent them. For instance, “When Mr. Buerkle lived in Gwinnett County, he would have voted in the Seventh Congressional District, but his new residence in Fulton County is in the Fifth Congressional District,” Davis said in the interview.

But even if the public shrugs at the significance of these revelations, Georgia’s Secretary of State’s Office, in the person of its chief operating officer, shouldn’t spin the casting of illegal votes as people “just trying to exercise their right to vote.” On the contrary, every illegal vote cast disenfranchised a legal voter who followed the law, including those who moved and undertook “the normal burden” of voting by lawfully updating their voting registration.

Then there were the Georgia voters who moved and, like the voters featured in WSB TV’s article, failed to update their voter registration — as legally required — in time to cast a ballot in the general election. The overwhelming majority of those 100,000-plus citizens followed the law and did not vote in a county where they no longer lived.

So, what we have then, is the Secretary of State’s Office defending the counting of the ballots of those who broke the law and even excusing those violations, while those who followed the law remained unable to cast ballots at all. One must wonder too how seriously the Secretary of State’s Office takes the investigation into the 10,000-plus residents if its COO frames those who violate Section 21-2-218 as merely “trying to exercise their right to vote.”

Lack of Enforcement Undermines Public Trust

After WSB TV broke the story late last week, reporters sought comment from Sterling and asked Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s communications manager for voter education, Walter Jones, for a statement. Did Raffensperger agree with Sterling’s assessment? And if not, would the secretary issue a comment condemning violations of election law and Sterling’s disregard for election integrity? Both media requests were ignored.

This approach is suspicious. The public needs to have confidence that the Secretary of State’s Office will undertake a full and transparent investigation of election irregularities. Sterling’s statements to the press last week demand distrust.

Sterling’s recent comments prove even more troubling when considered in context with statements a Georgia secretary of state spokesperson made to “FactCheck” late last week concerning the newly revealed evidence of the 10,300-plus likely illegal votes cast in the November 2020 election. Jones reportedly told FactCheck that “establishing a person’s residency is complicated and involves many variables, including where a person claims a homestead exemption and even a person’s ‘intent.’”

That is all true, but it ignores the reality that the more than 10,300 voters specifically at issue all made clear their intent to change residencies when they updated their voter registration records — albeit too late to legally vote in the November 2020 election in their new counties. Further, while there may be a few people on the fringes, likely, nearly all of the voters who informed the secretary of state that they had permanently moved to a new county did so on or about the date they told the USPS they were moving — which was more than 30 days before the November 2020 election.

Even More Disconcerting Details

Ironically, Jones also stressed to FactCheck that 86 percent of the voters Davis identified in-person “showed up in the polling location where they were registered,” implying some connection to their old residence existed. But as WSB-TV reported, for one voter, that meant just walking a few blocks to his old precinct in another county. Jones’s statement would also suggest that many of the voters on the list deliberately traveled a considerable distance to their old county of residence to vote.

Considered in context with Sterling’s comments, however, the worst spin came when Jones stressed to FactCheck that “federal law requires ‘individualized inquiry’ into each voter’s situation,” and that “calling these voter’s ‘illegal voters’ without making that individualized inquiry is a disservice.”

But then, when confronted by an Atlanta investigative reporter who undertook that “individualized inquiry” — and went two-for-two with voters who admitted they had moved more than 30 days before the election — the secretary of state’s COO derided the discovery. That was the real disservice!

Further, while Sterling was spinning this confirmation of illegal votes as just “everyday Georgians who are just trying to exercise their right to vote,” the secretary of state’s press person pushed the conflicting talking point that in-person voters “signed an oath that they resided where they are registered.” Absentee voters signed an application “saying that they still resided where they were registered.”

So which is it, Raffensperger? Are the 10,300-plus — and potentially up to 35,000 — voters who may have cast ballots illegally in a county in which they didn’t live “just trying to exercise their right to vote”? Or did many of them deceive election workers by falsely signing an oath affirming they still reside in their old county?


