Dems: “Impeachment Not Necessary But Expedient”

So impeachment looks like a certainty: or is it? It depends on who you listen to. Certainly, if you spend your news viewing allotment watching CNN or MSNBC the answer is a resounding “Yes!” But several of the conservative television and newspapers are not so positive. So what do we at TruthNewsNetwork think?

I’m on record — and have been for two years — saying Trump WILL be impeached. But one must understand all of the factors that weigh into such a decision by Democrats. Let’s take a look at a few of those — the most obvious ones — and then I’ll give you an explosive conclusion using some facts you may not have considered. (Don’t cheat and scroll down to the Summary!) Let’s do this in Bullet Points.

Bullet Points

  • There has been non-stop anguish since the 2016 midterms for Speaker Nancy Pelosi because of those House extremists on the Left. They are led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who from the day of her swearing-in has been out front regarding some “necessity” for Congress to impeach President Trump. Many House Democrats are hesitant, remembering what happened when House Republicans chose to impeach Bill Clinton. In the next election, Democrats took control of the House, primarily due to Republican impeachment actions against Clinton, who was acquitted in the Senate trial. American voters were hacked off at Republicans and sent them a message turning the House Democratic. There are many other factors that weigh into the decision to impeach Trump. Dems are nervous about the Trump accomplishments that have been monumental, especially in economics, knowing that middle class Americans are plugged into the economy. Democrats have so far not offered any assurances to Americans that whatever their economic plans are, they will lead Americans to a higher financial place than has Trump. Whether or not Pelosi and the Far Left will be able to coerce enough fellow Dems to the impeachment side remains to be seen. After all, many of those were elected in 2016 from very red districts because of Donald Trump’s promises. His accomplishments would certainly cement their representative status in their districts if there is NO impeachment.
  • Speaking of the economy, Clinton advisor James Carville during Clintons 1996 campaign took-on Democrats regarding the Democrat Party platform which was very “light” on economical issues. Republicans were fairly light with new ideas for the ‘96 election to the glee of Carville. While Dems concentrated mostly on the unfairness of Republicans impeachment of Clinton and how it severely hurt the nation, Carville reminded those Dems that what really matters in elections is the U.S. economy: “It’s the Economy, Stupid,” he famously stated. Democrats today face a vapid atmosphere in their party regarding economical issues and plans for 2020. The Trump economy, if it holds, will make it tough to talk about how Trump substantively somehow to negate America’s economic boom. So they are now of single focus: “Get Donald Trump!”
  • Legislation. House Democrats have held approximately 1200 votes on proposed legislation in this Congress. They do have the majority in the House and should therefore be able to pass every piece of legislation they choose. And some of the “fluff” in legislation they consider gets passed by the Senate. But when it comes to meaningful legislation on key issues, they are hard-pressed to find enough backing from Republicans necessary to help make it happen. There MUST be a villain for Democrats to use to blame for their legislative ineptitude. That villain, of course, is Donald Trump. “He’s so mean we must impeach him!”
  • What are the planks in the Democrat Party platform for the 2020 election? I bet you cannot name a single one, save maybe those old standby issues: Pro Choice, Second Amendment revision, Climate Change, immigration/open borders, universal healthcare, free secondary education with the cancelation of all student debt. Those have become really tired. What new ideas are there? One would think that with the multiple Democrat presidential debates so far a multitude of new and innovative plans for America would have been rolled out. But not a single one! Clinton had the threats of impeachment and his continuous “There’s no there there,” and “I never had sexual relations with that woman” mantra, but primarily used the “We must unite Congress to get some substantive legislation for the People!” cry. It worked. These 2020 Democrats are being forced to find one or two issues that resonate with Americans. There are plenty of such opportunities in the U.S. today. But they instead concentrate on one thing: Donald Trump. Before we move on, it’s important for everyone to know exactly what Democrats are standing on for 2020. Rather than list them here, here’s a Wikipedia link that charts the specific positions by all Democrat presidential candidates on the most important issues. Before we move on here, click on the link and take a look at them. When you finish and come back here, you will be shocked at how almost all of their issues require intense confiscatory policies be implemented to use to attack American taxpayers to make 95% of the Dem promises possible. Here’s the link:
  • A virtual lack of real leadership. It became obvious after the 2018 midterm elections that Nancy Pelosi had very little control of her caucus. Those rookies that are constantly in the news are very far left. The moderate segment of their party has been virtually silent leaving a vacuum that these rookie party leftists jumped right into. For months, theirs were the only Democrat Party voices being heard. But now, Pelosi and Company have a new “angle” — Ukraine. They were actually angry when Donald Trump shared the transcript of the controversial conversation he had with the Ukrainian President white which they had already planned to load their attack. But it’s out there. And they’re spinning it everyday. There’s very little else for them to use for 2020 at this point — at least anything that makes sense. Their insistence of Trump collusion — at least the first couple of chapters of that tired novel — keep running dry. It is much more comforting to them to believe a foreign power was behind Trump’s election rather than the reality that it was the American people being fed up with the Left. They just cannot let that go. The FBI probe of Trump’s campaign started under Obama. That was “foreign intervention Chapter One.” Robert Mueller signed on for a “real” investigation that found squat in the way of Trump collusion or obstruction of justice. That was Chapter Two. Chapter Three? “Ukraine-Gate!”


