Executive Branch Corruption

Something very strange happened to me several days ago. We regularly receive unsolicited stories, leads, political information and just plain opinion. We don’t take any of these for granted and read them all. But the latest is very troubling. We received an email from an unrecognized email address that strangely ended with a “.gov” address. We all know that is a federal government email.

That was puzzling and a bit scary. We all occasionally receive incoming information from the government, but I’ve never seen any that I knew came from the federal government but could NOT tell from whom.

So I dug in.

Here’s the scary part: It contained a massive amount of information that explained much of the reasoning behind details included in the recent Ukraine president’s phone call with President Trump. It gave reasons for Joe Biden’s conversation with the OLD Ukraine president in which he threatened to withhold a billion dollars in U.S. foreign aid for Ukraine.

In the uproar of pending impeachment of President Trump, many are left with numerous unanswered questions. I am one. And this email answered some of my questions. Here’s my dilemma: we at TruthNewsNetwork have no way to validate its contents — no way to verify its source. (Believe me, we’ve tried) Heretofore we have always complied with our commitment to not publish information we could NOT verify. But we take it one step further: when we give you information, we don’t tell you what to conclude from it, even its truth or falsehood. We trust you to make educated decisions for yourself.

​ I feel obligated to publish this. There’s so much included in the email that explains most of if not all of the reasoning for what transpired in the Ukraine, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and President Trump’s Ukraine interfacing. 

Is the email truthful? Is it part of a right-wing conspiracy? I’ve spent hours reading and thinking it through over and over. I’ve struggled with a need or desire to let you see it. So here goes:

You can read it below. It has been edited, but not to change content. We placed it in bullet format to make it easier to read. Additionally, there were multiple references included as a “bibliography” in the email that sourced much of what is included. Because of names and even some contact information included in it, we did NOT include that bibliography.

I’ve been told by several not to release it. I’ve been advised by others that I have an obligation to do so. But what is really troubling is that it has become abundantly clear that there are those in the proverbial “deep state” who have committed a number of atrocities to protect themselves. I know that publishing this could raise some of those people’s ire. I hope not. 

My final disclaimer:

TruthNewsNetwork does NOT maintain the voracity of factual basis of the contents of this email. Additionally, TruthNewsNetwork does not by its publication urge any action from anyone who chooses to read it. We publish it with a sense of obligation to put as much information on the table for our viewers to use in their own fashion for their own personal purposes. 

That includes any and all who choose to write it off as bunk. Honestly, we cannot say it is or is not bunk!

”The” Email

  • The oligarch who owns the company Hunter Biden worked for was involved in a ponzi scheme through his bank. He loaned money to non-existent “companies” which then laundered the money throughout the world, including in the U.S. through New Hampshire-based entities. 
  • Then the bank filed suit when they didn’t get repaid for the loan. AND THE U.S. TAXPAYER PAYS THE BANK. That’s what these billions of dollars in loan insurance were that Biden was pledged with dispensing and threatened to withhold if the investigator looking into the ponzi scheme was not fired.
  • This was a U.S.-funded ponzi scheme to create a slush fund for political allies outside the U.S. who then OWED political favors, like donating to the Clinton Foundation, leaking claims of Paul Manafort being paid by Russia, and hiding Clinton’s server on Crowdstrike’s Ukrainian servers.
  • All those favors were asked of Ukraine by the DNC. The whole Russian collusion hoax was the baby of Ukrainian allies of the DNC — allies who were bought through U.S. tax dollars in the form of loan insurance for these crooked Ukrainian oligarchs’ banks.
  • Hunter Biden was the beneficiary of nepotism, but in getting rid of the prosecutor, Joe Biden was covering for HIMSELF. The former VP covered the entire group of involved deep state operators because this whole story would expose the deep state techniques to use their positions and taxpayer dollars to get slush money and worldwide political favors.
  • One of those “favors” was a coup against Donald Trump.
  • John Solomon of The Hill on Sean Hannity Thursday night (Sept. 26, 2019) reported that he has a plethora of evidence from official sources, saying that the Ukraine prosecutor Biden demanded to be fired was fired because of Biden’s threat, not because the prosecutor was corrupt. Biden wanted him gone because he was NOT corrupt and would NOT support this ponzi scheme. Once the honest prosecutor was gone, a Biden-appointed prosecutor dropped the investigation of Hunter Biden’s et al ponzi scheme.
  • The new prosecutor (who was appointed when the new president was elected) told Solomon that he was immediately approached by Yovanovitch (the Obama-appointed, Biden-nominated U.S. ambassador to Ukraine) with a list of people the new prosecutor was forbidden to prosecute. He instead gathered evidence of not only the ponzi scheme using U.S. tax dollars, but also of the DNC’s cash-in on political favors to oust Trump.
  • The U.S. State Dept cutoff funding and withheld passports that were necessary to transfer Ukraine’s evidence of U.S. crimes to U.S prosecutors. (This is who Trump referred to in his July call with the Ukraine president as “Bad News.”) Trump’s focus was on the bad people from both Ukraine and the U.S.
  • What we have is evidence of the Deep State’s collusion to bilk U.S. taxpayers for political slush funds while obstructing justice for the perpetrators. The DNC’s collusion with these bought-and-paid-for allies was to commit the treason of asking for foreign interference in the election staging a coup against Trump.
  • The CIA is most likely implicated also because within a month of Trump’s inauguration, the CIA operative who was Mitt Romney’s advisor was appointed to replace Hunter Biden on the board of directors of the Cyprus-based Ukrainian natural gas company owned by Kolomoiski. (The Cyprus companies were where the laundering from these ponzi “loans” was processed.)
  • Discovered also was that the “whistleblower” who offered up hearsay to Adam Schiff was a CIA operative.
  • Kolomoisky hired his own “rightwing” (Nazi) military, which helped him (and still does to this day) to acquire assets. They allegedly storm the asset that he wants and takes it over.
  • The Ukrainian oligarch billionaire arms dealer who supplies that military (Igor Pasternak) is a sugar-daddy for Adam Schiff, holding $2500/plate dinners for Schiff’s campaign funds.

It’s one great big slush fund, funded ultimately by the U.S. taxpayer and enabled by the CIA giving cover to get rid of genuine investigations. And all that was caught just in that one instance of Biden bragging to the Council on Foreign Relations:

Trump stated Biden must have thought that was a “friendly audience” (complicit in the scheme). A large number of Democrats sit on the CFR.


I’m not trying to steal a tag line from any news organization by saying this:

We provide information — You Decide!

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