A New Month With Nothing New: NOT April Fools

Today is April 1, a day most Americans hoped would bring some relief with good news about turning the corner on our COVID-19 pandemic. It did not happen. But what HAS happened is much more testing, much more research, and resulting in numerous new facts about the virus itself, who it most susceptible to it, and how to combat it.

Numbers with subsequent projections on where we’re headed are firming up and providing the experts far more accurate timelines for realistic expectations. Expectations are all throughout the country. But with those comes the fear of not knowing for sure about the accuracies of what we are seeing and being told.

Today on TNN Live, we discuss in our first hour the latest and most accurate (and truthful) information we have ferreted out of the noise of regular “news” reporting. We don’t have an agenda. We just want to find the truth and pass it along to you. And today, we have REAL numbers that you can trust.

We also take a look at how this all is impacting some of our emergency room doctors and nurses, and it will surprise you—lots of craziness around this whole mess. But it looks like it’ll be with us for another month or so.

Don’t forget, our show starts at 9:00 AM. We’re up for two hours with scads of “real” news and information. We’ll today look at the massive yet almost unnoticed attack on the First Amendment while Coronavirus distracts us, and we’ll be taking your phone calls.

Once more, thanks for understanding our technical issues on our first show on Monday. Yesterday we got in the correct lane for traffic, and today, we’re on the Road!

NOTE: When you get ready to listen to the show, from our homepage, www.TruthNewsNet.org, click on the blue/grey bar to the right on top that says “Listen Live.” You’ll immediately see a page with a link to click that will bring you right to the broadcast.

Additionally, we want you to call in anytime during the two hours to have a conversation: your thoughts, your opinions, your ideas, and even if you’re going to blast me or someone we may have on with us! We know we have thousands of Democrats and other liberals who participate in our blog, podcast, and now live show. Feel free to give us a jingle and spar a little bit — but only with factual information and with no profanity. After all, you’re on live when you call us.

All the calls are free to you. Our toll-free number is 866-378-7884. That’s 866-37TRUTH. When you call, wait for a moment when the ring stops. I’ll say “Hello” when we are on the air. Make certain when you call and are connected to the audio on your computer or phone with which you are listening to the show is turned down. You’ll listen to our conversation through your phone. If you don’t turn your computer volume down, you’ll be miserably uncomfortable. Our actual broadcast signal is about 10-15 seconds late! I don’t care how experienced you are, NO ONE can handle such a lag in broadcasting without getting messed up.

A new month and a new day at TNN Live from the TruthNewsNetwork. Thanks for joining us. It’s going to be a great day!

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