It is almost certain the vote tallies Georgia included a large number of illegal ballots. The specifics of their impact on the election results will hang in limbo — maybe forever. I think those who participated in this scheme that seems to have played out in other states as well were premediated. But how does one prove that? And, then, in this case, how could the fact that the November 2020 election results declared some winners did NOT win and some who did NOT win actually won?

Sadly, when all the dust settles and if a rigged election shows to have happened, Americans may discover they’ve been governed by a puppet government put in power by a rigged election.

Only God can figure what could be done to rectify the fraud. Personally, I don’t see a realistic way to “put the Genie back in the bottle.” And that means we have a “President” Joe Biden for more than three more years.

By the way: how will Americans’ attitudes about our government change if this election fraud is proven? Even more important: How can Joe Biden get anything in government accomplished for Americans if/when he’s labeled a “fraudulent” President?

OMG! I just thought of this: if Biden leaves for any reason, VP Kamala Harris takes the reins!

God Help Us!

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“Stupid Is as Stupid Does:” Forrest Gump

Yep. Forrest had it going on, didn’t he? The fictional character who achieved everything in life he wanted to achieve sure said some smart stuff. What would Forrest think about what’s going on in the U.S. today? Remember: Forrest’s days were Vietnam in the late 60s and early 70s. Things were a lot different then — or were they?

In their effort to subvert democracy and the will of the people, a group of Texas Democrat lawmakers appears to have caused a coronavirus super-spreader event. What’s more, just hours after meeting with these anti-democracy Democrats, Her Vice Fraudulency Kamala Harris was off to Walter Reed hospital for what the White House called a “routine doctor’s appointment.”

Uh, huh.

Five of these Texas Democrats — five! — who flew to Washington, D.C., late last week (without masks) on a private jet — private! — have already tested positive.

It should be noted that everyone involved, Kamala and the Democrats, have been fully vaccinated. I’ll explain why that’s important in a bit.

The White House is doing its best to spin the debacle. They say Kamala’s wildly coincidental Walter Reed visit is a “routine doctor’s visit” but have not said if it was already on her schedule.

Of Kamala and the Texas Democrats, who fled their state to stop Texas from instituting laws to protect the integrity of elections, Kamala’s spokeswoman, Symone Sanders, said in a statement:

Based on the timeline of these positive tests, it was determined that the vice president and her staff present at the meeting were not at risk of exposure because they were not in close contact with those who tested positive and therefore do not need to be tested or quarantined.

Uh, huh.

So these entitled, spoiled Texas Democrat crybabies go AWOL from their sworn duty and fly to D.C. without masks (on a private jet!) for a round of corporate media boot-licking, end up super-spreading the China Flu amongst themselves, and meet with the vice president. Then the vice president visits Walter Reed.

It’s as though God’s sitting back smiling in a “Make America Great Again” hat.

On top of this being the debacle of all debacles, something no one’s talking about is how this debacle of all debacles will affect the White House’s already-failed crusade to increase vaccination rates.

You just know America’s vaccine holdouts are watching the debacle of debacles unfold and saying, “See, they’re all vaccinated, and they still got the China Flu.”

Let’s count the rakes these morons stepped on.

  1. They fly in a private jet.
  2. They don’t wear masks on this private jet.
  3. Five catch the coronavirus.
  4. The VP goes to Walter Reed.
  5. What was supposed to be a corporate media bonanza about “brave” Democrats dropping everything to “protect democracy” turns into a mini-pandemic.
  6. Planet Un-Vaccinated is feeling pretty smug right now.
What About The Rest of Us?
  • Real Americans must stay at their jobs, even if they don’t like what’s going on.
  • Real Americans lose their jobs if they don’t show up.
  • Real Americans can’t afford private jets.
  • Real Americans are forced to wear masks when they fly.

Honestly, how does 2022 not end up being a total wipeout for Democrats?

