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There is so much news coming from not just Washington but all around the world. And it all is applicable and important to us. Why don’t we just highlight a few of the more salient news stories that in the nonstop noise of COVID-19, we just lose track.

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It’s about time for some good news! The CDC announced Wednesday that using their guidance requirements some essential workers who have been exposed to COVID-19 but are not showing symptoms can head back to work!

The worker must take their temperature twice a day to make certain they have no fever. Plus, they must wear a face mask on the job and also out in public. Dr. Robert Redfield who is the CDC Director made the announcement from the White House.

The CDC guidance was an effort to “really begin to get these critical workers back into the workforce so that we won’t have worker shortage in these critical industries,” Redfied commented when he made the announcement.” Those essential jobs he referenced are first responders, healthcare workers, food supply workers and more.

Something interesting is that the CDC is “encouraging” employers to take the temperatures of their employees before they start work. Of course, any that show any symptoms are to be immediately sent home. Officials said office buildings should increase their air exchange and increase the frequency of cleaning all common areas.

The days of employees sharing smoke, coffee, and lunch all together in one big room are over for the foreseeable future, too.

No, the CDC doing this is NOT a sign that we are through with Coronavirus. Quite the opposite is true. Remember: as of Wednesday evening we still had 404,000+ cases of the virus. And those are the ones we KNOW about!

So here’s the 50 million dollar question: What does Dr. Fauci say about this? Actually, he stated that if American continue the practice of social distancing as we are now through the end of the month, it will be possible to start pulling back on some of the restrictions at that point. He put it rather succinctly when he said, “That doesn’t mean we’re going to do it right now, but it means we need to be prepared to ease into that.”


FOX News fans are familiar with Dr. Marc Siegel, a frequent contributor regarding health matters. Dr. Siegel just released news regarding his 96-year-old father who is a cardiac patient and had recently been dealing with several respiratory issues. His father was certain he was close to death.

His cardiologist prescribed Hydroxycloroquine in combination with antibiotics and the combination proved effective. Siegel said the NEXT DAY his father got up and was fine.

President Trump has been criticized by many in the media for advocating the drug which has still not been tested fully in controlled laboratory settings for use in severe Coronavirus cases. The media blame the President for “peddling false hopes.”

Even without formal testing, there are numerous cases that HAVE been proven in which the anti-Malaria drug that found the market in 1950 has worked quickly and effectively at attacking COVID-19. Worthy of note is that Dr. Anthony Fauci of the Trump White House task force is skeptical about Hydroxycloroquine until controlled lab testing is complete.


Dozens of people in South Korea who were diagnosed as recovered from the virus have tested positive again after leaving quarantine. Officials state 51 people from Dawgs and the surrounding area tested positive “a relatively short time” after they were released.

The virus was likely “re-activated” according to KCDC Director-general Jeong Eunkyeong. His opinion is that the were NOT re-infected, but that the virus may have gone dormant in their bodies and then re-activated.


What do YOU think?

Many were surprised when on Tuesday, Bernie Sanders announced the suspension of his bid for the presidency. He pretty well knew the die was cast after the last day of primaries proved that IF he had a shot at taking the nomination away from the favorite Joe Biden, it was a tiny shot.

With the COVID-19 pandemic dominating the news and every other part of American life, campaigning came to a screeching stop. That also marked the end of any real chance Bernie may have had to push through to get enough votes to unseat Joe.

Of course, Biden took something of a victory lap immediately following the Sanders statement on national television. And Biden reminded all of Bernie’s supporters that he has a place for them in his campaign. But don’t think Bernie’s done yet.

In his statement on Wednesday, he made a few things clear: he is NOT “ending” his campaign, but rather “suspending” it. What’s the difference? Sanders said he not only plans to keep the delegates through the Democrat Party convention that have committed to him, but he also said: “We want to add to them.” If he, as he says, has no path to the nomination, what’s he going to do with delegates who want him as the nominee and not Joe? Simple: Bernie, because of his socialist policies, will have some power at the Convention regarding what goes into the Democrat Party Platform this year. He certainly wants to fill it with his ideas that encompass several seriously Leftist policies: a $15 federal minimum wage, healthcare for all, some type of wealth confiscation because the wealthy in the U.S. are evil, free college, college debt forgiveness, and the rest you know.

The second reason he’s not releasing those pledged delegates is that with them, he keeps some power. Don’t forget; there are several Democrat primaries still to come. Sanders will still be on those ballots. He has the opportunity to win some, and that might give him some leverage in a Biden Administration that if he withdrew and lost those delegates he probably wouldn’t get.

Bernie Sanders is a pretty smart guy! Don’t sell him short. Remember: in now two presidential elections, Sanders has not only done a “good” job, but he’s also come close to a nominee in both. Though he certainly is much further left than is Joe Biden, Sanders has amassed an army of millennial voters who relish most if not all of his socialist ideas – especially the economic ones. To many of those voters, he’s now an icon. Whatever policies he pushes for in the Democrat Party platform creation, he’s certainly accumulated leverage to have a seat at that table.

Then there’s a Biden Vice Presidential candidate. What do you think that will look like? Conventional wisdom is that he must choose a woman – a woman of color, preferably.

The “likely” list is a short one. Sources within the Democratic Party say that Biden’s team has a list of nine potential running mates they are considering, with the two top contenders for the nod being Sens. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Kamala Harris. Neither has the star power that would be a likely reason for their being chosen, but both are solid Democrats who, though left of center, are certainly more in the vein of assisting Biden to procure that moderate vote.

If you remember, way back last year, Sen. Kamala Harris was our pick for the Democrats to name as their presidential candidate. Our reasoning centered around her being a woman of color, a former California Attorney General, a U.S> Senator who has made her mark before the American public in quite a few televised hearings in which she has staunchly taken on all conservative legislation ideas and has at times been brutal in hearings with pretty much any member of the Trump Administration that comes before her.

Though historically who a nominee chooses as their Vice President running mate is significant, whoever is selected by Biden is a critical choice. Biden illustrates almost daily publicly exhibits some of the “not-so-pleasant” results he has of advanced age. His doing so day after day has put the question in the minds of most Democrats, “If we elect him, can he last until 2024?”

That SHOULD be an easy answer for any presidential candidate. In Joe’s case: not so easy. And that makes his choice of running mates even MORE critical than if he was still a spry 45-year-old Spring chicken.

Could Harris do the job if called on? Could Sen. Klobuchar handle it? That’s a tough one to answer honestly. While both are incredibly experienced, neither has proven their toughness sufficient to comfort the party members that they could handle it if and when called to do just that.

As of now, “Sleepy Joe” is on his own!

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