China Did It!

Here we go. We knew it wouldn’t take long for the conspiracies to not only appear, but permeate the news: “Old So and So Country Weaponized a Virus.” It’s happened.

We heard in the beginning that China was responsible for the Coronavirus. Yes, it appears China was first to get the virus. But did they mishandle it and allow it to escape to invade the rest of the word? Or did they accidentally mishandle it and it slipped out of Wuhan? Or did it get its birth somewhere else?

There’s some “new” evidence out on the matter. You need to see and hear about it. Join us at 9:00 AM this morning for “TNN LIVE,” and join in our conversation about MORE details about Coronavirus. Here’s how:

On the home page, click on the blue “Listen Live” button on the right side and come straight to the broadcast! We’ll have that information and much more, PLUS today Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson joins us live.

You can join us live too: 866-37TRUTH. That’s 866-378-7884. It’s toll free. Give a listen and give a call!

Thanks for joining in!

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