What Else Is Strange About These COVID-19 Cases?

All of these Texas Democrats had already been vaccinated! Yet, five (so far) have been diagnosed with the virus. In the language of the medical “experts,” this second COVID-19 diagnosis is called “breakthrough infections.”

What is that short for? “There’s no way in Hades is this supposed to happen! We have NO idea why, and we have NO idea how. All we know is that in a whole bunch of folks (including these five), it’s happened and will apparently continue.”

In fact, those Epidemiologists and Virologists at the CDC (led by Anthony Fauci) hurriedly found a way to explain away the fact that these “breakthrough” infections make them seem “Forrest Gumpish.” Here is their explanation:

A total of 10,262 SARS-CoV-2 vaccine breakthrough infections had been reported from 46 U.S. states and territories as of April 30, 2021. The findings in this report are subject to at least two limitations. First, the number of reported COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases is likely a substantial undercount of all SARS-CoV-2 infections among fully vaccinated persons. The national surveillance system relies on passive and voluntary reporting, and data might not be complete or representative. Many persons with vaccine breakthrough infections, especially those who are asymptomatic or who experience mild illness, might not seek testing. Second, SARS-CoV-2 sequence data are available for only a small proportion of the reported cases.

Remember this: the CDC themselves told us regarding the numbers of vaccination adverse effects reported to the CDC from doctors around the nation, the TRUE numbers of these breakthrough infections are at least ten times more. By their own definition, this 10,000+ number of breakthroughs is probably 100,000 or more. And that was as of April 30, 2021!

So to muddy up all the numbers for we American plebes, the CDC in their wisdom found a way to HIDE the “true numbers” of breakthrough cases going forward. How? Of course, we have their words of instructions for you:

Beginning May 1, 2021, CDC transitioned from monitoring all reported COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infections to investigating only those among patients who are hospitalized or die, thereby focusing on the cases of highest clinical and public health significance. CDC will continue to lead studies in multiple U.S. sites to evaluate vaccine effectiveness and collect information on all COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infections regardless of clinical status.


So where does this latest spate of information leave us average Americans, many of whom choose NOT to be vaccinated?

In the words of that famous American Butch Cassidy just before he and the Sundance Kid jumped to their deaths off that cliff in South America: “We’re screwed!”

At this point in this comic tragedy, we call “Life in America,” you gotta laugh about it all to simply keep from crying. And that’s fine with Washington, D.C. The less we know for certain, the more they can “go easy.” They are not yet looking over their shoulders to make sure Bubba ain’t in hot pursuit to exercise his 2nd Amendment rights by “cappin’ their butts!” It hasn’t gotten that bad yet. But the fat lady hasn’t sung yet!

Let’s put ALL of this insanity in one big bucket to finish this today:

All the riots, inflation, elitist hypocrisy, allowing naked men in your daughter’s locker room, the Woketards, the economy, gas prices, burning cities, violent crime, gun-grabbing, new anti-science mask mandates: who’d vote for these smug, incompetent, bigoted idiots?

“Stupid is as Stupid does.”

One more thing: “You can’t fix stupid.”

Man, I can’t wait to vote.

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It Appears We’re Hearing Lies About All-Things COVID-19: Part III

We’re approaching — if we are not already there — “Critical Mass.” COVID-19 information’s manipulation by the Biden Administration, International Medical Bureaucrats, leaders in the Democrat Party in Congress, and the Mainstream Media feeds little more than fodder to the American People. Daily as we discover new lies by this “COVID Syndicate,” we uncover new and more surreptitious methods of invading the private lives of Americans by U.S. Intelligence agencies. We discover they have been practicing this for years.

Add to that the revelation last week that this presidential administration is apparently monitoring all Americans’ social media pages and pointing to specific posts that include what the Administration calls “dangerous and untrue COVID-19 information.” Every day we inch closer and closer to an “Emergency Proclamation” by the White House that mandates ALL must be vaccinated.

