Far too many Americans and those in other countries find themselves this Sunday consumed with uncertainty and fear: uncertainty in knowing what is happening that has so quickly altered even the foundation of their lives; fearful of what is going to happen next. All of this is the product of this virus named COVID-19. EVERYONE’S life has been and is being impacted in the most fundamental ways. NOTHING is the same.

I don’t know about you, but when I in my past faced unthinkable horrors no fault of my own, I always tried to take a little time and measure all of it based on one question: “Where is God in this?” My thinking is: “If I can find God’s purpose in it, I can, with His help, get through it.”

Sometimes it works and I find a way out. But sometimes, I get stuck right in the middle. In either case, it’s been critical for me to find God’s purpose.

As we all fight the fear of the unknown in our lives we fight hard to resist the temptations to fear. Don’t allow yourself to sink into the funk that comes with all the “What If” questions.

When all else fails, start expressing thanks for all the people in your life. Express it verbally — to ALL of them. If you share the same address, express thanks to them personally. If they’re still alive but somewhere else, express thanks to them via Skype, FaceTime, or old fashion telephone.

Doing that will certainly improve your relationships. It will certainly build their opinion of you. We may never know how much good that does.

During this pandemic with all of its uncertainties, know this one thing: we NEVER know what God is doing inside our circumstances. He’s always one step ahead of us it seems. He’s always putting plans in place. The secret is to find and see what His plans are.

Take a look at one spiritual situation in the lives of two women and the impact of their response to the experience. As you’ll see, when they followed the path they felt  was their purchase. It changed numerous lives.

This short video (five minutes) is inciteful, impactful, and incredible. And it will answer your question “What is happening in the lives of our political leaders?”

I’m going to spend a little extra time thanking a few people today for all they mean to me. And I’m certainly going to be thankful for God’s purposes at times and in ways it’s impossible to understand. But He did them. And He continues to do them.

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