Have you wondered about all this hard work Democrats have done to keep Trump out of the White House and then when he won to kick him out of Washington? What could they be doing? What could be their purpose? It starts and ends here: He spoiled their grand plans of a complete government takeover led by the darling of the left — Hillary Clinton. Obviously they had spent years — at least eight years — to devise and implement that plan. They were shocked and unprepared for Trump’s victory.

All of their attempts failed. There’s only one possibility remaining for them to use to accomplish the Trump eviction: Impeachment. So for about a year, they have continued to float the impeachment balloon as a “possibility if the facts lead us there.”

If we don’t move forward with impeachment against Donald Trump, what Trump is going to say in the fall of 2020 is, ‘You see, these folks that are always trying to investigate me, they talked a big game about impeachment. You know why they didn’t move forward with it? Because they didn’t have any evidence. I didn’t do anything wrong,’” Julian Castro, presidential candidate said. “So basically, you’re going to give him a clean bill of political health.”

Why are they so locked-in on impeachment? Some think they are simply trying to consume news minutes through November 2020. If they could do that, they might be able to continue their dumbing-down of any Trump accomplishments. They could also hide their blatant vacating of Capitol Hill for the purpose of legislating. It’s the old, “Look, Look in my left hand. Do you see what’s in there?” trick. They are hiding what’s in their right hand. What’s in that other hand?

What’s in it? The Truth! The truth is they now have a specific two-part plan for the 2020 election in which they are desperate to unseat Mr. Trump. Impeachment is nothing more than Part One of their plan. I personally feel Democrats don’t really care if they can possibly be successful in getting the House to vote articles of impeachment. And certainly they are at best uncertain of the likelihood of getting 67 Senate votes to remove President Trump from office. So what could Plan Two B?

Democrats feel certain between now and November 2020 they can run sufficient nasty “stuff” through their lapdogs, the Mainstream Media, to perpetuate non-stop negativity-building by the Media to so sicken Americans that they will turn Trump out.

Do you disagree? If so, what are your thoughts. Post in the comments section below or to remain anonymous, email me at

Don’t forget this: Rep. Al Green (D-TX) stated this publicly: “We’ve got to impeach Trump. If we are unsuccessful Americans will be so upset with us they’ll return him to the White House.”

From the mouths of babes……

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  1. If the same level of investigation that has been and is being used against President Trump were used against any other elected official, it would be interesting to see how many could remain spotless and above reproach.

    Truth will prevail.

    For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But he who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God.” John 3:20-21

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