Yes, it’s something horror stories and movies were created to portray. George Orwell was certainly prophetic with his epic “1984.” And we all thought he was insane when it was published!

Facts Matter

Many cannot understand why the government will not be forthright with ALL the truth about everything to do with COVID-19. There are horrible side effects that afflict many. These include stroke, heart issues that sometimes are fatal, uncontrollable tremors, many others, including massive numbers of trips to the emergency room.

“If” President Biden was honest about COVID-19, he would mandate that all of the good AND the bad from COVID-19 be released equally to the American people. He’s NOT honest. Along with his so-called medical “experts,” he takes great pains to hide the adverse reactions to these vaccinations from us. Many people don’t realize that his own CDC publishes an updated list of ALL of the reported adverse reactions on the CDC website every Friday!

It’s obvious why they don’t publish those. The specifics of the adverse effects and the molecular changes that have already been discovered when revealed en masse to the American people will certainly start a revolt against this Administration.

How bad is it? We publish the weekly reported cases. In case you haven’t seen the latest, here are the details released through July 9, 2021, on the VAERS section of the CDC website:

  • Hospitalizations: 30,781
  • Urgent Care: 59,402
  • Office Visits: 82,535
  • Anaphylaxis Shock: 2487
  • Bell’s Palsy: 2885
  • Miscarriages: 1073
  • Heart Attacks: 3906
  • Myocarditis/Pericarditis: 2466
  • Totally Disabled: 9274
  • Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet: 2552
  • Life-Threatening: 8832
  • Severe Allergic Reaction: 19,814
  • Tinnitus: 5422
  • Deaths: 10,991

Please note that these numbers are ONLY the reported numbers of each medical event. The CDC estimates that a REAL number would be at a minimum ten times more than these reported numbers for each adverse event.

Vaccine History

The VAERS Report by the CDC began back in 1990. Since that time, all adverse effects of vaccinations of all kinds have been kept in this same way. The VAERS Report, though on the CDC website, takes an IT genius to find it, set it up for each week’s numbers, and create a report.

Please see below a simple chart that plots the VAERS numbers of reported deaths from adverse reactions to vaccinations in the U.S. These numbers are the totals for ALL vaccines each year.

The graph below does NOT lie. Adding together ALL vaccinations for ALL diseases and viruses in the United States, there’s never been a calendar year since 1990 in which there were 1,000 or more deaths IN TOTAL for all vaccines given during that year — until 2021. In just five months and one week — this year — there have been 10,991 “reported” deaths from adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccinations.

Doesn’t this fact — especially when added to the exhaustive list above of all other adverse reactions — mean that there is some “thing” or some “things” out of wack in ALL of the COVID-19 vaccines being jabbed into the arms of Americans?

It Gets Worse

We in the U.S. should not close our eyes to the fact that we do not live in a COVID-19 vacuum. This plague has impacted the entire Earth. No nation has been or is safe from this monster that certainly came from a bioweapons laboratory initially meant to do just what it is doing now!

(Maybe it escaped that lab by accident)

As our close partner in pretty much all things, Europe has been devastated by COVID-19 just as we have. The European Union database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, which also tracks reports of injuries and deaths following the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines.” EudraVigilance is only for countries in Europe that are part of the European Union (EU), comprising 27 countries. The total number of countries in Europe is much higher, almost twice as many, numbering around 50.  So as high as these numbers are, they do NOT reflect all of Europe. The actual number in Europe reported dead or injured due to COVID-19 shots would be much higher than what we are reporting here.

The EudraVigilance database reports that through July 3, 2021, 17,503 deaths and 1,687,527 injuries were reported following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots.

COVID-19 Vaccinations Are NOT Effective in Numerous Cases

This one floors me: we’ve been told from long before the first vaccine hit the marketplace in the U.S. that “if we don’t get vaccines developed quickly, and in the arms of Americans, millions will die!” Sure enough, Fauci’s cries for vaccines resulted in shortcuts by the epidemiologists and laboratory scientists. What occurred has NEVER before happened in U.S. history. Our government approved bringing vaccines to the marketplace with minimal testing, hardly any human trials of the vaccines — at least compared to the development and testing of every OTHER vaccine created in American history — and, Bingo! We have vaccines, and now the World is going to LIVE!

Something about two months into this government rush to vaccinate us all struck me wrong: why would the U.S. government foot the bill for all of this medicine? It’s one thing for Uncle Sam to step in and assure everyone who doesn’t have insurance can get the vaccination at no expense. After all, the government made it clear to us all that this was probably the worst scourge in American history.

So, now we find ourselves months into this “pandemic,” millions of vaccinations in the arms of tens of millions of Americans. That was supposed to take care of EVERYTHING! But it hasn’t.

Being completely vaccinated does not provide complete protection against COVID-19. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there have already been 4,115 recorded cases of completely vaccinated persons hospitalized or dying from COVID-19 coronavirus breakthrough infections. Nearly half the cases (49%) were women, and 76% were aged 65 and up as of June 21. According to Forbes, there were 3,907 hospitalizations and 750 fatalities among individuals who had breakthrough infections. However, not all hospitalizations may link to the CCP Virus (COVID-19).

If a person tests positive for SARS-Cov-2 (CCP Virus) two weeks after getting the single dose of Johnson & Johnson or the two doses from Moderna or Pfizer shots, it is considered a breakthrough case. Due to passive and voluntary reporting, the number of CCP Virus vaccination breakthrough infections is likely undercounted. The FDA reported, “These surveillance data are a snapshot and help identify patterns and look for signals among vaccine breakthrough cases,” and “No unexpected patterns have been identified in the reported breakthrough infections.”

The CDC switched from monitoring all reported vaccination breakthrough cases to only report instances that resulted in hospitalization or death on May 1, a decision that health experts condemned. Despite the CDC’s claim that the change in reporting will “help enhance the quality of the data gathered on cases of greatest clinical and public health relevance,” the change in reporting has resulted in a decrease in the overall number of breakthrough cases reported in the United States.

Something about all of this puzzles me. My state of Louisiana has struggled to get the populace to step up and get vaccinated. By the end of June, just 31% of Louisianans had taken the jab. However, in south Louisiana, in the area from Baton Rouge to New Orleans and to the Gulf of Mexico, the vaccination rate was about 70%. In our government’s estimation, that was a great achievement. But then, something strange happened.

Three weeks ago, in just 24-hours, 600 cases of COVID-19 in that region of the state were reported. In the next 24-hours, there were 300 more cases. Sure, these occurrences have been unfortunately common throughout the pandemic. But there’s something strange about THESE cases:

More than 60% of these cases occurred in people who had already been vaccinated! Worse yet, most were positive with the Delta Variant.

What’s worse than this: the Media in Louisiana, after reporting the onslaught of a “new wave” of COVID-19, the media suddenly went radio silent: no updates, no further case numbers were published, and no one talked about any of this.


There’s something sinister in the air. Think about these strange events and put them in perspective regarding all the mysterious events of late surrounding our government and COVID-19:

  • We are told in a White House press briefing that the White House has joined forces with Facebook to “identify” and remove posts that include “incorrect” or “misleading” information about COVID-19. Jen Psaki actually said, “People are dying because of this rampant misinformation about COVID on social media.” (That sounds a bit like “Big Brother” to me.)
  • President Biden, in every public speech he gives, excoriates everyone who has not accepted a vaccination. Think about that: there’s no caution, no embrace of the Democrat Party cry of years (regarding the legality of abortion): “My body, my choice.” He even issued a veiled warning to unvaccinated Americans last week in a speech saying, “Those who aren’t vaccinated will pay the price.” What the heck is the “price” he referenced?
  • In an interview, Biden’s Secretary of State Xavier Becerra stated that it is indeed the government’s right to know who has and who has not been vaccinated for COVID-19. His sole justification? The U.S. government has spent billions of dollars developing and making vaccinations available at no cost to Americans. That gives them the right to know.
  • Almost daily, we hear more and more conversations about making vaccinations mandatory. Constitutional experts have squared off about the legality of the government mandating vaccinations. Put that in context for a moment: can you see a scenario in which a group of government officials pulls up in front of your house. They knock on the door and demand proof of the vaccination status of all who live there. They then force anyone there who is NOT vaccinated to have a jab, “or else.” What would the “or else” be?

Don’t say for certain we are not facing this scenario. Four years ago, I was certain nothing like this could ever happen in the U.S. Today, not so much. In fact, I think we’re walking down a path toward this for certain!

What To Do?

Don’t succumb to FEAR! That is the worst option for any to take. The best thing for us to do is dig, dig, dig: dig for facts. Research via the internet and find as much information about everything possible regarding these vaccinations. Stay away from the “normal” news sources from whom you have been getting the “everything’s OK” news about COVID-19 vaccinations.

Rather than resort to cynicism, adopt the Reagan philosophy of “Trust but Verify.” Remember: the U.S. government has far more information than do we about pretty much everything. They make decisions based on having much more factual information than do we about everything. Watch and listen to what they say, but ALWAYS ask questions.

In the end, folks, we’re all going to be OK. God’s got this! When the unknown begins to choke your joy to be replaced by fear, bow your head and whisper a prayer. God understands, and he cares for our concerns. And if this worry and/or fear is about to overtake you, reach out to someone you know you can trust. If you don’t have such a person in your life, send an email to us: We can and will immediately put you in touch with someone who can help you.

We’re all in this together. That means we’re in it now, while we go through it no matter how it plays out, and we’ll still be together on the other side of this all.

Hold on to this one thought: The Best is Yet to Come. With God, we know that is the truth.

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Saturday Bullet Points: July 17, 2021

The U.S. watched multiple bizarre things happen domestically and abroad during the week. How much of all that did you know about and understand? How much of it did you miss? Make no mistake: Americans — ALL Americans — MUST stay plugged into the important happenings of each day. It’s more important than almost any other period in U.S. history. As a matter of fact, the future of the Republic is at stake! EVERY American needs to stay awake and consume factual information with which to make decisions: personal, family, business, and government choices.

If this is your first venture into our Bullet Points, here is how the process works: After each bullet point you’ll read a few sentences synopsizing the content of an important issue. When you read those sentences, if that information is something you’ve already digested or that you don’t care too much about, just skip to the next bullet point. If you want MORE information about the story, click on the small blue arrow at the end of those sentences. That will take you to a full story where you can digest ALL of the content.

Please have a great weekend! Now, let’s get started with today’s Saturday Bullet Points.

Bullet Points
  • There have always been people who scam the system in some way to find some advantage for themselves. Sadly, more and more often we see politicians — many who are people of color — use skin color to “play a card” to cease some political advantage. And in this heightened atmosphere of civil and racial unrest, doing that is little more than throwing a match on a gasoline-soaked pile of rags. This is apparently what happened in Minneapolis recently when an African American Minnesota state Representative claimed he was apprehended simply because of his skin color. Fortunately for the “Truth,” bodycam footage showed the politician “twisted” facts for political purposes. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • A Thursday revelation in a White House press briefing revealed what many believe is the evilest and anti-American practice so far initiated from within the Biden Administration. Press Spokesperson Jen Psaki revealed that the Biden Administration is working with Facebook to point out “dangerous” or “inaccurate” information contained in posts published by Facebook. Their reason for doing this? So that Facebook can delete these evil posts that give false information! Who’s the arbiter of what posts are true or false, misguided, or “dangerous?” In this case, that is our government! To me that reeks of totalitarianism parroting Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia from the past and currently Iran with the process of censoring free speech among citizens. (Whatever happened to our First Amendment?) For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Speaking of government overreach, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has proven to be an authoritarian leader for her state. Her egregious (and sometimes illegal) lockdowns during the pandemic and her insistence throughout and still even today of statewide closures that all come with spurious penalties for ignoring the governor have in context demoralized Michigan citizens. She seized the power through an Emergency Act which authorized unilateral actions by the governor. However, it appears that Gov. Whitmer has met her match and no longer has such unilateral power. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Where oh where is Hunter Biden? The President’s son has captured far too much attention for actions on his part that do NOT fair so well for his father. The younger Biden hasn’t been spotted in public much of late. And the news of his upcoming art gallery showing in Manhattan has turned the lights of inquiry back on the Biden’s younger son. Do you remember that famous laptop that appeared at a Delaware computer repair shop? Allegedly, Hunter took it there, left it there, and it eventually found its way to the FBI. The hard drive from that laptop is full of damning documents, emails, texts, and pictures that show Hunter’s lifestyle left something to be desired. He had a self-induced illegal drug problem and apparently let the drugs rule his life during a time he was on a Ukrainian gas company making millions. Those laptop contents thrust Hunter into the Media craziness. When asked by one interviewer, Hunter actually intimated that he wasn’t certain that the laptop was his. Rest assured, however, the facts have verified the signature of the person who left it at the shop IS the signature of Hunter Biden! For complete details, click on this link:
  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Milley has shown of late his extreme leftist biases that are frightening to many. He has been reported with the release of excerpts of an upcoming book as having warned multiple folks in the military and intelligence community that Donald Trump was considering invoking the Insurrection Act to initiate a military coup to keep his position in the White House. President Trump, as he always does, did not hesitate to reach out to summarily reject ALL of Milley’s allegations. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • It is common knowledge that the NFL has suffered through multiple seasons now with the divisiveness based on race that has been perpetrated by NFL players and media pundits. Who will ever forget kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem before games? This debacle was created by former backup NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers. The NFL has paid a steep price for this that was made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns. One would think for the upcoming season, the league would run as fast and as far away from unnecessary conflict as possible. Guess what? The NFL is diving into the “racial equity” world for the upcoming season. Millions of current, and former, NFL fans will say, “We’ve had enough!” Folks are going to be surfing available Sunday sports programming instead of locking in on their favorite NFL teams. For complete details, click on this link: 
  • This November 3rd election charade continues to play out among the battleground states. One of those Pennsylvania counties in which massive numbers of election irregularity and fraud claims were presented under oath and with the threat of perjury was targeted by members of the state legislature to participate in an audit of their election process and the equipment used to manage that election’s results. That county has denied participating in the audit! Why? For complete details, click on this link: 
  • Speaking of election irregularity and election process audits, the forensic audit of Maricopa County’s ballots from that election just went through a forensic audit by a non-partisan company from Florida. Though the audit is complete with a detailed report of the findings is pending, it was revealed on Friday that 74,000+ mail-in ballots from the election have NO record of ever being sent! I wonder what was their origin? For complete details, click on this link: 
  • There certainly are $$$ benefits to being a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Newly elected representative Cori Bush (who is famously a member of “The Squad) made clear what some of those benefits are. When reading this, keep in context the fact that Rep. Bush is a loud and adamant supporter of defunding the police across the nation: not “reducing” police budgets, cutting the budgets to remove police from the streets. But guess whose campaign spent $70,000 on personal security during and since her election: Cori Bush! Is this another case of “None for thee, all for me?” For complete details, click on this link: 
  • It’s no secret that Democrats want to outlaw private gun ownership. They’ve struggled to get it done though have tried continuously through the years. They’ve adopted the policy of going after pieces of the 2nd Amendment, one at a time. Their latest attempt to restrict gun ownership was dealt a blow by a federal appeals court this week when it ruled unconstitutional a ban on people under the age of 21 from owning guns. For complete details, click on this link: